Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clarity,Direction,Clear thinking,Organization,Thought Transference,

Clarity,Direction,Clear thinking,Organization,Thought Transference,

Higher Dimensional Mental Attunement,Mental Mastery,Mental Attunement,Mental Alignment,

Action,Will,Serive,Love in Action,Future Direction action towards that Direction!

Action with Wisdom,Emotional Detachment,Mental Attunement,Inner Preperation,

Organization Inner and Outer,Outer Direction Towards the Inner Goal!Organize,Organize,Organize!

Magnatize,Mental Attraction,Sub Conscious Mastery and Direction from Consciousness!

Attraction Creation Affirmation Visualizations Prayers Requests Invocations!

Ideal Reality as now feed into the Sub conscious mind,creating Reality externalizing your inner focus!

Continue practicing at all times!Never Give Up!Never Give up!Never Give up!

Master your attention!Master your Focus!Master your Thoughts and feelings always!

Be a cause never an effect!Be the Master never the Victim!Be the Master!

Your Mind Action Superconscious Conscious and Sub conscious mind together cannot be beaten!

All levels all lines at all times!Continuation of all lines at all times!Take action on all lines!

Continue and your success is assured!Develop patience,fearlessness,Faith and Trust!

Full Love Wisdom and Power!Apply everything you have been given!Put it all into action!

Release it all as a super strong preference,be not attached,Thy Will be Done!

Never go on automatic!Be ever joyously vigillent!Be aware for God and Gods Kingdom!

Be ever aware against the Ego and its false illusionary creations from the Hypnotic Underworld,

Joyus vigillence at all times!Master your feelings!No negative Feelings ever!Work through everything!

Bring all your passions desires and energies to the Work you do,Full energy,full vigour,full effort!

Integrate and use the Feelings,Love Passion and desire for Liberation to master lifes process!

Honesty Integrity and Selfless!Service is the Law and you are here to serve!Focus on giving!

You are not here for yourself but for your fellow man!You are working for God!There is no separate self!

Work is service,Service is Work!Dont go to work,go to service!All is noble service of God!All work!

Everything is a spiritual practice,Life is a Great Ashram!Life an unending Sadhana!

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