Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 7th Chakra

The 7th Chakra and Related Issues Topics Lessons and aspect of Universal Consciousness as manifested through the Highest Crown Sphere the Shashara,the Thousand Petalled Lotus.

Consciousness:The entirety of all that is.The States the Stages the Experience and Experienced of all life forms in all Universes.Consciousness is pure awareness.

Awareness:Awareness is the cognition of Self,Subject and Object,Self and other,Thou and thee,Universal Perception of all that is.An experience of consciousness can be said to take place within our awareness.Awareness is the Pure Witness.The Great watcher.

Learning.The Proccess of gaining love and Wisdom from the Incarnational process.A Key not for this Love/Wisdom Universe and the reason for the Manifest Universe.All Sons and Daughters of God/Godess are learning to Realize themselves as that,all are learning a multitude of lessons at a multitude of levels.Learning is why we have incarnated into this Dimensional Experience.

Intelligence:The Inate perfection of all that is.A tendancy towards an indwelling knowledge a inner design that is perfectly ordered and structured by a design that is Supremely "Intelligent"An aspect of Gods Consciosuness.Relates to the 3rd Ray of "Active Intelligence."

Information:Coded Bits of Energy solidified in form,released at different frequencies.Universal truth expressed through time and space.An aspect of the Infinite.Information is the communication of the Supreme with fininite.God with his Sons,Godess with her Daughters.All can be said to be Information.Our very selves are libraries of Information stored within our Microcosmic and Cosmic cells and selves!

Divinity:The Inate indwelling presence of Perfection Sacredness and Sanctity that marks one with the Pattern of Perfection,An aspect or mark of the creator upon the Created.The Higher Etheric Aspect of the 3 Fold Personality and 4 Bodies.Said to preside in the Higher Self though as Soul merge takes place also descends fully into the Personality as well as the soul.

God:The Universal Creator of all Universes.The Highest of all forms,the Suprme Being.All are said to be extensions of God.God referes generally to this Omniversal Beings Male aspect.Can be related to as a Loving Father,though is beyond all descriptions in truth.Supreme Unknowable Inexpressible Unimaginable,yet personal,Individual,Loving Wise Omnipotent Omniscienct and Omnipresent!

Godess:The Female Aspect of the Supreme Creation,The Mother of all the Universes,the Bearer and bring of all life to all forms.Can be related to as an Infinite Mother or Sister incarnating into all forms of the feminine.Radiantly Beautiful glorious Rich bountiful Graceful Forgiving full of Love and Compassion,All knowing,All Forgiving all Loving.The Totality of all female energies through out the omniverse.The totality of all Yin energies at a macro and micro cosmic level.The Supreme Mother Destroyer Sustainer and Life giver of all life!

Spirit:The Inexpressible Infinite Macro cosom that incarnates through all forms and can be related to talked to experienced and related too.Can develop a personal relationship with and is said to animate all life forms.All is an expression of Spirit,for spirit animates Matter and is the life of all life is the force of all forces and the action of all actions.From the Potent Wind that still the heart and mind to the gentle voice withing calming one to a peace and perfection that is spirits signature.

Emptiness:The Void and Unmanifest aspect of Creation.The non Dual empty aspect of creation.Can said also to be all that is yet to be,for as the void it is the unimanifest that will be manifest,therefor it is the seed form of all that is to come.It is all that is not,though can be sensed and known by the secret sense that is seen not,but is!Experienced through silent meditation,related to Space and the Akasha.

This Chakra involves the Cerebral Cortex and Central nervous system.Here we enter the Realms of Pure Spirit,free of fetters of Matter.This relates to Mind and all aspects therein!This relates to how we think,either with our Mind of Onesness Truth and Love of Sepearation illusion and fear.2 Kinds of Thinking Love and fear and these enter firstly through the crown Chakra.Any problems or areas that are not so developed in the mental body can be developed and cultivated in the Crown Chakra.

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