Monday, August 16, 2010

Unconditional Love and Wisdom How to demonstrate and Integrate the Higher Aspect and Qualities of this Ray today.Ascension Activation

We start this Brief Physical Earthly Psychological and Consciousness Re adjustment and attunement with an Ascension Activation Meditation Attunement to the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ at an inner Plane and Outer Plane level.We request to officially be placed in a Bi Located state through out our day today to the 2nd Ray Ashra..We envoke and officially request the over lighting presence Dwhal Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone to Guide and Direct our Thoughts Feelings Mind Body Soul and Spirit towards the Higher Demonstration of the 2nd Ray of Unconditional Love and Wisdom.We also request the over lighting guidance and attunement to the 2nd Ray Elhoim Apolla and Illumina.We also request attunment and alignment to the 2nd Ray Archangels(Jophiel and Chamuel) and Angelic Kingdom as well as an attunement to the 2nd Kingdom of God at a planetary Level,the Plant/Vegetable Kingdom!We thank thee and accept this as done now.We are then at all times receptive to the Impressions and inclinations from the 2nd Ray Ashram.We make a Psychological Decision to Learn all our Lessons that Life God and the Masters and our Own Mighty I am Presence are presenting us with in a balanced and Integrated Manner.We choose to focus on learning our Lessons in remaining in Unconditional Love of Self and others at all times no matter what the circumstance or outer experience.We as well as this attune to the Wisdom aspect of Creation and allow our Higher Minds to receive the Wisdom of the Universal Christ Mind.We allow ourselves to rest in and demonstrate the Wisdom of God and the Masters which are at all times emenating to us if we have but the ears to hear and the eyes to see.We also then on a Physical Earthly level take fully to our Personal Study routine and program.What ever course of studies we are enrolled in we make full effort towards diligence and excellence in this regard so that we can progress on the Universal Ladder of Learning Self Knowledge and God and Self Realization.We decide to see all education systems all learnings as an externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchies outpost of Spiritual Education,and we make sure we discern the Negative Ego learning system from the Christ Learning System and be sure to hear see feel and experience only the Loving Christed Buddha Learning System that is based on totally Unconditional Love non attachment and Preferences.We will know when we find that place for joy happiness and inner peace wil always be there regardless of the situation and Circumstance.When we swim outside these waters and enter the unconscious realm of the Negative Ego we quickly make the adjustment and attunement back to the Spiritual Psychological Ideal and direct all our Thoughts and Feelings Energies and Actions towads Loving Wisdom and the demonstration of that.Through out our day and in all our activities actions tasks and duties what ever they may be,what ever our Post and Station in this Infinite Omniverse,there is always a Spiritual attitude and “Asana” that can be taken on a mental level,so that we can be in alignment with and attune to the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ which pervades this Melchedizek Universe.All Planets All Systems and All Solar System Galaxies in this Universe have an aspect of the 2nd Ray Ashram.Be aware however that there in a Lower Self Seperative Fear Based Illusionary Negative Ego thought and Education system that the Darkbrotherhood have set up and run.We choose to free ourselves fully from this system by aligning and attuning only to the Spiritual Education System.We do this with the Help of the Company of Heaven and particularly Dr Joshua David Stone Dwhal Khul Apollo and Amazonia Jophiel and Chamuel.If we can do this do our highest degree at all times and in all situations we can be sure that we will aligning with and Demonstrating the Higher Aspect of the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ and Planetary Spiritual Education!

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