Friday, April 30, 2010

5th Ray Day,The Throat Chakra(Visudhha) and your Highest Expression of that!

The 5th Chakra Relates to the Following Qualities and activities:Vibration,Rhythm,Sound,Harmony,Connection,Telepathy,Communication,Creativity,Singing/Cha5th Chanting,Writing,Public Speaking,Group Consciousness and New Age Groups.This Chakra also relates Esoterically to the Neck Throat Jaw and Mouth,so please consider any experiences or difficulties you have had in these areas that might be healed by the balancing integrating the Higher Aspect and expression of the 5th Chakra.

The Colour Frequncy we are attuning to and aligning with ia Bright Turquoise Blue and any and all derividives of Blue more simply put.We can choose to arrange our alter in these coloured fabrics or wear these coloured clothes this day while requesting we align to the Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ and its Highest Vibrational pattern in our Consciousness and 4 Bodies.

If there are any issues around communication and anyone you need to communicate with but are having issues and challenges doing so effectively be sure to make your highest spiritual communication within the alter of your own heart.Also writing down your communication and what you are trying to communicate before you actually communicate with that person in person.Musical Instruments Jappa Beads Harmoniums and Other Chanting instruments are good to use and place upon your Alter today as these are the primary tools we will be using to clear and express the Higher aspect of the Throat/Visuddha Chakra today.

Bellow is a List of Correspondences for your Reference and further Study.

Sanskrit Name:Visudhha




Main Issue and Lesson:Clear Balanced Christed Communication,

Goals:Self Expression,Harmony with others,Creativity,Good Communication,Resonance with self and Others,

Imbalanced Expression.Inability to express or release,Blocked Creativity,Sore Throats,Stiff Tight Shoulders,Tight Necks.

Colour:All Manner and qualities of Blue.



Right:To Speak,



Operating Principal:Sympathetic Principal.

Yoga Path,Mantra,Jappa Yoga,

Archetype:Hermes,Saraswati the Godess of Music and Creativity.

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