Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Developing Spiritual Leadership

Leadership,Personal Power,Political and Personal Leadership!How to Attain,Maintain and achieve these 1st Ray Qualities and aspects of Gods Consciousness in Earthly life in service of all that is!

To become a Leader Externally is to first Become a Leader of Self Internally.We must become the President and leader of our Inner Constitution and Self and all aspects of self.We must become a Rightous Leader of our Mental Emotional and Physical Bodies,Archetypes,3 Minds,4 Bodies,Archetypal Influences,Subpersonalities and all Past life aspects.The Key to Mastering these aspects of Self is Personal Power and is the Key to Psychological Health!This translates into being a Master and not a Victim,being incredibly persevering and persistent,and pursuing excellence in everything you do!The next thing is to never give our power to any one or anything for any reason.This being the first key,the 2nd Key is Love unconditional.In this way as great Christed Leaders we need Tough love,being tough in our focus but loving and harmless as the Dali Lama.We must have strong first ray energy to destroy outdate modes forms or functions but be totally loving in all our actions and interactions.1st Ray is a Key and love is the 2nd Key.All people need to develop both 1st 2nd and 3rd Ray energies equally for full manifestation of ones Mighty I am Presence and Monad on Earth.So for leadership ideal we really need full level 3 Fold Flame Balance at all times in all situation and in all circumstance and use that to demonstrate Gods Christed Spiritual Leadership as oppose to Egotistical Leadership which we see so manifest in the World at this time.We are seeing the destruction of this now with Pluto charging through the Sign of Politics and Leadership,Capricorn.This is seeing the needed destruction of the Old Order of Negative Egotistical Power systems and structures and is making way for the Higher Christed Leaders Intiates and Disciples to step into leadership and externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Spiritual Government that happening now at the end of this Age and the start of a New Golden Age of Light where the Ascended Masters of all 7 Rays and their Disciples will step forward into the World,sooner for those with the Eyes to see and the Ears to Hear!
So being a Good Leader is really dependent on doing your Psychological homework and never give your power away,Parent your Inner Child with firmness and Love,Maintain your Discipline and Practices at all times,Master and integrate your 3 Minds and 4 Bodies 7 Chakras 10 Sepiroth and 12 Zodiacal SPhers!Look at everything that happens as a test and lesson!Be a Cause at all times and never an effect!Master your attention and focus at all times!Master all aspects of self and especially your psychology and your will be automatically be placed in a Leadership role in the Spiritual Hierarchy as you will have qualified yourself by your own efforts.Remember that the Psychological House is the Foundation of your Spiritual house and must be grounded and Integrated even as your Psychological system must be based on a Strong Physical Earthly House.All 3 levels must be Mastered Integrated and Demonstrated for full God and Self Realization!So focus on working on your psychology and Mastering yourself and all your energies in service of God and find yourself externalized as a Part of the Spiritual Hierarchy under your own Ray Structure and on the Ashram that you serve in!
The Next key to Leadership Spiritual is to have an Integrated Ego,never being over or underidentified with any of the archetypes and aspects of self.The Key is to develop Psychological Clarity and be clear in your thinking and hence your feeling and Christ Attunement!Learn to Lead yourself into Mastery of all 4 Levels Earthly Psychological and Spiritual.Again the key points to being an Effective Spiritual leader are:Learn to be Unconditionally loving at all times to all people!Never give into your negative/Dualistic/Seperative/Illusionary/Lowerself Consciousness,be 100% focused at all times and never loose your commitment to your highest goals and aspirations on all 3 levels of your being,Balance integrate and demonstrate all the 12 rays,12 Zodical spheres,all 12 archetypes,all 10 sepiroth on the tree of life,all your sub personalities,past life influences and never over or underidentify with any of them.Parent your inner child with firmness and love.Control your astral,emotional and desire body,Maintain self Mastery and Self Discipline at all times,Become a Master of where you keep your attention,Have absolute mastery of your physical diet so you are not run by your lower self appetites,Balance Integrate and Demonstrate the Higher Functions and aspects of all your 7-36 Chakras,demonstrate Integrate and Synthisize the Higher Functions of the 10 Spheres on the Tree of Life,Always take a Good Positive and Christed Spiritual Diet,Have at all times preferences and not attachments,Look at everything that happens in life as a teaching,lesson and spiritual blessing from God the Masters and your Higher self,Forgive at all times all people for all things and never ever get into Judgement, for to do so wold be to judge self and to call judgement onto yourself,Transcend Duality and remain even-minded at all times,Be a Cause of your Life at all times and in all situations and never be an effect,Be a Master and never a Victim!
Develop these qualities and no matter your level of Light Quotient or Intiation level you will be placed in a position of Leadership as you will have developed leadership over self.Your Psychology is the Foundation of your Spiritual House and must be developed before any real proper spiritual growth can be attained.To many spiritual people and light workers develop their Spiritual Bodies without developing their physical and Psychological selves and this leads to a great many challenges and difficulties for them.Develop first your Physical House then your Psychological House then your Spiritual House!You will be well on your way to becoming an Integrated Ascended Master on Earth and a True Spiritual Leader!Another Key to develop spiritual leadership is to develop a Healthy Spiritual Ego or said another way,”Learning to lead your Ego Structure”We are not referring to the Negative Ego but the Spiritual Ego and structure of your inner constitution.We must learn to Spiritualize our Ego and make every part of self Spiritual!There are a number of spiritual complexes to get caught in and one must be aware of all of them to have the wisdom and discernment to not get trapped in any of them!One of these complexes that many light workers are trapped in is the High Priest.Priestess/Inner Child Complex,where one constantly flits back and forth between these 2 which creates ego sensitivity and a subtle form of separation between self and other.There are many forms of this and one should look to all the Archetypes Rays Spheres and Schools in the previously given list to clear balance integrate and demonstrate all of them evenly in a balanced and integrated manner.The Next key in developing leadership is transcendence,as one must come to transcend all forms of duality and live in transcendence.one must come to learn to love ones enemies and turn the other cheek as the Master Jesus has so eloquently stated.There are very few people who live at all times in transcendence,living at all times in evenmindedness and equanimity,instead most are caught in pleasure and pain,profit or loss,Victory and defeat,Sickness or health.Instead dear readers please learn to practice to stay in evenmindedness and Balanced Equanimty at all times remaining in joyus spiritual vigilance at all times in the Consciousness of the God Self.
Generally there are 3 Kinds of Leadership,One being the Dictitorial One being the Autocreatic and one being the Laissez Faire.Dictaorial being the Style of Hitler Musilini Stalin and so forth,the Autocratic being the leadership based on checks and balances where everone has a say and vote,where the Laissez Fiare is just allowing everything to happen and flow with out any control or Dscipline.The Dictatorial is extreme Yang,The Autocratic more the middle way and the Laissez Fiare is the Extreme Yin style.Balance and Integration are ever the Key!
Another Key point to remember in relation to leadership is that as of Wesak 1995 we have a new Planetary Logos in Lord Buddha,who achieved his Ascension as Guatama Buddha.Sanat Kumara has been the previous Sanat Kumara but has transferred this role to Buddha as Sanat Kumara moves up in his Cosmic Ascension.This was not meant to happen until 2000 but because of the great effort and readiness of many light workers this has been moved forward.Buddha brings a Balance of the Christ and Buddha Energies to the Planetary sphere.We can see this in the way these energies are becoming externalized in a much larger and broader manner in the masses.This will see and is overseeing the brining and grounding of heaven on earth.Through the Wesak celebration we are seeing a merger of the Christ energy through Lord Meitreya and the Buddha Energy through Lord Buddha.Essentually this is the merging and marrying of West and East,it is the cross hemispherical balance of the Planetary Brain Mind and nervous system.It is a colossal galactic event happening on earth as we draw near the end of an age and the begining of a New Golden Age on earth!Earth is moving into a 5th Dimensional planet and all those who are not ready to align with and emerge as this will have to exit to another system.Sanat Kumara held the Planetary Logos position for 8.5 Million years,The Shifting of logos leadership is a huge event!When Sanat Kumara first ensouled the Planet there where huge electrical storms and other disasters even as there are now as Lord Buddha begins to ensoul the Planet.We will need to prepare and be ready for these great changes and see them from an equanimous and evenminded place remaining in our power so we can begin to provide stability and support for others more effected by these great planetary changes occurring at this momentous time.For those who are not ready and prepared for these changes there is another planet being prepared for those that will have to leave.Scientists cant see this planet because of the way the Universe folds in on itself.Sanat Kumaras responsibilities will include 3 things,He is Ensouling this Planet and the other 2 Planets where being not ready will go.One of these Planets is for Back up.The Spiritual Hierarchy does not want over population that has happened on this planet.These 2 Planets will not be a part of our solar system,but will reside in a Parallel Universe which is enfolded on this one and therefor cannot be seen with the Physical Senses.
This Planet is for the Laggards so to speak ,It is for those who are not ready to move onto and into the 5th Dimensional Planet that is being created.although in truth we are Laggards from Previous Ages.Usually when one dies they go through the Bardo on the Astral and Mental Planes and then Reincarnate in an appropriate body on Earth however,at this time no one will be allowed to Reincarnate unless they have taken the 4th Intiation.So where will these people go?They will be going to this other planet to prepare for their ascension there.They cannot stay around on the Astral and Mental Plane creating Drag time for the 5th Dimensional Earth we are creating.This is why these other Planets are being prepared for them.Sanat Kumara will have his Base on his Home Planet Venus and will continue to oversee the Reincarnation process for those on the Parallel Planets.He will have his Brothers and Sons Kumaras to assist him in this work.Serepis Bey is overseeing the Ascension Process for those going from the 5th to the 6th Intiation.Melchedizek is overseeing the 7th Degree Initiates and is working with the Synthisis Model for those working at developing the 98% Light Quotient Level.Lord Meitreya is of course over seeing all this as the Planetary Chirst and is holding that Planetary Christ Vibration.Sananda holds the pattern for the Individual Christ Pattern,All Masters are working together in harmony to orchestrate this great Transition.The Other Key Masters key to this Process are Kuthumi,El Moyra,Dwahl Khul,Paul the Venetian,Hillarion,Sananda,St Germain,Sanat Kumara,Vyawamus,Helios,Vesta,Metatron the Mahatma and all other Masters mentioned in the Ascension activation Meditatino given by the New Leader of the Spiritual Heirarchy and Head of the Synthisis Ashram the Great Dr Joshua David Stone.Please buy all his books and material from the IAM University (www.iamuniversity.org) as these books are in truth the foundation for this material you are now reading.For the real program and rocket ship to God you should enroll and get involved in the IAM University are soon as possible!
As far as Spiritual Politics and Dynamics go from the Spiritual Hierarchy Lord Buddha and Sanat Kumara have the last say,but take input advise and insight from the Consciousness of the 7 Cohans of the 7 Rays,the Mahacohen and the Manu Allah Gobi.The Buddha also has the 6 Kumaras Surrounding him who are his main council team.It is must then be understood by all light workers that there is a Heirarchical structure to Gods Infinite Ominvese and this functions at different levels,First a Planetary Level,then a Solar Level,Then a Galactic Level,The a Universal Level then a Omniversal Level then a Cosmic Level!The Inner Plane Ashrams are set up this way to serve the greater Planetary Plan through their own Ray energies and Each Incarnated Soul Extension serves on one or more of these ashrams depending on their Initiation level and consciousness development.Helios and Vesta are our Solar Logos,Melchior is our Galactic Leader and Melchedizek is the Universal Level Leader.Melchedizek takes his leadership from the Cosmic Core 12 who take their orders and directions from God!If you want to become the ultimate leader then pattern yourself after the leadership of God!It is everones destiny to move into leadership of some kind,first of all though one must learn to lead oneself!All leaders are students and all students are leaders!Or said another way,”A true Servent Leads and a True Leader Serves!”in this way no one shold let their leadership go to their head for there is always another level of leadership above you and these all serve the one unfoldment and plan of God the Most High!In the Spiritual Heirarchy all decisions are agreed upon by all masters although initially not all agree on some point.The masters though work through the group process and eventually come to concensus on the major issue.Hu Man leaders would do well to learn from this Christed Example set by our Elder brothers and Sisters in the Ascended Masters Kingdom!At the 5th Dimension access to the Akashic records is available and all knowledge is also available so things are seen in a much broader clearer and Lucid perspective than the limited lens seeing so many experience on Earth at this time.

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