Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soular Astrology

Soular Astrology

When Mars went direct on 10th March – albeit still not into his full energetic forward flow until mid May – after being retrograde since late December, for most of us what had been a time of slow-down, began around the time of the Equinox to fire up again!

Intense aspects of Neptune and Pluto with Venus and Mars are now applying continuing demands for us to make life transforming choices and changes, both inner and outer, personally and collectively with most of us likely to experience major direction-changing or focusing situations that will determine our future paths.

This, along with a series of benevolent aspects between the Moon and most of the planets in the coming three months can be an amazingly dynamic and productive time to clear out what no longer serves us. And the sequential oppositions of a number of planets with Saturn also provide the ongoing support and impetus for us to acknowledge and re-soulve polarised aspects of our individual and collective psyche.

And the continuing opposition of Saturn and Uranus that has been energizing the push for radical improvements in business and economic systems has another exact positioning on 27th April (before its final one at the end of July) – as the forthcoming general election in the UK is likely to be heading for its final stage.

The astrological influences for these coming months are enabling the perception of the spiritual and experiential training that we have been through to support us now in fulfilling our higher purpose in being of service to a greater good. The Cosmos is calling us to ‘show up’ and do whatever we feel called by our hearts to do.

The more we can release the past where it no longer serves us and be courageously ready to embrace and embody the potential of a new reality, the more we will be prepared for the ‘cross-roads’ of the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment of the summer – about which I’ll write more in my next Newsletter.

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