Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bridging the Extraterrestrials with the Consciousness of Lightworkers to Prepare for more Open Dialogue Meditation

Bridging the Extraterrestrials with the Consciousness of Lightworkers to Prepare for more Open Dialogue Meditation
Friday, 09 April 2010 by Martin

Close your eyes.

Assume meditation position.

Invoke the bubble of protection and the pure white light of the Christ.

Call forth the Hierarchy of inner plane Cosmic and Planetary Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Elohim.

We now open ourselves up to the Confederation of Planets that have come from other worlds in order to assist the earth in its evolution.

We now visualize the most spiritually attuned political leaders being elected into office.

We ask the Hierarchy to intercede in whatever manner that they are able in order to place lightworkers in these key political positions. We specifically request the help of El Morya and St. Germain.

We now ask for the mass mind of humanity itself to begin to open to greater and greater awareness and acceptance of these benevolent beings that have come to aid us in our evolution

We also visualize all the lightworkers of the world becoming clearer in their attunement to the work of our Extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.

We now see, with our inner vision, the governments of the planet openly communicating with our space brethren for the purpose of the betterment of earth and the cooperation of our planet with Divine Intent.

We visualize clearly that the masses of humanity are now aware and educated through the intervention of governmental leaders taking a stand for “truth,” as to the reality and purpose of our space brothers and sisters.

We also see, with our inner vision, how the lightworkers of the planet are able to work openly and collectively upon their particular mission in mutual cooperation with the Confederation of Planets.

We can feel the joy of all of humanity, as well as that of our space brethren, as together we participate in manifesting the Plan of GOD, and bringing the earth forward into ever higher frequencies of Light, Love, Power and the Will-to-Good.

We take a few moments to now connect ourselves with any incoming transmissions from this aspect of the Celestial Command. We know that if we are not consciously hearing their intent, we are nevertheless receiving it through the universal “language of light.”

We bathe in this wonderful outpouring of grace and connectedness.

(Allow some time for silence)

We now thank the Celestial Hierarchy from other worlds that are here on humanity’s behalf.

As we prepare to leave this meditation we know that we will hold to the vision of lightworkers entering and being elected into the foreground of politics both in the United States and in all the countries of the world.

We feel the joy of transformation through the mutual cooperation of humanity and the civilizations and beings who form the Confederation of Planets.
We establish our grounding cords, come back into our bodies, and open our eyes.

Ascension Activation Meditations
Of the Spiritual Hierarchy:
By Dr. Joshua David Stone.

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