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Public channeling of the Divine Consciousness (mutual channeling by Maria Bertram and Tina von Rein), Jordstrålningscentrum, Stockholm, November 16th

Public channeling of the Divine Consciousness (mutual channeling by Maria Bertram and Tina von Rein), Jordstrålningscentrum, Stockholm, November 16th 2009


This is a mutual channeling that Maria Bertram did together with the medium and author Kristina “Tina” von Rein at Jordstrålningscentrum in Stockholm, November 16th 2009. There was no entrance fee and around 100 people in the audience.

Maria runs the global Mother Earth Network together with Manne Lindberg. More information about the network follows after the channeling. Tina is the author of the book HelAnde Budskap: Välj Moder Jord Nu! (can be translated as: Healing Messages: Choose Mother Earth Now!), released in 2007 only in Swedish, where she channels angels from the eighth dimension. You will find Tina's Swedish website at

During this channeling Maria and Tina united their consciousnesses to take turns in channeling the same source, the Divine Consciousness (God). The angels that Tina channels in her book are bringing forth the messages from the Divine Consciousness when she is channeling (that's why they say "we"). During the channeling, Maria and Tina made an energy transmission - of the cosmic divine white fire - to everyone in the audience. After the channeling Maria and Tina did a healing session for Mother Earth together with the audience.

The headings in the text are added subsequently.

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Introduction / A meditation / Dare to change your life / Creating spiritual communities / Mother Earth / Opening up your inner gate / Couple relationships / The Children of today / Meeting the change



Maria: My beloved children. You are all carrying a place inside of you where you have access to the highest cosmic wisdom, where you carry bliss … peace… harmony … and divine love. You are infinite divine beings. This place is beyond time and beyond space. Let yourselves be surrounded by the cosmic divine white fire. Feel how you're being rocked … slowly .. back and forth. Feel how you are carried along by the flow .. the pouring flow .. of love. You are sinking deeper … and deeper … into yourself … all the way in … to your inner room ... to the deepest of all nows … the pure consciousness. Hear your heart beating … you are embraced by the warmth, by the energies … you are being rocked back … and forth .. everything is just the way it's supposed to be … and everything will be just exactly the way it's supposed to be. There are no conflicts … there is no lack … and there are no divisions. Everything belongs together … everything is one. Feel how you vibrate with divine love .. you are limitless … there are no limits … there is only one eternal now. Nothing that happens here can ever harm you .. you are immortal … you have always been, and you will always be. You are all shining stars in the cosmic night .. filled with white starlight. Feel how you expand … expand .. until you reach out all over the entire Cosmos .. stretching our your hands to reach the outer borders of the Cosmos, and beyond .. straight out into infinity.. this is eternal love .. this is the limitless being … here .. and now.


Tina: We want to thank you for coming. We know that you're all here because you want to contribute. We urge you to take the steps you already know that you could take, but so far haven't taken. We urge you not to wait one more day. We urge you to follow the feelings inside of you that are telling you what you need to do. We are asking you to start listening within to that which is calling for your attention. Within, to the messages that arise from your self, from your own higher self, from your own divine self. We are asking you - do not wait, do not wait, do not wait, start today! Time is short - we do not want to frighten you - but time is short for humanity to begin taking steps, and you are the ones who are ready to take steps, so we are asking you - start today, do not wait!

Maria: All of you that have come here today have come for a specific reason. You have been called to come today. Your higher self has guided you here today, because in some sense you are ready to start taking steps. You are all carrying your own divine wisdom inside, you are all carrying your own highest truth. You already know what you are to do. Listen to your heart, let your heart speak to you. Listen to your intuition. Don't let your rational mind kidnap your entire being. Open up to your own higher divinity, your own inner voice.

Tina: We are so grateful, so grateful, that you have come here today. We are so grateful that there are people who are willing to listen. We are so grateful, so grateful. We can feel that your heart is beating for Mother Earth. We feel your longing to recreate both yourself and another reality than the one we are sharing together today. We are asking you to open your heart even more. We are asking you to follow your own path, your golden spiritual path. We are asking you not to stay on the “path in between,” the path that is in between that which is now and that which shall be. We are asking you to move forward, forward, into the light, into your divine self. We are asking you to open up, open up, open up!.

Maria: All humans, and all of you who are sitting here today, have a life task. You have incarnated on Earth during this important period in humanity's and Mother Earth's history for a certain reason. You have incarnated on the Earth to help humanity and the Earth in this important transition to the New Spiritual Age. You are carrying all the answers inside of you. You all have a specific task to fulfill. You all have special gifts which you can choose to develop, and particular - sometimes very specific - tasks, and many of you already know what they are. You hear the voices, you see all the signs. Start by opening up to these signs and interpret them. Learn to interpret them in your everyday life. Start opening up to your own inner truth. Give yourself a moment of stillness, meditation and also healing, every day - and you will find that you can see that everything is opening up inside of you, and that you already know exactly what it is that you are to do. You are all carrying a treasure inside of you. Don't forget and don't diminish that treasure, but rather take it seriously.

Tina: The future can be both dark and light. Dark - if you as people on the Earth don't do anything and if you continue to destroy the mother that is carrying you. Bright - considering that the powers of light already have won. Bright - because you have the possibility here and now today to open up to your own inner light and begin to shine it out over the Earth. Imagine if all of you who are sitting here would start to shine your light, what a fantastic world it would be. What if the rest of the people would follow your examples, then the Earth couldn't be anything but a bright place to live in. But it is up to you to begin, and you are here to open up to your own inner light, a light that is tremendously greater than that which you can see with your own eyes, even if you can see into other dimensions. Your light is shining from Mother Earth and across expanses far beyond what you can grasp with your mind. You are light, don't forget that, you are light.

Maria: I have created you, but you are also recreating yourselves. You create your own life, you create the world every day. You are divine beings. You have a potential far beyond what you can grasp. You have the possibility to transform the world through your energy bodies, through your inner divine light. Humans can function as channels and can transform the whole Earth, yourselves and each other. The transformation to the New Spiritual Age is ultimately about the union of spirit and matter, and that is what humanity is embodying through its presence.

Tina: You might sit here and wonder, ”But how could I do all of this?” It is important for you to know that you can do it, maybe not today if you are not ready to let go of all of your preconceived ideas and programmed thoughts. But you need not know exactly how it will happen, just let go of your control and open yourself up. Go inside yourself, open up your cells - because that is where your wisdom is stored. No one outside of you will tell you what to do and how to do it, but it is only by searching inside yourself that your wisdom can be awakened and you can be reconnected to the great Divine Consciousness. This is how you will grow, this is how you will know your own wisdom, and this is how you will be the divine beings that you in reality are. It is all about letting go, letting go; letting go of your old thoughts, your old ingrained behavior and your old fears.

Maria: It's about getting rid of all your inner limitations and all negative thoughts and expectations, all thought systems, role patterns, survival strategies, life lies, roles, costumes and uniforms. Human beings are carrying heavy rucksacks of karma, old unresolved emotional and spiritual conflicts from their present and previous lifetimes, both as a member of the collective consciousness and as individuals. Every human on Earth would need to take part in the cleansing of all these limitations - the cleansing of all the fears and the mindset of lack which are limiting humanity today. To break down the walls, the prison walls that people have been building around themselves which are limiting them and keeping them from seeing their limitlessness and their divine potential.

Tina: We're telling you that you can create a paradise on Earth. We are telling you that you can create a world of love. We are telling you that you can start right here and right now. You don't have to wait for all of humanity to begin, you can start right here and right now. Begin inside of yourself, and then with all your near and dear ones, and then together with your like-minded. Start building the paradise within. Start now to build the paradise in all your relationships. Start to look for like-minded people with whom to build small paradises together on Earth , here and now. Don't wait to search for the paradise within, because it is there all the time. It lives and thrives. Look for your own inner paradise and invite others into it.


Maria: Join together with like-minded people and create new alternatives and new ways of living. Dare to take the step! Dare to take the step even if it might feel unknown and insecure - because soon everything will be turned upside down - and that which today seems secure, that which we have known for ages and that which you think is best to hold onto: "I stick to what I know, because that which I don't know and never have tried before could be a risk-taking". But it could be just the opposite, that people who are holding onto the old ways will be facing the biggest risk, and they who dare to take the leap into something new, who dare to take the leap toward community, working together, solidarity - will be the ones who get the opportunity to create a new world with greater safety and greater care for all people, one in which we all are included.

Tina: It won't be easy, though, we are telling you. It's not just about you gathering and saying, “We only want to live in love,” and then expect everything to happen by itself. You will meet a lot of the resistance that dwells inside of you. Resistance that has been built up from all your old programmed thoughts and old habits. You will discover that you have to work to create a loving world. Work in the sense that you will have to go back to your inner selves to see: “What kind of love do I choose, and in what way do I manifest this love to those with whom I will build this community?” It won't be easy, but we will be there to support you during this process, if you just dare to take the first step. Dare, dare, dare to live differently, we are telling you. Dare, dare to take a step into the unknown. Dare, dare, dare to confront your inner resistance in order to really live your inner truest love that doesn't depend on desire or power. But you have to learn to do this, it won't just be easy. You have to learn to experience this, and together with acceptance and forgiveness try to create this world together. By searching for your own inner paradise you will succeed, as long as you stay in your intention and don't give up to your own fears. Dare, dare, dare! Shine, shine, shine! Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Give love!

Maria: Take it step by step. Don't think, “Oh, I can never do this, it is too much!" But rather ask yourself where you are standing here and now. "What is the right step for me to take from where I am today?" On one level we all have the same goal, but the path might look slightly different. For every single step you take you are getting closer and the picture will be clearer and you will see the new possibilities opening up. You will evolve, you will open up your abilities, you will open up your consciousness, you will start letting your energy shine, and you will get help in finding the solutions. You will receive help on your way and you will meet the right people that you need to in order to create these possibilities. What you give, you will receive. And all that you need, all that you give will be given back to you. If you work and cleanse your channels and shine out your inner light you will get even more light back. You will draw people to you that also shine with light. You attract love when you send out love. When you think in terms of solutions and development, when you think in the terms of “Yes, this will work, this is possible!”, when you focus on your visions and your path in life, you will also open up the possibility of new paths, new situations, and new people. This is the path to the new age and the paradise. Step by step, in love. Living in love in every thought, in every word, and in every step.

Tina: A lot of people will wake up to their spiritual potential. All of you here today are examples of that. And it will happen fast, it will happen fast, it will happen fast - there are a lot of people who need to be awakened. This means that when you start building these spiritual communities there will be more people to ask for help. That doesn't mean that you will place the responsibility on us. It doesn't mean that you will let yourself be led by something from outside of you, something which is not yourself. But if you get stuck you can ask for our guidance, so that we may give you impulses, so that we can offer our wisdom in order for you to take the next step. Because we are a part of you, because we are a part of your higher self, and therefore we are nothing other than yourselves. We all belong together, we are all one big divine consciousness. We are asking you to dare, dare to take the first step! Don't wait, don't wait! Start by taking small steps. You can start building your communities in your thoughts, even if you haven't started building them in physical form. But start gathering and talk about what you would like, what you would like to manifest so that you gradually, gradually start building a communion between yourselves before you begin to manifest your plans.

Maria: You create your own future through your visualizations, through your manifestations. And when you hold the picture in your hearts and visualize the picture of the new world and your paradise, when you visualize your visions - it is the beginning of creating them. In order for us to create changes in the outer reality we must start with our inner selves. In order to create outer peace we must start by creating peace within ourselves. And it is the same with the visions that we have. Humans have an amazing and unlimited ability to create, an ability that is one with the Divine. Humans can create that which they are visualizing. As soon as people join together and focus on a mutual vision about a new world, we give power and energy to that vision to be created in reality. This is the way a human is and will be one with God. In other words: you create your own reality.

Tina: For those of you sitting here feeling, “But I am not ready yet, am I then doomed?”, we are telling you: no one is doomed. What we give you are thought impulses, what we give you are possible futures. But don't forget that it is you who are creating and shaping your own future. There are always other futures and you can create other alternatives than the ones we talk about now. There are other ways. What you have to do is to search within, to always listen to your own inner compass to find out what is right for you so that you will be guided by yourself and by your own divine consciousness. You won't have to feel like outsiders if you don't choose the visions that we are talking about now. There are alternatives, there are other ways, there is ”either/or.” There are always many paths. But dare, dare to take a step, dare, dare to listen within, dare, dare to be you!

Maria: Have the courage to become one with your own inner truth, whatever that inner truth may be. We have come to give you guidance, but it is you yourself who carries your own inner truth. Then you might wonder: "How will I find this inner truth?" Well, in the silence, in the stillness. That's where the truth is.


Maria: Walk outside in the forest. Listen to the trees, caress the moss with your hands, observe the animals, feel the soul of nature. Open yourself to the way the forest is speaking to you, how it's sending you healing and connecting you to Mother Earth's heart. You are one with Mother Earth. Remember who you are - remember the ancient wisdom that you, all of you, once were part of, and lived in accordance with. Mankind has come to Earth to take care of all living beings on Earth and humanity is one with her. We cannot live without Mother Earth. We need her for our survival. We are one with Mother Earth, and in the same way she is one with us. By worshipping Mother Earth, by sending her healing, by activating her grid points and sacred vortices, by taking care of our mother we help her to evolve and we help her to withstand this enormous pressure she's being subjected to. In that way, by activating her energies, she helps us, because we are all one. There's no division.

Tina: We are asking you to honor life. We are asking you to honor life in all that you eat, honor life in all that you breathe. We are asking you to honor life in yourself. We are asking you to honor your body, we are asking you to honor your thoughts, we are asking you to honor your feelings. We ask you to honor life.

Maria: We humans have come to Earth to take care of Mother Earth, we are her guardians. It is a part of all humans' life tasks to take care of Mother Earth and worship her, to perform ceremonies and to activate her energies, and to become one with her energy body. We have forgotten this ancient wisdom. This has been a very important part of mankind's life during long periods of time, but because of the entrance of the religions this has in many aspects disappeared along the road, has been forgotten and suppressed. It is time now for mankind to reclaim this wisdom; it is a must for humanity's survival. Earth can't live together with humans if the humans are not helping her to activate her energies and expand her energy body. Today she's being subjected to way too great a pressure, mainly because of mankind's ravages on Earth, but also because of the powerful energies coming from cosmos. All this will have an effect on Earth, subject her to an enormous strain and make it harder and harder for her to stand against this enormous pressure.

We humans must help her through healing, through activating her grid points and sacred vortices, through working with the energies that exist inside the Earth. All the ancient wisdom that the old wise women, medicine men and shamans have carried with them from generation to generation, but which has in many aspects been forgotten. Let the ancient wisdom be resurrected, because we are not only entering the New Spiritual Age, we are also entering the Age of the Goddess, where we once again must activate the divine female fertility energy that exists inside the Earth. We need it to heal the Earth, we need it to heal each other. We need it to heal ourselves, to heal all this sorrow, all this fear and all inner limitations and worries that we carry inside us.

Tina: We are asking you to love nature. Not just that you walk outside in nature and love being there, but that you truly create a love relationship with nature, like when you love a child or a partner. We are asking you to go out and create a connection with the mountains, the rocks, so that you communicate with them by sending them love and that you feel that they are sending love back to you. We are asking you to walk outside and feel the messages of the wind to you. We are asking you to receive the flower's beauty and love for you, to feel their love when they send it to you, and we are asking you to send love back to them. We are asking you to go out in nature and make love, because this energy also gives fertility back to Mother Earth. We are asking you to love your own bodies as a part of nature, to love your own bodies beyond what you are used to now. We are asking you to love your cells, to love your skin, to love your organs, to love your feet, to love your hair, to love all that you have been given as a gift.


Maria: You are all searching for unconditional love, and you should know that it is there inside of you. You all are unconditionally loved for who you are. You are amazing beings and you can open up your inner gate to the channel to experience and grow in this unconditional love. You can become one with it forever. We are giving each and every one of you a key. Take the key from my hand and unlock the gate to your inner flame, to your own unconditional love. Open the gate and let it flow and become one with unconditional love. Become one with the endless being. Reconcile with your inner pain. Reconcile with all that has happened. Heal your inner child, heal your inner pain, your sorrow and your sense of loss. Anything can be healed. There's enough love to heal all the pain in the world and the divine light can come to help you, to help you heal your inner sorrow. Open yourself up, dare to take the step and dare to feel the pain. Dare to let it come up to the surface, so that it will finally dissolve into atoms. Release yourself from your emotional cages and be free. Learn to stand up, lift off and fly away like beautiful white birds.


Tina: We want to speak to you about the relationship between man and woman. The Goddess' return to Earth means that this relationship needs to be healed. As long as the God has ruled, the God that you have portrayed as cold, hard and punishing, there cannot be balance. We ask you to take a close look at your relationships between man and woman. Look at what kind of walls have been built up. In your most intimate relationships, where love should stream most freely, it often does not happen. Instead walls of defense and protection are built up. You live side by side as man and wife but are still not close, still not undressed, still not naked, not even when you make love. We are asking you to open up to and look closely at the conception of what “man” is and what “woman" is, and to change these conceptions so that you can be whole, so that you dare to stand without defenses and walls. Because then this love will start streaming between you like it has never streamed before.

This does not mean that we are recommending a certain sexual orientation. When we are talking about the relationship between man and woman, we are talking about the image that you have been affected by during the thousands of years that your culture has existed. This image is repeated even though you love and live in a relationship with someone of the same sex as you, you are still projecting these images onto each other. Therefore, when we talk about these images we mean these relationships that have been characterized by a male and a female behavior. But we wish you to dare to open up and dare to be naked, so naked with each other that you will no longer have to stand in the images that you have been influenced by. We wish that you instead will dare to be much bigger and that you will dare to grow beyond your preconception of your smallness and that you will dare to grow in your divine identity to meet both your god and your goddess inside of yourself. In joining these inside of you and between you, love and sexuality will awaken your memories from your past lives, from all existences. So even in these relationships you will grow spiritually. We ask you not to stop, even though it may feel as if you are about to explode and fall apart because you don't know who you are. We are asking you to move further to discover, discover, discover! This is a path to spiritual enlightenment that we ask you not to diminish. We are asking you to dare, dare, dare! Dare to be naked, dare to be close, dare to be without walls, defense and protection, and dare to grow, dare to grow!


Maria: We would like to ask you to stop running away from your inner pain. Humanity has very much a programmed behavior, where it runs away from everything that means hard work and pain. We would like to ask you to do the opposite: Stop suppressing your pain! Have the courage to let it come up to the surface. Feel it. Dare to look it right in the face because that's the only way to make it disappear, by love and healing. It is the only way. When you push away your feelings and stay within your walls - you keep and preserve the pain, the blockages and the inner conflicts that you are carrying, so that they never ever get to dissolve, and they continue to limit your lives for all eternity. Dare to stand naked and true in front of yourselves, your own mirror's reflection and each other in your close relationships. Dare to open yourselves up to the pain that you are carrying inside, and dare to make contact with your memories, your traumas, betrayals, disappointments, traumatic experiences, and conflicts of different kinds. Dare to open yourself up to what's painful, dare to meet the pain to make it dissolve and become lighter. For every conflict and every blockage that you confront, your minds will feel lighter, and your spiritual energy bodies will shine with more and more light. It will help you develop your consciousness and reach higher spiritual levels. This is the road to spiritual development. There are huge waves of healing energies that are flowing in over the Earth that are growing bigger and more powerful every day, and mankind has in this period of time an incredibly unique opportunity to work with its inner spiritual development - and to heal its karma, to heal its inner conflicts and traumas - that has never been seen before in humanity's history. It is a completely unique opportunity that mankind has today for powerful spiritual transformation, where you during a very short time can grow very, very fast, and expand your energy body and your aura and reach completely amazing, never before seen, levels of spiritual growth, insight and power.


Tina: Your children need you. Your future children need you. They need you to be true. How else are you going to create paradise on Earth, if you have not cleansed yourself inside and dared to stand up to your traumas? You hide the pain like hard balls inside yourselves, but these balls will bounce out at the children who will also get wounds and bruises from them. You need to cleanse yourself inside to be the true parents who are bringing forth the new children that are coming to Earth. You need to take responsibility, not just for Mother Earth but also for all of Mother Earth's children.

Maria: The children who are living on Earth today, especially in the richer parts of the world, are not always living in the abundance that you might believe from looking at the outside. We see the piles of toys, video games, Internet and cell phones, but what we are not seeing is the big sense of lack and grief that many children are carrying. The grief of being left to their electronic isolated reality. The lack of contact with nature, the lack of spiritual guidance. Something that the children themselves cannot put into words and don't even know they experience the lack of. But somewhere inside of them there exists a sorrow, an emptiness, the lack of being grounded and the closeness to nature. Children need the grounding female energies from inside the Earth to become balanced and harmonic humans just in the same way that grown-ups today need it. Today's children are much too ungrounded and stressed and live far too unbalanced lives. Often they live very isolated from the grown-ups' world and are left to their own realities in the contact with the Internet, video games and other media. They seek guidance but find it nowhere. Many children carry a lot of inner wisdom, they still remember a lot of the things that one as a grown-up forgets. Children listen to the songs of the birds, they listen to the birds' messages, what it is that the birds want to say to them. Children see when the dead visit you and come with a greeting. Children see through the grown-ups' lies. They can sense there's something that's not right and many children feel very bad today and need help and guidance.

Tina: Instead of giving toys to your children, we are asking you to give yourself to them. We ask you to give yourself to them, without all these experiences that you always want to feed the children with. We ask you to give yourself in silence, to sit together with the children and just be. The children of today are not used to this in today's society, at least not here in Sweden and in the rich parts of the world. The children are always expecting new impulses, new impulses, new impulses, and these impulses are only coming from the outside world. You have to teach the children to sit together in silence so that they start discovering their own impulses. You can do this by sitting with them in nature as well, or by putting on music and listening. But preferably, teach your children to just sit with you, with their eyes closed. Children need to find the way into themselves and they need you to help them. Teach your children what you also need to learn.

Maria: Because children are constantly activated and surrounded by outer stimuli, they are never given the opportunity to discover their own rich inner world, this unlimited “fantasy world,” as many call it, their own inner reality. Instead they are being constantly interrupted and the connection to their inner world is cut off. In order for our children to feel healthy, they, just as grown-ups do, need to stimulate and develop the relationship with their inner world. They must stop being fed with outer stimuli, with technology and all forms of communication because that's directly working against children's ability to inner balance and harmony, and it makes children ungrounded and unable to focus, to concentrate and to be present in the now. They start behaving like their parents: stressing and running from place to place, from project to project, from challenge to challenge, from stimuli to stimuli. Help the children to discover their own inner world and their own inner wisdom that they carry. Children carry just as big treasures as us grown-ups, and more.

The children of the new age have come to us to teach us the ancient wisdom. They carry treasures, they carry insights and experiences that they are bringing to us to share with us. This is why so many children today, sometimes called Indigo children or Star children, are born with special gifts. These children need a lot of healing and also help to reconnect with their inner wisdom, and to get the space they need to be able to develop freely and not be limited. Today, children are being put into small tight boxes in many of the ways they are being treated. Of course this way of bringing up our children is something that we believe - that we are certain - is something good for the children. But it is important here that we think again, that we stop limiting children's limitlessness and creativity, and that we see them as whole beings with fantastic wisdom, inner truth and creativity. We have just as much to learn from them as they have to learn from us. We must see them as the divine creatures they are and see the wisdom they carry if only they open up to it, if we let the children blossom, if we give them the opportunity to open their inner spaces by turning off the TV, by turning off the Internet, by taking them out into nature, by creating stillness, by giving the children an opportunity for reflection, calmness and meditation, by not pouring stuff into them anymore.

The Indigo children or Star children are the bridge builders into the New Spiritual Age. They have come to us to show the way into the new age and they are coming with many new insights about the new world and how we should change it to manifest a more humane and loving world to live in. Listen to your children because they carry so much more than we think. Many of them remember their earlier existences and they can intuitively feel that there is something not right, but they just do not know what it is. If we help the children and stimulate their own inner spiritual development, they will open themselves up like fantastic, beautiful flowers. It is they who are the leaders of tomorrow, it is they who will guide us and show us the way to paradise.


Tina: What we want to bring forth are pictures of a future, both a dark picture and a bright picture. A dark picture - for all the systems that do not lead to the development of life. For all the old systems that hold people locked in small compartments, that hold people locked in fear and destructiveness. It is this dark picture that will change and become a bright picture. The bright picture is what we have already brought forth, that the many new energies streaming to the Earth are raising the consciousness of mankind and raising mankind's knowledge and wisdom about how humans can influence and create a paradise on Earth. We are telling you that the choice is yours, inside of you. Which image do you want to choose? Which choice do you want to make inside of you? Do you want to stick to the old systems, those that will not hold for much longer anyway, or start taking steps towards a new brighter future? We are not judging you no matter which choice you make. We are not putting any value on it when we say a “dark” choice or a “bright” choice. It is rather about the energies and the consciousness that the choices are being characterized by. The “dark” choice is the consciousness that doesn't lead to enlightenment; the “bright” choices are the ones that will lead you in spiritual development. We do not want to condemn you, we just want to point to possible paths, and to point to the possibilities that you as humans have through making more conscious choices. The future is bright, your future is bright. Your love is bright. Do not forget yourselves. Listen, listen, listen inward. Also we want to say is that even though you are getting the message through Tina here, it is just as easy to create this connection yourselves even though you will not hear it in the same way. We communicate through energies to all of you. If you are only willing to open yourself up and have trust, you will hear us as well. Best regards, walk in peace.

Maria: To make a place for a new world, all the old structures must first be demolished, and this is also what will happen. The world and the structure of society as it is today cannot hold in the long run, and it will not hold for much longer. It will be demolished. It will make a place for and make a way for you to build up a new world, and it is your responsibility now to decide what the new world will look like. It is also your choice how you meet the challenges that you will be faced with as human beings. You can choose to bury your head in the sand, or you can choose to start today to create your own visions and open up to new possibilities and your own development. The changes will come no matter what human beings believe, because the system present on Earth today is not sustainable, and it will be demolished. It has already started to collapse. The question now is how mankind will meet these big changes that are on their way in and what you will make of them. You have a completely fantastic opportunity to join in and create a new world, new alternatives to the old world. And this is the reason why you have come to Earth, it is why you have incarnated here on Earth, to join in the building of the new world. Imagine what a fantastic possibility! Each and every one of you has a purpose to fulfill. You can take your first step from where you are standing today. Each and every one of you knows exactly what it is, what is exactly right for you. No one else can tell you what it is. You carry the answers inside of you. But do know that no matter what the step is, you are endlessly loved for who you are. You are endlessly loved divine beings. Thank you.

Tina: Thank you.



The Mother Earth Network is a global spiritual network run by Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg outside of Stockholm. Maria is a spiritual guide, healer and medium, and Manne is responsible for information and communication. The network's main purpose is to bring people together from all over the world to help our beloved Mother Earth through monthly global healing sessions.

Maria receives guidance for the network's activities from the Divine Consciousness, nature spirits on Earth, masters and other helpers in the spirit world, and friends from other civilizations in Cosmos. Maria work as a channel to bring messages from other civilizations. She's also a link between the Mother Earth Network and a gigantic cosmic network with all of the friends mentioned above, that we cooperate with in the healing of the Earth. They are always present and contributing with their energies during our global healingsessions.

The ever growing network consists of more than 1500 members worldwide (April 2010). Our most important activity is to send healing to the Earth at every (Swedish) full moon from 8:00 pm-8:30 pm (Swedish time zone - use to translate to your local time zone). The healing is sent according to channeled instructions. Our vision is to bring together all the networks and individuals across the world who want to help our Mother Earth, and together send healing to her regularly. During these sessions we're sending her the red female energies from Earth's interiour, that she needs to rebalance her energy system.

We hold free public channelings in Sweden of the Divine Consciousness (God), and we plan to hold public channelings of other civilizations in Cosmos. We are also spreading instructions on how to channel Mother Earth-healing for yourself (channeling the red female energies from Earth's interiour that humanity is lacking today). This channeled technique is a very powerful tool for your spiritual development that helps you preparing for the shift into the New Spiritual Age. We don't have a website yet, but it is in the planning stage. The network is run non-profit and everything we offer is 100% free.

If you are not already a member - send your e-mail adress to to recieve our newsletters with healing instructions, global healing session reminders, new channelings and other updates.

With Light, Strenght and Love

/Manne & Maria, the Mother Earth Network


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