Monday, April 26, 2010

1st Ray day Revelations Experiences teachings lessons Guidance,

Personal Power to the Tower the Way today,Absolute Focus and Inner Attention,

Never wavering in focus towards loving goal and Spiritual Aspirations of God and Self Realization!

Dilligent Practice Dilligent Action,Dilligent effort in all regards,No less then 100% at all times!

Focus and the freedom comes,Surrender and enter the Inner Sanctum and Find the Temple of God!

All energies firing towards the Inner Atomic Structure,awakening the Inner Perfection,

From that comes outward perfection,Total form from formlessness,All held in perfect distance.

That perfect distance that unimaganiable existence,That fearless perfect,Holding out all lesser forms,

That animating sphere of direct experience of the Great Oneness.Chant the Name and find it all real.

All safe,all right and all in perfect order and time.All blest as it is forever more.

All as it is,everything in its perfect place surrender then and be eternally blest by the all!

Build the Walls beyond the fall with the chanting of the Name.Enter your Tower of Christed Power!

Enter the Highest sphere of eternal Great elemental Power,and find the Light that destroys all lesser forms.

Return in love to the action less action,return in non action to perfect action.Make the choiceless choice.

Call forth align take action and let yourself be perfected upon your return path.Return and leave for your Highest Home on place yet un imagined.

To the extent you can imagine and beyond what that can be imagined all that is to come.

All that is great grand good and of God.All that is to come!All else unreal fear based illusionary

Of a lower nature,selfish seperative and negative all that will vanish as it becomes known

Before the eye that sees.See then now reality as it is.Know yourself as free as that.

Master your attention and always place it upon the eternal upon the perfection upon the Great Tao.

Enter that great sphere by constant practice and meditation on the superior sphere of Granduer.

Enter the Upper Rooms and Higher Kingdoms that await your return!Stand in your power and Direct

As God would have you direct!Perfect as God would have you perfect!Know and show as God would have you perfect!Shine Love and Light on all Merge into all return to the all that you are!

Give your all to the all,In this way you will be assured never to fall!You will become the Christed wall to it all!The Grand Wall beyond that fall!We are that!Free,eternally free!

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