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The Ascended Master Dhwal Khul!

Ascended Master Dhwaj Khul,

Lord of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom,

Spiritual Educator of Humanity!

Djwal Khul(Variously Spelled"Djwhal Khul""Djwal Kul" or Simply DK")is believed by some Theosophists and others to be a Theophists and others to be a Tibetan Disciple in the Ancient tradition of Ancient Esoteric spirituality known as the Ageless wisdom tradition.The Texts describe him as a Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy or Brotherhood of Mahatamas(Great Souls),defined as the Spiritual Guides of Mankind and teachers of ancient perennial cosmological metaphsycial spiritual esoteric principals and universal laws of God,that form the origin of all the Great World Religons Philosophies Mythologies Idealogoies and Spiritual and Traditional Ways of Life and systems!Dwhal Khul is said to work on the furthering of the Spiritual Education of our Planet through the Teachings offered in the 24 Books of esoteric Teachings published by the Lucis Trust as well as the 24 Books written by the Late Integrated asceden Master from California Dr Joshua David Stone,who in the later part of this Century took over the Running of the Synthisis Ashram or the 2nd Ray Ashram which was run previously by Dwhal Khul.This Ashram by its own nature was a Syntihsis of all the other 7 great Ashrams of the Christ,and externalized these through the shpeere of Spiritual Education.This Ashram is primarily externalized now by the IAMUniversity and the many other sub cotagories and break offs from this Great Planetary School.There are many light workers artists writers and creaters that bring forward this Spiritual Educational system,and all who educate any form of traditional and or modern spirituality can said to be a part of the 2nd Ray ashram and thus fall under the Conscious or unconscious guidance training and direction of Master Dwhal Khul and now Dr Joshua David Stone.

Djwal Khuls name first appeared in the work of Madam Blavatsky,a co founder of the Theosophical Society and Author of the Secret Doctrine,published in 1888,which was primarily written by Kuthumi and El Moyra the First and other Second Ray Cohan according to New Age Understanding.These first came forth though the Mahatama letters.

DK states in an extract from a statement written in August 1934 that he is a Tibetan Disciple of a certain Degree and this tells you but little for all are disciples from the Humblest aspirant up to and beyond the Christ Himself.I live in a Physical Body like other Men on the Boarders of Tibet and at times preside over a large group of Tibet Lamas,when my other duties permit.In some writings his name was omitted and he was reffered to by the Abbreviation "Master D.K." or the Appellation,"The Tibetan"

In 1919 Alice A Bailey(1880-1949)severed her Links with the Theosophical Society for various reasons and later began writing books she described as being telepathically dictated to her by "Dwhal Khul whom she refered to there as the Tibetan.Alice A Bailey who was sometimes known as DK Bailey was eventually persuaded by the Quality and continuity of the Down pouring of Knowledge and Wisdom which was brought forth to her mind and heart through her writing.She continued writing in this prolific and profuse was for 30 years more,from 1919 to 1949!

Alice A Bailey wrote that Djwah Khuls intention was the revelation of the esoteric teachings tht were valuable for the continued training and teaching of Sp[iritual aspirants in the 20th and early 21st century.She Believed her work was done on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy of advance Ex Human Beings as it where,(Now Known as Ascended Masters upon the 5th Kingdom),that included Dhwal Khul,El Moyra,Kuthimu,Serepis Bey,Paul the Venetian,Hillarion,Sananda and St Germain,Who will all be written about later) whose sole intent was to guide humanity towards establishing the 7th Golden Age of peace on earth through revamping and transforming all world systems through transformation of all old forms and bringing forth the new Higher Christed form and pattern for the next 2,600 Year cycle.This would be it is said coupled with the "Reappearance of the Christ)(In Lord Meitreya,The Planetary Christ,Who overlighted Master Jesus in his Incarnation in Jerusalem)These teachings DK brought forth through Alice A Bailey were a continuation of Madam Blavatskys Secret Doctrine and now the 7 CC Course of the IAMUniversity and the Teachings of Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelcias,whose office and headquarters are now based in Austria,Europe.All these things are the Culmination of the Completion of the Planetary day in a 2,600 year cycle,a 12,ooo year cycle as well as the Galactic Alignment said to occur at the moment of December 21st 2012,where the Earths Axis will align exactly with the Galactic Center,allowing a full down pouring of Galactic Energies onto Earths 4 Body System and Consciousness.

In a preface included in many of the Baileys Books Djwahl Khul,in the dictations described by Bailey,refers to the fact that he has been reported to be an abbot of a Tibetan Monastry and the spiritual preceptor of a large group of Lamas.She wrote that he lived in Northern India,near the borders of Tibet.Yet other than that the books do not onclude personal details about Djwahl Khul,and the dictated content focuses on his esoteric teachings.Of the Minimal persons details,Bailey writes that Djwhal Khul considers himself to be a disciple of a certain degree in the Spiritual non physical ashram of the Master Kuthumi,who is the Higher Head of the 2nd Ray Ashram,in the Work of Spiritual Education of Humanity.In truth all souls on earth are a part of this Great ashram to different degrees and usually under different Ray constitutions.For example a 4th Ray soul would be guided to study and develop ones knowledge and education of Music the Arts and Creativity which are the ruling energies and emenations of the 4th Ray,where as a 3rd Ray Soul would seek advancement and education in and upon the sphere of Business Finance and Clear Intelligent thinking,through the revamping of Business Finance and all Monetary Systems.A 1st ray soul would seek further learning upon the spheres of Politics,Leadership,Government and so forth.A 5ht Ray Soul would seek education and further learning upon the spheres and realms of Science,Medicine and Psychology which are the primary emenations of the 5th Ray of "Concreate Spiritual Science"(this also relates of Course to areas of endevour such as Astronomy,Astrology,All Space Sciences,Chemistry,Anatomy and all Sub Sciences therein!)A 6th Ray soul would seek development and furtherment within the Spheres of Religon and any devotional system,possibly also traditional Ways and practices in walking the "Way of the Ancients".CW Leadbeater also claimed that he saw Dwah Khil teleport into a Room in which we and Madame Blavatsky were sitting.

Bailey's work and her Books with Dwal Khul were published by the lucis trust,an organization she set up with her husband Foster Bailey.Overtime Dwhal Khul appeared in the writings about the Ascended Masters of various New Age Organizations such as the Ascended Master Teachings,whos 4th Dispensation we see revealed most fully through the IAMU material.(www.iamuniveristy.org) and previously and less perfectly and completely through Elizabeth Claire Prophet and the (www.lighthouse.com) Dwhal Khul has made it clear through these channels and the many other channels where his Universal Voice appears that he is not to be worshiped as a point of over devotion,but is to be regarded as a Spiritual Brother who has travelled along the Spiritual Path for some time and in doing so accumulated much responsibility,in brining forth and sharing what he has learnt thus far.He impels and impores us to do the same and to model his life example,in "Give all to all to gain more!" Dwah Khul has stated that we are all educators for ourselves our Families our friends our Community our State our Nation and later our Planet should we feel so called and so impelled.In the least we are most certainly guides and teachers or perhaps better said way showers for our beloved brothers and sisters in the Animal Kingdom.We must guide them into right living and the spiritual life,even as we have been guided into the Human kingdom by the Ascended Master kingdom.So goes forth the eternal cycle of spiritual evolution that is the pattern for all Sacred Planets.(earth attained "sacred Planet Status" reletavely recently!)

According to Elizabeth Claire Prophet and other writers and channels one of Dwhal Khuls previous Incarnations was as one of the 3 Wise men said to be present at the Birth of the Master Jesus.The other being St Germain Cohan of the 7th Ray currently.)Not much reference has been given to Dwhal Khuls other incarnations and past lives.It is believed and understood among aspirants and seekers on the path that Dwhal Khuls main work is in co ordinating the activities of the 7 Masters of the 7 rays to advance the Plan of the Planet through the 7 great Spheres of Service and Learning.These 7 Spheres include the 1st Ray of Leadership,Politics and Government,The 2nd Ray Ashram of Spiritual Education and training,The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence and Business and Financial Reformation,The 4th Ray of Harmony Balance,Beuty Art Creativity Music and Art,The 5th Ray of Concrete Spiritual Science and its many Scientific Branches,The 6th Ray of Idealisim Devotion and Religon, and finally the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magick that oversees and directs Transformation of all others system and rays by active assistance of the 1st ray destructive energies and the 3rd Ray creative energies in destroying the Old World Forms that no longer serve the Higher Planetary Mind and Christ Pattern and then by energizing the Higher New Systems that do support the Incoming Energies and express the Great Will of the Creator.There is then a transformation of al World systems and a transcendence into a Higher 5th Dimensional sphere taking palce across the globe and planet right now.We can see and experience this in the Astrological Configuration of the series of Saturn/(Old World Systems and Structures)Uranus(New Strucutes Systems)opposition that have been and are ever prevalently felt in the lead up to the Culmination of the Energies in the 2012 Galactic alignment.

The Universal Teachings of Dwhal Khul and the Spiritual Hierarchy speak out on a number of topics in a positive way uplifting and guiding all aspirants to seek a higher newer light within and upon any and all spheres or centers of learning and development one might feel an affinity for and magnetic attraction for that will b ethe magnetization of ones higher Mind towards the Spiritual Sphere into which one will be moving towards and into upon the Dawn Mid Day and setting of the New Planetary Day,in the Dawn of the New Age!They also speak out against and seek to enact and demonstrate the Higher Aspect of the 1st Ray in destroying old Dualistic and Negative uprisings from the Negative Ego thought system that have emerged in such movements as Limited Racial Nationalisim,Racisim,American Isolationalisim,Soviet Totalitarianisim,Fascisim,Nazism and Zionisim among others!Writings also speak of critisisim of the ideas of original African Descent as well as many of the Fundamentalisim movements in Christianity Islam and other Extremist groups from both the East and West.Instead Dwhal and the synthisis Ashram seek to express and empower an Integrated Syntisis of the eastern and Western Movements,they seek to uplift and empower a balanced inclusive approach that honours and respects all thought systems all religions and al cultures all practices and all ways of life as beautiful and unique experession of the Eternal Reality of God/Godess on Earth.The 2nd Ray Ashram promote understanding of all schools and systems and seeks to integrate all Christed Systems.

Finally the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ under Dwhal Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone seek to empower all Incarnated Soul extension into the Higher Aspect of their Personality Soul and Monadic Rays,by the Transcending of the Lower Qualities of the Rays Zodical Spheres and the Spheres of Life,by Mastering Spiritual Psychology,Spiritual Life in general as well as a proper mastery of earthly Life and all life energies.The 2nd Ray ashram are strongly against the use of Drugs and any forms of Lower Mind action.They seek to empower all to the Higher Aspect of life in all sphere and will be ready and active in giving guidance and direction to all who seek to come to know the Will of the Creator and seek to express that will thrugh tere own Life Impulses Life Energies and Lifestyles.This Ashrams main directive is to the Empowering and activation of the Ray of Love and Wisdom to all incarnated Souls on Earth!

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