Thursday, August 12, 2010

“Over coming all Inner and Outer Obstacles using the Destroyer Archetype in Service of God and your Spiritual Mission on Earth!

“Over coming all Inner and Outer Obstacles using the Destroyer Archetype in Service of God and your Spiritual Mission on Earth!Allowing the Universal and Cosmic Emenations of Primordial Perfection to Manifest and Externalize through you in your Earth Life Psychology and your Spiritual Life!Bringing in God/Godess/Mother Father Gods Divine Perfection through you and as you,for you are that!”
Todays lesson is on using the Destroyer archetype to over come obstacles and challenges that face us on the Universal Ecclectic path of Synthisis.Whenever we as light Love and Power Workers set out to do anything in this World be it in the Area of Re structuring and Transforming Government and Politics,Re organizing and Restructuring The Education System Re organizing and Transforming the Business World Be it Re organizing and Re vamping the Creative Artistic Worlds re arranging and Transforming the Scientific Fields ,The Transformation and Reformation of the Religious and Spiritual Communities and Organizations of this Planet we will always come against obstacles and challenges.This can be seen clearly and currently through the Astrological Configuration of the Saturn Uranus Opposition which represents and Externalizes/Materializes/Spiritualizes this Planetary Aspect.Uranus Representing the New Paradigm structure system and Saturn representing the Old Current System structure.For an opposition to work favourably each Planetary Emenation must be in total integrity and honesty with its self and fully express its in ate current and emenation and thereby maintain the Integrity purity and perfection of the Greater Planetary Solar Galactic and Universal Reality that is Gods perfection.There for we as Sons and Daughters of the One as Incarnations of “All that is” as Cosmic Walk Ins for the Mahatma we must be true to our Selves above all else so that the plan and greater Cosmic Scheme can work out through us to us and as us.For to do any less then our all to give any less then our all would be to jepordise the integrity of Gods Divine Reality and hence negate the Perfection of God/Godess Reality.That being said Realized Integrated and Demonstrated we must then Choose to when facing obstacles and challenges /tests that we inevitably will run into we must use the full measure of our Personal Power/Destroyer Archetype to destroy the Old Form and create the way for the New System Structure to be build up from the Destruction of the Past.This is done at the Solar level at an absolute organic natural and harmonious manner that may seem the limited understanding 3rd Dimensional Perception for all in everything lies within the Great Sphere of Universal Perfection that is God/Godess eternal reality.Again so we must use and allow the full expression of the 1st Ray Energies and archetype to express through us in re organizing and re structuring our Physical Earth Life our Psychological Consciosuness and our Spiritual Ascension Program so that we can develop integrate and demonstrate the Ideal.When ever we meet an inner or outer obstacle that challenges or tests our Idealized Perception of Perfection and our understanding and knowing of that we must claim our 100% personal Power and choose to over come this obstacle.We must commit to learning this lesson no matter what and as Jacob did we choose to hold on to God and the Angels Feet until He/They bless us as we would have it be!We commit no matter what to the outcome we seek and take action until “Thy Will be Done!”No matter how long no matter how hard no matter what the cost,our Mission Puzzle Piece and Planetary Mission are of the Utmost and we will not rest or stop until that Be done Fully Until we complete our Mission fully and perfectly as God would have us do it!We do not stop until we can say “It is done” We get up and “carry our Cross” We commit to “Being Faith full until death so that we can receive the Crown of Life!We commit to overcome all obstacles inner and Outer In service of God and our Spiritual Mission on Earth!

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