Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday Morning First Ray Day Meditation Notes

A Buetiful Blissful Morning Meditation this Morning at "Broken Head Point" .After this morning Dream Interpretation Journaling and Clearing from the Inner Plane I arose at 5:35am after having journeled my Inner Plane experience and having made the adjustments learnt all the lessons they where teaching me and making any requests and prayers for Higher level alignment,ie re focusing on what I want to create as in the 5th ray ideal.After then rising and getting dressed quickly while calling in the energies of the Day of Personal Power and Leadership I attuned my Consciousness 4 Body System and 3 Minds to the Master El Moyra and the 1st Ray Ashram of the Christ.This practice shall continue through out all today.Then Driving in my White Austin 1800 to Broken Head point.Winding up and around the road still attuneing to the Higher aspect of the 1st ray remembering never to give my power to my mind to other people or anything else going on outside self,not to other people I meet along the way but holding my power in my 3 midns and 4 bodies so as to demonstrate the Ascended Masters Ideal to my Self and my Mighty I am Presence but also to my brothers and sisters who also need the ideal to see and be able to learn from that demonstration.I then Ascended towards the top of this point after meeting a sign along the way in a kind smile of a Brother just come up from the beach.The Universe always gives signs when you are on the right track,it also gives you signs when you are on the wrong track!Be on the look out and take action towards getting yourself on the right track in all regards!So after reaching the top I found a few others Sons and Daughters some excersising in "Boot Camp" t Shirts in an early morning attempt to get fit.Some taking photos of the rising sun,and some walking down to the waters edge.I resolved to walk to the Highest Point and sit for Meditation.After going through to the front of the Boot Camo crew I recalled the Egyptian Mysteries and the School of Mastery of the Physical Body which this boot camp is an externalization of.I remembered the Egyptian God Osiris and his Physical Body Mastery and his Earthly demonstration of this through his Imaginal Realm stompings Rompings and wanderings.If only these people would experience DMT I am sure they would learn much more quickly the nature of reality and our place in the Universal Ascension process that we are but a part!So after rounding up these Osiris Initiates and finding my spot on the Head I took a few photos walked along to a quite spot directly in front of the rising sun and sat for Meditation.I set my camera to film for the last hour that was left on it.The video for that sit can be seen at the following link…………..So after sitting I noticed immeditately blissful feelings of peace and a tendency to go inside deeper into this inner cavern of Bliss.I closed my eyes and entered the 1st few stages of Peaces descent.After about 7 minutes here in this state of rest and peaceful experience typified by the alpha brain wave state I opened my eyes to receive the full rays of the Morning sun which had now broken free from behind the clouds.In all its blissful glory the Sun Lord of this World illuminated my Inner and outer Vision giving a Sacred warmth to the Personality Soul and Spirit.I drank this sweet solar nectar in for a Number of minutes until I felt quite satiated with this Radiant emenation,and then I again returned to that Inner Sanctum,where sense finds rest and peace,that place where the dark light of withdrawal brings an unbroken pleasant peace to all the senses.After submerging here a while I descended further into spirit to find past impressions coming to the surface of consciousness.Not engaging them but watching them as an Artist review his work with equanimity making adjustments and learning lessons therein resolving always to do better next time.After allowing this state to pass through the field of consciousness a deeper state of Knowledge came to mind over the days proceedings the the course with which spirit had arranged for me that day.As I watched calmly revealed to me then was all my actions for the day.The term in the Bible that refers to "Ones spirit making a path straight out ahead for you" comes to mind,this was experience to be so!Then after having witnessed this passing of time energy in action,I was able to receive impressions from Higher Dimensional Beings and Higher Christed Entities that where giving me blessings at this time.First seemed to be an Impression of Lord Buddha the New Planetary Logos.He seemed to communicate that this practice and position which he mastered in his life as Gotama the Buddha would be a pose I should adeptly daily 3 times after a brief exercise routine.Here I would find an easy and joyful path to enlightenment illumination knowledge peace vision and attainment.Then a Western Christ appeared within my Antakarana holding one hand in blessing,I identified this being to be my impression of Lord Meitreya the Planetary Christ.He being present in my Aura and Antakarana gave me great gratitude and thanks.I feel the coming together of these 2 Beings is culminating in the festival of Wesak which we are now building to!We are seeing a greater merging of eastern and western paths and both are crossing and cross pollinating each other producing a most glorious Integrated Synthisis which I quite wonderful to behold and even greater to experience directly and externalize as self!Sitting further then through this great peace I continued in silence to observe the empty peace that passeth understanding through my Bodies and Minds.Making subtle adjustments and improvements to my posture and asana as more Spiritual current entered my bodies I was able to perfect my posture more and more till the end of the 1 and a half hour sit I was able to quite comfortably sit in almost perfect Padmasana.From this position I could also take to Pranayama quite efficiently and easily.After feeling the meditation reach its culmination I resolved to continue beyond to experience deeper levels of bliss and saturate myself in this great emptiness.I felt my Mind Soul and Spirit being deeply washed cleansed and cleared and filled with the Omnipotence of the Tao of the Elements in their Raw form.I felt myself merging into the great whole that could be perceived and that which could not be perceived.After entering here for about 40 Minutes I was pulled back to form by the incarnations of form,in others interested observation of my meditation.I then slowly came to and begin rousing the body to re enter the day.After coming there was a fantastic and sacred energy through out my body and mind which gave a great perfection to all sense experience.My Body filled with power I noticed some Dolphins just off shore dancing and playing in the waters.I felt sure that my meditation had called then over and that we where communicating on a Higher Dimensino of reality beyond ordinary perception,or at least I imagined this to be so wished and desired this to be so and there for it shall be and is so,"For as a Man thinketh,so is he!"I then made my way down this Mount to my car for the return drive home to my Office for a Raw Smoothie and to write this brief article before my morning Yoga class at 10!After coming down the hill passing fellow incarnations I noticed a real peace and power in myself that could appreciate othes experience and give joyus acknowledgement to the Universality of Human experience and the one Consciousness that we share.So many different forms all part of and expressions of the whole.All for the Glory of the One!Blessed in Sacred peace I returned home Chanting the Lords name Yod He Va He and Meditating on the Great Perfection of Gods Creation and my part in it!All Glory to God the Most High,creator of all that is,sustainer of all form,destroyer of all old forms and enjoyer of all forms.Blessed be the name of God!

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