Monday, April 26, 2010

Love and Wisdom

Love and Wisdom,

Love and Wisdom is a Balm of Supreme Perfection,

Love in action and Experienced as a Radience leads to knowledge of God Truth and Reality.

Love is the Essence and Energy of all that is,it is externalized through service of the other.

Love is the action of Faith Patience Faithfullness Courage Goodness and Positive Emotionality.

Wisdom is the Extension and Dual Flame of Loves Emenation it is loves partner eternal.

Wisdom leads to clear thinking and clear perception,allowing true vision of Reality.

Wisdom is the element which discerns the Pure from Impure the Good from the Bad.

Wisdom is a sift to which you find the Gold of Goodness and leave the rocks of Evil.

Love directs the action of the Mother to protect the Child,

Love directs the Creation of Business to serve the family needs and requirements,

Love directs the creation of all forms of Art and Expression,

Love directs the energy of devotion that brings the divine to the earth.

Wisdom Creates Systems that serves the people and justice.

Wisdom organizes peoples around an ideal and an idea to change the world.

Wisdom arranges people into groups to serve the greater good.

Wisdom opens all to the Unity of Each other to one another!

Loving Wisdom Creates Ideal Systems Organizations Communities and Churches.

Loving Wisdom Leads all beings to Enlightenment without exclusion!

Loving Wisdom Leads all separate Forms to Unified forms in full Experience of that!

Loving Wisdom Creates Worlds upon Worlds to Experience and Enjoy the Granduer of Creations Bliss!

What can be left out of then in this Universal System?What is not included in Love and Wisdoms Infinite Emenation?

What is not of this Substance?What is not held in Loves Infinite all embracing Arms?

What is not outside this Great Perfection Known and Unknowable?

No Thing for all exists within the Great Infininte Sphere of Loving Wisdom.

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