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Crystals, Spiritually Gifted Children, and Past Lives

Crystals, Spiritually Gifted Children, and Past LivesPosted by Brenda Tenerelli on April 8, 2010 at 11:20pm
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Crystals, Spiritually Gifted Children, and Past Lives

I was quite surprised this Christmas that my oldest son didn't want typical things for his presents, he wanted crystals. He is very spiritually gifted and wanted me to take him to the crystal and gem store. We spent 2 hours there just walking around. He finally decided on a wonderful piece of Lapiz Lazuli, a large cave of Amethyst, and a Ball of Indigo color. He was quite happy with his presents. I also have a bag with different small crystals in it that we got in Yellowstone Park when there. My son, Giovanni has gotten a small box of crystals also when he ordered a wand recently. My younger son, Angelo, found a large piece of Obsidian, too, and brought it home. All three of my children are Rainbow Children and have always been very fond of crystals and gems of any kind. They walk around looking for them whenever we go to the mountain or any nature areas, just like I always have since tiny. I am still just as fascinated by them as the kids are.

My Twin-Flame wears a big Amber Crystal Amulet on his chest that someone gave him. I love it. He also wears a large turquoise ring that a Native american friend of his made for him whom lives here in Las Vegas where I am. I have a large turquoise bracelet and many other pieces of crystal and gem jewelry that I have gotten from the Natives or from Yellowstone or other National Parks since very young.

I have always been extremely fascinated by crystals, gemstones, minerals, and rocks since very young, and used to carry around big bags with me that I could use to carry all that I picked up. My parents would just sigh as I unloaded them all into the car. I have always collected them and carried them around with me at times.

I now am aware of their healing nature and that my fondness of them most likely stems from past lives and my origins. I don't have much recall yet, but I know I had several lives in Atlantis and have a strong affinity for crystals, rocks, gems, and crystal skulls. I know I am from Pleadies, and had lives in Lemuria, and also Egypt. It is wonderful to learn about them and the things they can help us with and teach us. I will have to look up more on the Lemurian Seed Crystals as it pertains to me.

I think it is wonderful that most children understand innately the wonder of crystals. Children start out very spiritual before society has a chance to mess it up, and they just seem to realize the ties that we have with them.

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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