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6th Ray Day and the Features and Qualities of the 6th Chakra.

Today we will be reflecting on the following concepts ideas notions and understandings.We can meditate on these areas of consciousness and meditate on them.

Light:The Expression of Universal Energy in its Highest and Purest Form.The true animating form of the Universe.

Darkness:Lack of Light and the abcense of active Essence,Relates to Space and Anti matter.

Colour:A Particular Vibrational Pattern expressing within a particular frequency range expressed and experienced as a Light Emenation.(Received and perceived differently depending on the Sense organs of the Reciever of the Light Emenation,also differs through ones Consciousness Filters and Sub conscious Programing.)

Vision:Ones View or Perception of Reality,an individualized reception of the Infinite Sphere.

Beuty:The Expression and experience of Polarity balance that leads to harmonious expression of Divinity.The Essence of Divinity and Spirituality in form.

Pattern:A Shape and or sequency in the Macro and Microcosim arranged around the atomic structure.Either Harmonious or not either perfect or becoming more perfect.The principal of perfection that emenates from God,ie Christ Pattern/Consciousness/Expression.

Dreams:Recollections from the Inner Soul Plane and or experiences and impressions from the Super Conscious Spiritual Realm,or impressions Karmas and Samskaras from the Unconscious realm,influences from the past effecting the conscious mind for Integration lesson learning and consciousness adjustment.

Memory:The recollection of experience past,from this Life or past lives,from this Age or Previous Ages.

Imagination:The abstract expression and ability of the Mind to Create in the Eterhic Realms,and the Ability of the Mind to create dream and draw forth from the Universal Consciousness.All life is but Gods dream and we are dreaming or imagining within that greater imagination of Gods Superme Imagniation.

Visualization:The Calling forth of a particular image consistently for the purposes of creating or drawing forth that substance into the material dimension.

Clairvoiance:The ability of the Mind to perceive and see into the Spiritual,Mental,Emotional of Physical Dimension of Reality across time and space.

Intuition:A Higher Mental Body facaulty that allows one to perceive truth beyond the impressions of 3rd dimensional function.A Inner Feelings or Voice that guides one to ones Higher Aspirations.Guidance from Spirit.

This Chakra deals esoterically with the Eyes Forehead Sight seeing and sensing reality through consciousness.Are you actively addressing balancing these aspects of self and healing any and all imbalances in this area?Have you had any difficulties or challenges in this area in the past?How can you heal and clear these inner imbalances now?

Arranging your Sacred Space and Alter to the Highest!

Since this Chakra deals with Vision and the Eyes be sure to arrange your Alter and Sacred Space with Very Visually appealing items,Indigo is the related Chakra Colour that you can work with primarily but be not limited to this alone.Try Rainbow Colours for all Rays previous are to be integrated and Demonstrated in ones sacred practice.Crystals in a Mandala pattern might be appealing and attractive as well as Flowers and Colourful photographs and candles.Use a Mirror and Meditate on your own Radience and Inner and Outer Divinity being sure to Meditate on your self as the Integrated Ascended Master that you are and that you are becoming!

Bellow is a List of correspondences for your Reference and Edifcation!

Sanscrit Name:Ajna

Meaning:To Know,Percieve and Command Center!

Location:The Cave of Bhrama or the center of the Head Behind the Middle of the Eye Brows.


Main Issue Lessons and Test:Seeing Correctly with an Efficient perception of Reality,to actively use your Imagination to Create as God Creates and to receive Divine Vision of the Omniverse/Planet.

Imbalanced Expression:Headaches,NightMares,Hallucinations,Poor Visual Perception,Negative Hallucinations and Illusionary Beliefs Thoughts and Mind Creations,Percieving Glamour Maya and Illusion as Real and not seeing clearly as God would have you see through the eyes of Love and Understanding.



Foods:Consciousness altering substances,ie Psychoactive Plants and Psychadelic Drugs,

Right:To See Reality Directly as it is.To see as God would have you see,through Evenmindedness,Unconditional Love Forgivenss Peace and Oneness.

StonesLapiz Lazuli.

Animals:Owl,Butterfly,Flies,Creatures with Large Eyes and Different Visual perceptions

Operation Principal:Image Formation

Yoga Path:Yantra Yoga,Meditating within or without on Visual Objects or Inner Lights as in Tibetan Dream Yoga and other forms of New Age Yantra.

Archetype:The Hermit,The Dreamer,The Mystic,The Yogic Master.

The 6th Chakra Located in the Middle of the Head which deals with the Pituitary Gland which is the Organ of Seeing reality is known as the 3rd Eye or Command center,since we wither command with our vision or we are commanded by our Vision.We can see then the need for clear vision and powerful action to command all that we see!This is the center of our Psychic Spiritual and inner Plane Vision as well as our center for seeing our Future and Imagining all possibilities.At the 6th Chakra we perceive and experience a wave like pulsation from the Galactic center.This center allows us to perceive Higher Dimensional Visions Lights and Higher Dimensions of Reality.

This Chakra is about seeing.It is the store house of both past impressions and samskaras as well as all Higher Self and Spiritual Vision from the Kingdom and its glory.It can also reveal the Wrathful aspect of Creation though this usually only happens when there is an extreme imbalance in ones Hormonal endocrine or Chakra/Mind Systems.This Chakra Recieves,Stores interprets,Creates,and Projects visually encoded information.If we can fill this center with useful visions and images we will draw forth create and attract that same manner of things.We attract what we focus on.We can command also from this center in commanding our reality and choosing to remain at a cause at all times in all our actions and thoughts by beign on top of what energy we allow into our consciousness via our Ajna Chakra and what action we put out via our Vision Command Center.We can also gain nourishment ans strength in this center by receiving Solar Rays through Sun Gazing,Cosmic Rays through Deep Meditation.

His Chakra is also associated with Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Abilities and or Spiritual Visions/seeing.Clairvoyance is from the French word meaning "Clear Seeing" and describes the ability to see through the limitation of space and time and perceive directly the energetic pattern such as Chakras Auras and Information direct from Reality as it is.(Also related to remote viewing)It is the ability to perceive and interpret from ones own images that contain valid information about a person place or situation..Intuition is the ability to perceive from non logical or linear means and gain insight into a situation.Many people are naturally Clarirvoyant and basic abilities and skills can be developed by anyone seeking to develop themselves in this regard.One can also by clearing their consciousness and psychological selves can develop and experience clear thinking christed thinking and develop and efficient spiritual perception and vision of Reality as it is in Gods Divine reality.

Learning to see correctly consists of learning to see the pattern of perfection in all things,ie the Pattern of the Inner and outer Christ Consciousness in its multiverous forms and incarnations.Only through perceiving all as an expression of the Christ or Eternal self which alone exists can one perceive reality as it is in Gods most Holy Eyes and Heart.Seeing the pattern is about recognizing that which we already know,it might be termed remembering such is the recollection of Divinity and its multidunous forms and such must the mind recognize that the pattern alone exists.Clairvoyance is simply recognizing and receiving the impressions and visions from Spirit,visions of the pattern of spirit through the organs is sight.It is simply seeing reality as it is not as we would like it to be.Most people look for patterns in life which is itself the perfect pattern in forms so many.When we recognize someone we know we usually exclaim or unconsciously place this person into the limited lens of our sense perception or assumtions about that person instead of continually seeing that person as he/she is.Such is our relationship generally to Reality for we see it not as it is but as we have been conditioned to see it.In this way we are to cleanse and clear our Seeing by clearing our Sub Conscious,by filling and receiving spiritual impressions from the super conscious mind and allowing the Conscious mind to be the filter from Negative Ego Illusionary limited Lens seeing and perceiving and learn only to see with our Christ eyes of Love Oneness Wisdom Discernment and Commanding Power of a Masters Consciosness,that seeks to empower self and others in service of Spirit and the Divine Plan.Meditation helps one clear limited patterns and accumulated images and restrictions in the subtle body allowing one to see reality as it is in truth,meditation also allows one to receive Spirit by opening oneself to spirits direct perception free of negative mind creations.

We store and experience our past as patterns within the Sub conscious mind as Memory.Memory is stored consciousness as a projectin of held images onto the screen of the 3rd Eye.If you call upon a particular image you are projecting that image onto your inner screen of consciousness.Your inner eye.You can call in for example a image of your first apartment and re experience all the related sensations feelings emotions thoughts about and from that time and place and hence travel in consciousness at least back to that time and place.We can see then how the 3rd eye is the door way to the greater eternity of timelessness and the access we have to future and past through the active principal of Imagination and Visualization.We can also use these skills to Bi Locate and experience different realities by focusing our attention and consciousness there and hence travel in consciousness there.Vision then is a process of receiving a part or impression of the infinite onto our finite consciousness.To be merged eternally with the Infinite we need to daily consistently and repeatedly receive impressions from the Infinite source through absorbing these infinite energies through the Sun Moon Earth Elements Water Fire Air Earth Ether and Space as well as receiving the inner impressions of the infinite through meditation,releasing our past impressions and receiving the new impressions from spirit.

We also project onto our Ajna chakra daily Imagination,Fantasy,Dreams Hopes aspirations intuitions revelations ideals and can if we choose receive even higher states from the Higher Light bodies and Higher Mind Impressions from the Sphere of the Infinite through the greater spheres of life in the upper worlds.We can and usually superimpose upon any situation or relationship our hopes fantasies and desires.This can be a good thing if we have resourceful sub conscious programming,but most often we have unresourceful believes and programming coming from negative unresourceful programming we received in childhood or through past life experiences.We must then come to perceive clearly free of past impressions and come to be an absolute cause of our Inner and outer reality by continually beings a Master cause inwardly and outwardly by monitoring all incoming and outgoing energies through spiritual discernment and spiritual attunement.We can also project our unconscious patterns onto our Hopes and Fears of the Future.(Ideally we leave all Fears behind as well as hopes,and receive with great equanimity the perfection that is to come in the time it is to come,allowing the space of the Infinite and its ordered unfolding impress upon our limited Chitakash.)

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