Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Void of Course Moon Description by Blair,

Earlier on in this newsletter series we went to a great deal of
trouble to describe the disruptive effects of retrograde planets on
our daily lives. As if watching out for these annual and
semi-annual type negative astrological occurrences is not enough,
there is another astrological disruption that we have to watch for
and it occurs every two and half days. It is known as the void of
course moon.

The term VOID OF COURSE refers to the state of the Moon when it is
between signs. You could describe it as a purgatory that occurs
when the moon is out of phase. This moment lasts from when the moon
moves from its last major planetary aspect in its current Zodiac
sign and then moves into the next major planetary aspect in the
next sign. When you are reading planetary calendars you will often
see void-of-course annotated as VC or VOC.

Even though a void of course moon is not in theory an upsetting
influence, it can be anyway. The entire event refers to a time in
the moon's journey when it does not make any aspects to any
planets. The theory is that if the moon is unable to make any
planetary aspects then no events can occur. Also, in theory, this
means that nothing much can happen while the moon is transiting
from one major aspect in one sign to another major aspect in
another. If the moon is not making any aspects, then there will
not be a lot happening in your life either.

Still it is obvious that the moon void of course must have some
kind of effect. The nature of the sign it is moving out of versus
the one it is moving into can also reveal a lot about the type of
events that we can expect. For example when the void of course moon
is moving from ambitious Gemini to the emotional sign of Cancer we
can likely expect progress to be blocked by emotional events.

Perhaps the scariest and most perturbing thing about the void of
course moon, or why people tend to want to do as little as possible
while it is happening is that it does seem to have an unpredictable
effect both on real life events and on psychological matters.
Depending what sign it is moving from and what sign it is moving
into the effect of a void of course moon can be inconsistency,
indecision, unreliability, delays, break downs, stalemates and the
sudden disappearance of opportunity. This period of time can be a
bit of a black hole in which answers seem to disappear entirely and
all we are left with is strange questions.

There is one thing that the void of course moons is good for and
that is for meditation, manifestation magic and finding solutions
to problems. The reason that some astrologers believe this is that
the void of course moons is a form of emptiness. It is a time when
no aspects occur which is the ideal space psychologically form
which a human being might be able to get some peace from the every
day events that usual confuse and batter him with information. From
this stillness springs the wisdom to know what to do next, so some
astrologers will say that the void of course moon is a good time to
marinate your ideas by brooding about them or pursue a path of
creativity or healing.

However the majority of astrologers do see a void of course moon as
a time to lie low. Like the Mercury retrogrades, the void of course
moon period that happens to us every two and a half days is not
necessarily seen as a blessing, but rather as a time to avoid
taking action. Perhaps the most beneficial way to make use of a
void of course period is to use it to wrap up details, take a break
from your usual activities, reading, relaxing, exercise, doing
housework and performing chores that do not require much thought or
concentration such as housework.

In essence, a void of course moon is most unfavorable for
activities that require a great deal of attention to detail,
anything to do with communication including pitching proposals and
confessions of love, anything to do with electronic messaging such
as faxes and emails, getting married, going out on a first date,
beginning a business, launching a lawsuit, making an important
announcement, signing on the dotted line or buying any type of big
purchase such as a car or a property. A void of course moon is not
about "making it happen"; it is more about taking the time to chill
for a bit.

Although the void of course moon does favor spirituality in the
sense that it symbolizes a kind of stillness, it does not favor
readings by psychics, tarot readings or any other kind of divination.

The reason that these void of course moon periods take every two
and a half days is because that is the average amount of time that
it takes for the moon to pass through the sign. The shortest amount
of time that a moon can be void of course is just a few minutes.
The most difficult void of course moon periods last the entire two
and a half days. This, of course, happens when there is no
opportunity for the moon to make any major aspects as it moves from
its current astrological sign into the next.

These periods occur every two days and a half, which is the average
time of the Moon's passing through a sign. They last usually a
couple of hours, the range being from a few minutes to even the
entire two days and a half period, when the Moon makes no major
aspects to other planets from its current astrological sign.

Your best course of action during a void of course moon is to take
it easy. There are all kinds of void of course moon calendars that
you can access online so you can see when is the best time to take
action and when to rest.

In the next edition of this newsletter we will take a look of the
kinds of effects that can occur as the moon moves from one
astrological sign into another.

Peace and light,

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