Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Three keys to resolve conflicts with people

BLOG: Three keys to resolve conflicts with people

Key 1 – Don’t be self-righteous:
Always state your thoughts and feelings as “your personal opinion and perception” and avoid being self-righteous even if you know you are right.

Key 2 – Get out of your emotions:
Strive not to be overly emotional and to remain as calm, objective, even-minded and rational as possible.

Key 3 – Put the discussion on the shelf:
If your communication is becoming heated and both of your negative egos are becoming too involved, stop all communication saying that in your observation both of your negative egos and emotional bodies are becoming too engaged and you prefer to end this discussion for now and continue it when both of you are more calm. To learn more about all 31 keys to resolve conflict, please read Dr Joshua David Stone’s Correspondence Course #7, ”How to Develop and Refine your Consciousness and Transcend the Negative Ego/ Fear-Based/ Separative/ Dualistic/ Illusionary/ Selfish/ Lower-Self/ Materialistic Mind and Emotions”.

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