Wednesday, April 14, 2010

“Manifestation through understanding the Universal Laws of God in Action!”

"Clear Christed Thinking Enacted perfectly through Renounced Action leads to the Highest Realization of Karma Yogas Supreme goal which is Unification with the Supreme Body and Mind of Bhrama,Allah,Dharmacyia Consciousness"(Master Serepis Bey,3rd Ray Planetary Cohan)

Through Understanding the Universal Laws of God we can become Masters of Energy and its conscious direction and use towards serving the Greater Work and plan that we are humbly serving.In understanding these laws we can move into another Level of Mastery and Integration.In understanding and practicing these laws we can share and show others how to direct use and master these principals also!

The First Law and Level of Manifestation is that we must manifest with all 3 minds at different times and in different situations but all 3 minds must work in harmony and be in proper alignment.We must use our Super Conscious,Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind to manifest fully Gods Perfect Plan and pattern for us as extended Soul Extension!In using and directing the Conscious Mind we must own our power to direct our energies with total focus.We should not become over identified with this level or any other level for that matter though.We must use all levels in a Balanced and Integrated Synthisis.The 2nd Level is the sub conscious Mind level,which in truth is always running and always manifesting either consciously or unconsciously.When we learn to become totally aware through the 3 states and 3 minds we can come to consciously to direct and master all the contents therein.Most people have this part of self run unconsciously and actually a lot of people are victums of their sub conscious mind instead of its master and director as should be the case.The subconscious mind is an automatic system that will create and manifest what ever is placed into it by the conscious mind and has absolutely no reasoning ability.that is the job of the conscious mind.The subconscious mind will reflect whatever is within it.The major work of the Spiritual path is to reprogram and and remove all negative ego and lower self thinking and programs from the sub conscious mind.If the sub conscious mind is filled only with Higher Self Spiritual Monadic Impressions it will only bring forth and create those perfected patterns images and creations.This is a key work of mastering and directing the subconscious mind!The Sub conscious mind is subservient to the Conscious mind which is subservient to the Super Conscious mind which is sub servient to the Monadic Mind,which is subservient to God.The subconscious mind total runs the physical body and will create health or disease depending what images are placed into it.This is why it is so key to constantly practice affirmation,visualization,Prayer and auto suggestion.

To learn to manifest perfectly one needs to learn to constantly direct and plant positive images in the sub conscious mind .The subconscious mind is your faithful servant and will manifest what ever input you give it!Be sure to give it good Loving Spiritual Christed Poweful and wise images and impressions! Another way to manifest through the sub conscious mind is to pray and ask God and the Masters for anything you want and need.Having prayed with full faith one should let go of the prayer and allow it to come into manifestation.If the pray is coming from the spiritual Mind and is alignment with your soul and monadic blueprint God and the Masters will bring it forth for you!God hears and answers all prayers,it just takes time for them to come into effect,due to the larger scale of Gods Reality and the simultaneous requests prayers and work done from all other Incarnated soul extension.The degree to which we are in harmony with the Universal Laws of God and the Laws of Manifestation will effect the speed and perfection of the manifestation of our prayer requests and prayer preferences,which all prayers should be!Prayers must be again prayer preferences and not prayer attachments!Why try and do all this manifestation work on your own when you have the help pf The Ascended Masters,Archangels,Elhoim Creator Gods,Nature Spirits,Your Brothers and Sisters,The Christed Extreterrestial races and all the 12 kingdoms,support and guidance help and support?Why rely on only one level of manifestation when you literally have the entire omniverse and all beings therein to support and assist you?!Most people do not prayer enough,one should make ones whole life and mind stream a constant prayer stream,turning all ones thinking mental energy into a precipice and interdimensional prayer alter to God/Godess Mother Father can one not be successful in achieving all ones goals and destiny?

A lot of light workers might pray a lot but don't get of their back sides and take action towards manifesting their goals!They expect God and the Masters to do all the work for them and allow themselves to be distracted while they have made their requests and now are called to action.Once you have made your requests you should get out and with your 100% personal power take action towards attaining all your goals and aspirations!Another key is to manifest from the Soul and Spirit not just the personality,for the personality believes it is separate from ones brothers and sisters which is of course illusion!One must feel ones union with God and ones brothers and sisters at all times and act feel pray and take action from this Unified Spiritual Consciosuness.Your manifestation nd prayer power will be 100 Times stronger if you can prayer and practices from the fact knowledge and experience that you are the Atma the Soul the Spirit the Buddha the Christ the Krishna and the Integrated Ascended Master now!This is a key fact to be constanly re emfisized and re affirmed!Be sure to also surrender your prayer to God and once you have prayed let go of the prayer and have total faith that it will be manifested fully,let go and get into Love and your Spiritual Mind and heart and know full well that "it is Done" as Master Jeshua Said on the cross,affirming the Universal Law of Pray and manifestation with his last Earthly Breath!

Own demonstrate and experience the fact that you are the Eternal Self the Atma the Spiritual Master God incarnate and extension and externalization of the spiritual hierarchy and a part of Gods Great Divine Plan!Visualize and Hold to the perfection despite what may be manifest in your current reality!If you are lacking funds pray and visualize and affirm that your bank account is totally full and you income coming in at all times!If you are unhealthy in any way prayer and constantly affirm perfect radiant health!If you are in need or lack of anything prayer and affirm it into your Reality!Visualize feel and affirm,release and surrender the prayer and again,it is done!Another Key understanding is the fact that you Infinite as is Gods infinite Omniverse and can and will attract to you anything you put into the subconscious mind!Poverty or Prosperity!Love or Fear!Abundance Total or Lack and poverty!Christed Love and perfection or Fear Illusion and separation!Choose who you will serve and get busy serving my beloved Friends,for there is no greater joy in the world than this!Never give into doubt worry and fear for this will block your manifestation process!Next you must be consistent and aligned with God and the Masters and spirit so the prayer requests can flow through you in proper balance and integration!Align the 4 Bodies and 3 Minds in proper order,,and request this to be so by the Power of God and the Masters when ever you get out of alignment and continue to call forth and request from this Divine Alignment and Integration!When ever you begin to fear or have no faith,claim your 100% personal Power and declare,"Get thee behind me Satan!"

The Next law deals with the key understaning that all Gods Creation is Just energy and energy can be transferred and directed to different levels and all that is happening in the manifestation process is that the different level of energy are being brought to different dimensions.We are calling the Spiritual energy and current down into the Physcial Dimension.This requires that we are patient and persistent with the prayer process and do not spoil the process with impatience doubt and worry.Again "It is done!"The next key is that these laws are working all the time and are equally as happy to manifest and create what you don't want as they are to manifest what you do want!Be sure to always constantly and un ending focus on think about and affirm only what you do want not and never what you don't want!What ever you give the subconscious mind it will manifest so if you hold any level of negativity within it it will eventually manifest!Be sure to constantly then re affirm and re align with the spiritual mind and totally focus on what you want at all times!Even while you are sleeping you should be sure to totally focus on creating what you want and direct the sub conscious mind!If you are not thinking with your Spiritual Chirst mind you are thinking with you sub conscious fear based negative ego mind and will create that likeness!Be sure to stay in the Superconscious Spirit alignment to create only that perfection!The next key is to make sure your prayer is coming from the spiritual mind and not your negative ego,for spirit will not bring you anything that would harm anyone or is not in the best interest of yourself or others!The next law deals with perseverance for we on the earthly plane must be patient and wait for the Manifestation process.We are here on this plane to learn mastery over these laws so we do not reap havoc on the Higher Dimensions of Reality!The Higher One goals in ones intiation process the quicker these laws will be brought forth and manifest.Sai Baba can and does manifest things instantly.We will be able to do this to in time once we demonstrate our Mastery of these laws in spiritual attunment and alignment!The Key is not to limit the ways in which our prayer requests can manifest.If we make a request do not limit the pray to how God might manifest this for you!It will not come the particular way you have envisioned but may come another way.remain open to all possibilities and be sure to let all levels of support and guidance flow through and to you!Another key is the ability to be able to receive!A lot of spiritual people are great givers but cannot receive equally as well!be sure to allow yourself to receive Gods Blessing and abundance flowing from all levels!People are given gifts and cannot accept them and they have just blocked the Manifestation process!

Another Key is to be totally thankful and in constant gratitude for all the Work and Blessings that God and all the other Kingdoms of God and constantly bring forth and giving us as offerings to the Universal Being and the Great Omniscience that we are!Give thanks and make your mind and heart ever greatful for all that you are constantly given!The next law is the understanding that you cannot fail,for you are God,The Atma the Eternal Self Spirit,and Glamour Maya and Illusion do not exist we just think they are!We must know and feel that we are unstoppable in this process and cannot help but be successful!There is no more powerful force in the Infinite Omniverse then our will in action and that this force cannot be stopped if we use it correctly to serve God the Master and our Spiritual Mission!To manifest we must own our full personal power and claim it fully along with Unconditional Love and Wise Discernment!God has given us everything we msut release all patterns and thinking process contratry to this fact!



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