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"So ya Think you Met your Twin Flame!"

"So ya Think you Met your Twin Flame!"Posted by Brenda Tenerelli on April 9, 2010 at 10:28pm in Twin-Flames Reunited
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"So ya Think you Met your Twin Flame!"
Its almost as if a newest computer gadget has come out on the market and you just gotta have it! And its obvious by our assessment that sex and relationships are the most wanted on the list of "i wants"

Well be prepared to earn it and if you are in fact the blessed one in less than 1% of the population who find your twin soul than be prepared to do two things

1. validate or qualify yourself.
2. continually work at the relationship

First and foremost-Twin Flames are in fact a spiritual relationship of the highest order! And they do in fact come together for a humanitarian mission and purpose. They don't just come together to play house and romance the stone!

We are at a phase in human evolution where twin flames coming together is imperative and the responsibilities that come with their mission are not to be taken lightly.

Simply put its not just about a relationship!
Are you prepared for the signs?

This is not just a romantic relationship. A romantic intense relationship is a soul mate relationship.

~ Twin flames will have a strong charismatic emanation of energy. There is the immediate feeling of friendship and trust when you meet them.

~ Both individuals will have an incessant drive to fulfill their twin flame mission together. Their preference is to actually work together in a mission usually in today's society in some form of business or humanitarian endeavor .

~ Mutual awareness and working together to be of assistance in some way in assisting humanity. Here is one small example "healing"

~ Most are already tapped in to the "Creator or Direct Connect" or a higher energy and we don't mean church.

~ They have full awareness of previous incarnations. This is also an awareness soul mates would have.

~ Twin Flames do not have karma to deal with. They are evolved beyond past karma. They need only deal with present incarnation belief systems that they have taken on in the present.

~ Twin Flames create a dynamic pull between them in the initial phases that can be quite overwhelming. This also applies to soul mates.

~ Twin Flames coming together will know years in advance through dreams or visions of their impending connection. This can also happen to soul mates to.

~ Twin Flames have the incessant need to correct situations or problems that come up between them immediately.

~ Twin Flames relationships are not in a continual state of bliss as perpetual growth brings up issues that are not always pleasant to resolve!

~ They have the ability to constantly grow and evolve through situations, and circumstances in a matter of days where the average person would take months or years.

And Most Importantly!

Twin Flames are Co-Creators!

~ Twin Flames have the ability in the act of lovemaking to blend, meld as if they were in non-physical bodies. They create of their divine connection a third energy. The third energy is created from their divine masculine and feminine and they learn very quickly how to circulate it through their body.

~ Twin Flames are the physical embodiment of a male and female relationship. The reason being that in their blending and melding in the act of making love they combine the seminal fluid of the male and female which is raised up in vibration to an essence energy which is than circulated through the body. In other words they give birth to their divinity.

~ Twin Flames will have incorporated into themselves 12 energetic essences or energy bodies which in turn will awaken and quicken their 12 DNA strands which in turn within a few short years of their twin flame relationship blossom into a 12 chakra system.

~ It takes years for a twin flame couple to be able to hold in balance the light and love energy that pours into their chakra system.

~ The biggest problem that twin flames will have throughout their lives is having a balance of the body, mind, & spirit because twin flames are in a constant state of perpetual growth and evolution. They can however get hung up on deeply ingrained belief systems which will limit their ability to disseminate love, light and multidimensional states of consciousness.

~ All symptoms will not unfold all at once but will become apparent within the first two years of the relationship.

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