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Jupiter Opposes Saturn and Makemake By Nick Anthony Fiorenza,

Jupiter Opposes Saturn and Makemake
and Cojoins Uranus: May-June 2010
Movement and Expansion
In the midst of the forth and fifth Saturn-Uranus oppositions, Jupiter joins Uranus stimulating expansive movement of the radical changes already occurring. Jupiter takes a primary role in the 2008-2011 timeline starting in May of 2010 and continuing through March of 2011. Throughout this time, Jupiter opposes Saturn and Makemake; conjoins Uranus; and will square Pluto.
Excerpt from the May 14, 2010 Lunar Planner
Jupiter Image Credit: NASA
Massive Jupiter begins its several month opposition to Saturn and its several month conjunction with Uranus in this lunar cycle. Jupiter's prominent arrival into the few-year timeline of aspects involving Saturn, Makemake, Uranus and Pluto, brings a tremendous shift in this timeline. The Jupiter-Uranus synthesis will mobilize, magnify and expand upon the radical changes already occurring in our lives. Jupiter-Saturn oppositions are generally quite potent, especially if they occur within orb to Earth's Precessional Cross, which this one does (and especially with Jupiter conjoining Uranus at the same time). For example, there were three major New Madrid Earthquakes occurring between mid-December 1811 and early-February 1812 estimated to be 7.5 to 7.7 in magnitude, all with several major aftershocks. At the time, Saturn and Jupiter were in opposition, and within a critical orb to Earth's Precessional Cross. Saturn was exactly on the Gate of God (GEN) of the precessional cross on the December 16 quake (with a 7.0 aftershock); and Jupiter was exactly on the Gate of Man of the precessional cross at the time of the second two quakes of January 23 and February 7. This is not to say our current opposition will produce major seismicity, although quite possible. We can however expect a massive and unexpected turn of events that certainly can be of beneficent nature in the long run, even if not appearing so at the onset. Although not on Earth's precessional cross, the previous Jupiter-Saturn opposition in 1989 produced two major events: The Loma Prieta (San Francisco) Earthquake, which occurred on October 17, 1989 during the Saturn-Jupiter opposition. It was triggered by a Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn T-square. The Berlin Wall was opened in November of the same year, triggered by Venus (and Uranus) in primary aspect to the Jupiter-Saturn opposition.
Jupiter Opposite Saturn #1 May 22, 2010
Jupiter makes its first opposition to Saturn on May 22-23, 2010. The Jupiter-Saturn opposition will continue through March 28, 2011. During this time Jupiter also opposes Makemake, will conjoin Uranus, and will square Pluto. Jupiter's prominent aspects with these planets initiate a time of dynamic mobilization and expansion. The Moon triggers this first opposition on May 22 by conjoining Saturn.
Jupiter is exactly 2° from its conjunction with Uranus, which will occur on the Balsamic Moon of this lunar cycle. So due to the tight orb of all involved, we experience the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in opposition to Saturn as one event, starting now and continuing through this entire lunar cycle--with Jupiter-Uranus opposite Moon-Saturn now. Saturn is also stationing to complete is retrograde, which occurs just after the Full Moon, adding another dynamic to the potency of this compounded event. The time leading into a Saturn station can feel like time is standing still.
In addition, this all occurs on Earth's Precessional Holy Cross, with Jupiter-Uranus on the vernal point and Saturn on the anti-vernal point. Of course the vernal axis is currently square to the galactic equatorial axis (the Gate of God 5° at sidereal Sag and the Gate of Man at 5° sidereal Gemini). The placement of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition to Saturn on the Holy Cross does two things. It greatly intensifies this conjunction / opposition; and it also creates a primary activation of Earth's Precessional Cross, which basically means it creates a primary stimulus in the current 270° transition that is occurring in Earth's ~25,000-year Precessional Cycle--in this greater transition that is presently occurring in our entire evolutionary cycle on Earth. This should herald a tremendous acceleration and mobilization of radical change on Earth and in our lives. The actual Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Balsamic Moon will be even more dynamic, which I will get to later in this Lunar Planner.
Jupiter's several month opposition to Saturn marks the mid-point of vision and realization in the current ~20-year Jupiter-Saturn (synodic) cycle that began on June 22, 2000. The actual (synodic) mid-point occurs in the midst of the opposition, which is not until February 23, 2011. However the theme of this major world cycle is now entering its climax.
The Jupiter-Saturn synod of June 22, 2000 occurred, very curiously, at the same location as this New Moon, in late sidereal Aries (within 0.5°). How's that for cosmic synchronicity? Thus it has a similar theme as this lunar cycle-- creative and inventive; but also volatile, quickly eruptive or explosive. Does this sound like our recent societal mode?
A Saturn-Jupiter synthesis, in general, effects areas of life such as economics, business, politics, law, social issues, education, philosophy and religion. Jupiter wants to expand and mobilize what Saturn has concretized and put into place, and conversely, Saturn wants to structure and conform Jupiter's grander expansive ideals. Jupiter and Saturn cycles play a principle role in our societal cycles of growth.
Saturn Direct May 30, 2010
Saturn returns direct from its retrograde on May 30. This marks the full engagement of the new 378-day Earth-Saturn synodic cycle that began on March 22, 2010. This is significant, not only due to the Jupiter-Uranus opposition to Saturn, but also because this new Earth-Saturn cycle theme is dramatically different than the previous cycle, which brought a significant shift in the Earth-Saturn spiral of synodic cycles--all explained in the March 15, 2010 Lunar Planner (for subscribers). Neptune begins its retrograde a day later, on May 31, 2010, just before the Disseminating Moon.
The New Mars-Saturn Synodic Cycle June 1, 2010
Mars and Saturn initiate a new 2-year synodic cycle on June 1, 2010 stimulating a new dynamic of responsible creative action. This synod occurs in early sidereal Virgo--also with a theme quite different that the previous Mars-Saturn cycle. The previous cycle began in May of 2008 and its synod occurred in mid sidereal Leo. The theme of this cycle, which was set by Alioth of Ursa Major and Thuban of Draco was presented in the May 5, 2008 Lunar Planner.
The theme of this cycle is defined by Theta of Bootes; Beta of Coma Berenices; Zeta Crateris; Zaniah of Virgo and Turais Carina of Argo Navis.
Theta Bootes, along with Iota and Xi for the finger tips of the upraised hand of Bootes warding off the manipulative and diversionary tactics of Benatnasch. Benatnasch, the tail of the Great Bear, mentioned above, is of the old totalitarian world powers. Bootes, the Virgin's consort and protector, stands over the Virgin giving birth, over the cusp of Virgo-Libra. He ensures that the Virgin is protected and removed from such manipulations, and has the proper environment to produce an unadulterated birth--to ensure souls are free to birth, evolve and grow in their highest potential. More about this can be found in the "Astronomical Truth of the Virgin."
Coma Berenices (Berenices' hair) is the halo or crown of the Virgin and embodies our spiritual essence and soul guidance. The North Galactic Pole (NGP) resides in Coma (5° sidereal Virgo), as does our Super Galactic Center (SGC) (~7° sidereal Virgo). The Mars Saturn synod occurs about 2° past the longitude of Super Galactic Center. This few degree location in sidereal Virgo might be considered as the high spiritual essence of the Virgin; It is of light, illumination, of spiritual integrity and of soul / source guidance and awareness. Beta Coma invites us to follow and live by our more embracing soul awareness and spiritual guidance.
Zaniah, Eta Virgo, is an ecliptical star, less than 2° north in ecliptical latitude. Zaniah inspires the "right use of will" directed by soul-level impulses and unadulterated by personality or egoic-level influences. Zaniah is also the Chinese "Left-hand Maintainer of Law" (Allen). Zaniah is of Virgin purity--being a clear vessel to know right action--also a feminine quality.
Nearby Eta Carina in Argo Navis
One of the Universe's most impressive stars, Eta Carinae, is one of the most massive stars in our Milky Way, over 100 times the mass of the Sun and about four million times brighter, making it the most luminous star known. Eta Carinae is highly unstable, and prone to violent outbursts, most notably the false supernova event in 1842. For just a few years, Eta Carinae became the second brightest star in the night sky and produced almost as much visible light as a supernova explosion (the usual death throes of a massive star), but it survived. Eta Carinae is also thought to have a hot companion that orbits around it in 5.54 years, in an elliptical orbit. Both stars have strong winds, which collide, leading to interesting phenomena.
Eta Carina is Lord of the Waves (the Akkadian Ea (Ia), the Sumerian Enki, chief god of the city Eridhu--he who warned Noah), generally is considered the foreteller of impending catastrophe, but also the instructor of the way through such evolutionary transitions.
In the southern heavens lies Turais Carina and Phi Velorum, both of Argo Navis, which lies along the galactic equator, and thus is more associated with our longer-term soul-level sojourn and our evolutionary course.
Turais (Aspidiske) of the Argo is a rather rare white supergiant star that shines with a luminosity of 4900 of our suns, with a radius estimated to be about 43 times that of our sun. "This Arabian name has led to some confusion regarding the nature of this star, even confused to be part of Puppis the stern of the Argo, but it lies along the gunwale in Carina, the hull of the Argo, under Velorum the sail." (Allen)
Phi Velorum and the adjoining Pulsar P 0950 reside exactly on the Galactic Equator in the Sail (Velorum) of the Argo. Pulsars in general are beacons for the soul, and in this case, inspiring our attunement to the evolutionary currents beyond our incarnational moment, those of the greater evolutionary process itself. P-0950 has a pulse rate of 1.436551 seconds, which is a frequency of 0.696111729 Hz. Raised a few octaves, this translates to an Alpha brain wave frequency of 11.1377...Hz; and this translates both to infrared and violet wavelengths in the light spectrum. Thus, this pulsar links energy currents occurring in the spiritual realm (crown chakra) with the very root / earth primordial response (Earth Chakra--about a foot below our feet). This pulsar reminds us that to receive our spiritual guidance we must be grounded--like any good antenna.
Galactic Turais and Phi Velorum puts ecliptical Zaniah's "right use of will" into a greater evolutionary context, one with cosmic ramifications that extend throughout spacetime. Our acts of will are not isolated, cut off and limited to the moment itself, but extend into the past-future time-stream of the soul influencing the continuous cosmic currents in soul's greater evolutionary journey in ways that are unseen in the action moment.
Turais asks us to extend our awareness into this time-stream, while Zaniah inspires clear action in the moment from soul's and nature's guiding influence. Thus each action moment is one punctual droplet of many composing a continuous time-stream that formulates the path or wave upon which soul travels. Turais invites us to recognize our actions extend into and influence not only the nature of our own lives, but also the lives of others, effecting the meandering currents in an ocean of being. They set up resonances in spacetime that define the nature of experiences yet to come for our selves and in the evolutionary journey of all involved.
This is not to be confused with attempting to be responsible for others or to define their experience--which is a miss-use of will. The responsibility is for our active and conscious participation from the clarity of our spiritual soul-level guidance expressed in action. Turais demands we act from the awareness of our greater evolutionary journey and adds a sense of "cosmic responsibility" for what is "put into motion" through Zaniah's "right use of will."
In contrast to the last Mars-Saturn cycle, which was more about learning responsibility about forceful action and manipulation of evolutionary affairs in the past (certainly coming out in the wash now), this cycle is more about the right use of will to establish a durative environment supportive of the evolutionary fulfillment of souls, protected from the manipulations of the totalitarian puppet masters (government and big business).
The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction #1 & Earth's Precessional Cross
June 8, 2010
The time we've been waiting for occurs from Last Quarter Moon (June 4, 2010) through the Balsamic Moon June 8, 2010). The door opens where we are now swept into vast movement and expansion of radical and perhaps more unexpected change--continuing through the many months ahead. The Moon conjoins Jupiter and Uranus just after Last Quarter Moon, during the time of "initiating change" in the lunar cycle (on June 5-6). The Last Quarter Moon acts as a primary lunar trigger for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. The Moon briefly conjoins Eris on June 7-8, the great disruptor; and the actual Jupiter Uranus conjunction occurs on June 8, just hours before the Balsamic Moon--which brings this lunar cycle to its completion and sets the seed that will spout into the next lunar cycle's theme
This first Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurs on the Vernal Point of Earth's Precessional Holy Cross and also creates a Grand Square with Saturn, Ceres and Juno. Saturn of course lies opposite of Jupiter-Uranus. Ceres resides on the "Gate of God" at 5° Sagittarius and Juno resides on the "Gate of Man" at 5° sidereal Gemini. Mars, Orcus, Neptune and Chiron also aspect the Grand Square. Mars and Orcus conjoin Regulus at 5° sidereal Leo opposite Neptune and Chiron in early Aquarius--all creating one powerful portal and geophysical resonance. The entire geometry is trigger by the Moon in early Aries, which also creates a YOD with Neptune-Chiron to Saturn. This is a primary activation of the Earth's Precessional Holy Cross 270° portal of evolutionary change.
Jupiter and Uranus make their first conjunction in the midst of the fourth and fifth triggers of the Saturn-Uranus opposition--within in a very tight and potent window shown in the graphic ephemeris below. Jupiter and Uranus make their second conjunctive trigger on September 19, just after Jupiter makes its primary square with Pluto and forms the upcoming and also very potent Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn T-square of August. Jupiter continues to oppose Makemake and Saturn and makes is final trigger with Uranus on January 4, 2011, exactly opposite Makemake. Jupiter finishes the entire timeline, making its final square to Pluto and then its final opposition to Saturn in late March of 2011.
This first conjunction on the Vernal Point of the Holy Cross, conjoining Scheat of Pegaus, is about water and the use of our life force. It motivates our re-integration of the spiritual with the primordial. Either humanity learns to participate with one another and with Earth as one living organism or we pay the price of perpetuating severe discord.
During this several month Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the Jupiter-Uranus synod occurs. This takes place during the September 2010 "Synodic Synchronization"--the Sun-Earth-Jupiter-Uranus alignment. This event initiates a new ~13.8-year Jupiter-Uranus synodic cycle. The theme of this new cycle will be defined by the stars of early sidereal Pisces (3° 31'), including Scheat of Pegasus and those of Lacerta. The synod occurs very near where this first conjunction occurs, conjoining the Vernal Point of Earth Precessional Cross. We will explore this new theme more when the time comes.
The entire several-month Jupiter-Uranus conjunction marks the transition from the previous 31.8-year cycle into the following one.
The Previous 32-year Jupiter-Uranus Synodic Cycle
The previous Jupiter-Uranus cycle began on March 28, 1997 in sidereal Capricorn (10° 24'). The theme of the previous 31.8-year Jupiter-Uranus cycle was defined by Algedi (Alpha) and Dabih (Beta) of Capricorn; Theta Indus; Theta Aquila; Alpha Microscopium; and Gamma Sagitta.
It is worth exploring the theme of these stars and this previous synodic cycle to provide context for the nature of our recent past and the transition currently at hand.
Keep in mind that when a synodic cycle begins, the two planets are conjoined, thus creating a synthesis of their qualities, which nest in and infuse the stellar energies at the time. That synthesis then unfolds throughout the synodic cycle, making its first square, its opposition, its last square, and then the next synod. For a Jupiter-Uranus synod, Jupiter is a mobilizing and expanding force and will magnify, expand and mobilize the qualities of Uranus. Uranus breaks us from the conformity of the past and inspires us to function from a higher octave of being. Uranus is radical, unconventional, non-conforming, brings the unexpected, is spontaneous, of higher mind, illuminating, inventive with a lightning-like charge. Uranus stimulates a future focus and supports our uniqueness of being.
The first decan of sidereal Capricorn can involve a diversely-intented group of individuals and levels of consciousness, those either covert, manipulative and driven from self-interest (as the character of the old business & military paradigms), and those spiritually aware, of integrity, and who are attuned to the land and environment, including shamans and keepers of sacred knowledge and sacred ways. Here we find native indigenous peoples, often ornately dressed or adorned. This is the world of the shamanistic, the ceremonial, fanaticism, obsession, and passion. Although seemingly driven from personal motive, it is often of those with global vision and interest. Either way, surface appearances, cloaks and facades often shroud who is who in an aura of mystery.
This several degree area of the zodiak is of personal motive and secrecy, of esoteric knowledge, religion, higher education, and science; as well as the secret places and orders associated with such, or merely places of personal retreat and seclusion--but places strategic to one's purpose. Here we find locations such as military-scientific-extraterrestrial bases, hermitages, exclusive retreats, or isolated places with a spiritual focus--sacred sites or places of power under the care of their mysterious stewards. We also find an arsenal of strategic tools (technological or magikal), to either aid or control humanity as well as the skill to use them; and this includes our personal arsenals of strategic tools--how we use what we have is up to us.
This is also where an eloquent and artful play of seduction and consent co-exists; but also one that can be insidiously cunning or even voraciously violent. Hear lies the nature of the tools of business and war: the interplay of people in their sexy disguises, whether cloaked in the eloquent and sleek stealth jet, particle beam laser based satellites; or merely dressed in seductive leather and lace. Microscopic discernment is required to see through the alluring facades inherent in this world of mystery, esoteric knowledge, personal motive, and covert maneuvers, to identify what is truly nurturing verses what just tantalizingly appears to be so.
Algedi and Dabih of Capricorn form the head of the goat. Algedi is of covert and secret places: caves, spiritual or exclusive retreats and sanctuaries--isolated places with a spiritual focus--sacred sites or our places of power. Algedi is also of places of unique purpose: scientific or medical centers, even military / extraterrestrial bases or outposts. Although such places may seem to be isolated, lying helter-skelter upon the Earth, they are strategically and naturally distributed upon Earth’s energy grid. That which occurs at these locations is of significance in the greater evolutionary process for all souls and for the Earth herself because the energy at these points radiates throughout the Earth's energy matrix. Algedi can also be of covert operations, manipulative maneuvers, and all that is secret or hidden behind the scenes. Algedi specifically brings attention to the importance of our personal locations (bases/domiciles)--the resonance of which influences greatly the nature of our experience and the fulfillment of our pursuits.
Indus lies south of early Capricorn, just below Microscopium. Indus, classically the desert Persian, is the native indigenous person, much like the Native American, the Aboriginal, the Desert Arab, or the Mountain Shaman--sometimes ornately dressed or adorned, and sometimes totally inconspicuous and unassuming. Indus articulates the steward of a special place, a keeper of sacred knowledge and sacred ways. This is the world of the shamanistic, the ceremonial, and passionate. It can even be of fanaticism and obsession. Although seemingly driven from personal motive, it is often of those with a broad global vision and special interest. Either way, surface appearances, cloaks and facades often shroud who is who in an aura of mystery. Indus has a deep respect for the land, for life, and is sensitive to a place's power and purpose.
Aquila, the northern Eagle, perched high above the Earth, is of removed stillness and astute observation; is of equilibrium and poise, with global vision and local purpose. As Eagle sits high upon its perch, with eyes capable of focusing on the most minute detail (conjoining Microscopium), it assesses, examines, and awaits its opportunity. Removed and alone, Eagle embodies the willingness to examine our deepest emotions and hidden but true feelings; to pin-point our objectives from objective balance, and to then dive into the world with surety and boldness.
Altair, eye of the eagle, and Alshain, Beta Aquila, are of global and extraterrestrial vision; of strategic locations to achieve our purpose, also of military sites as well as Earth's sacred sites. Altair inspires us to perceive from a global, even extraterrestrial perspective; and not merely from a local, isolated view, but with a focus of precision detail. In classical astrology, Altair is of assertive authoritarian militaristic leadership, of military force and power. Friend and siderealist Andrés Takra adds: "Altair has been associated with kings, emperors, conquerors, tyrants, politicians, but also with mystics, occultists, and wise spiritual hierophants of mystery-religions...."
Alpha Microscopium articulates the tendency, capacity, and need for magnification and examination of detail, which is required to see where to apply our knowledge and tools through the diverse facades common to the human world.
Gamma Sagitta, conjoining Alpha Microscopium is the "tip of the missile of Zeus." Sagitta, the missile of Zeus, extends over the first decan of sidereal Capricorn, with its tip, Gamma Sagitta, of significance here. Sagitta embodies our strategic arsenal of tools--whether applied for war or peace--this includes our personal tools to accomplish our goals in the material world. The tip of missile inspires direct application of those tools. Along with Alpha Microscopium we can see how this is fitting to the modern tools of was, such as laser-based satellites and missiles with pin-point accuracy.
From this alone we can certainly see the emphasis of radical development of secretive and advanced technology applied for war over these last 30 years--unfortunately; but this theme has also been supportive of many other technological advancements that aid humanity.
The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction starting now and the upcoming new 32-year Jupiter-Uranus Synoic cycle starting in September of 2010 should herald welcomed change.
Let us also keep in mind that this Jupiter-Uranus theme, now coming to its completion, coincides with the 180° midpoint of the Saturn-Uranus cycle; and these transitions also coincide with the first square (90°) of the current Jupiter-Pluto cycle and the second square (270°) of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle--both of which fuse in the August 2010 Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter T-square--all creating a dynamic several months ahead.
Upcoming Events Specific to the Saturn-Makemake-Uranus Timeline:
July-August 2010
The Grand Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter T-Sqaure
Pluto Squares Jupiter: July 2010 - February 2011
Saturn-Uranus Opposition #5 - July 26, 2010
The closing opposition completes the Saturn-Uranus challenge. This event precedes the forthcoming Earth-Jupiter-Uranus "Synodic Synchronization," which fully mobilizes the changes that have occurred since the Saturn-Uranus series of oppositions began in November of 2008.
The Mobilization of Change
The Earth-Jupiter-Uranus "The Synodic Synchronization"
September 19-21 2010 - A new 13.5 year cycle begins
The Sun, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus align on September 19-21, 2010. Not only does Earth begin its new annual synodic cycles with Jupiter and Uranus, but Jupiter and Uranus also begin their new 13.5-year synodic cycle in early sidereal Pisces. This new cycle continues through March 13, 2024. The previous Jupiter-Uranus cycle began in March 28, 1997 in sidereal Capricorn (~10°)--the cycle we are now completing. This previous cycle began just after and within the first part of the new Uranus-Neptune 172-year synodic cycle that began in 1993 under the auspices of Lyra, Harp of the Angels.
More to come....
The 2011 Emergence
Jupiter Uranus & Makemake....
The Uranus-Pluto 90° Square 2012 - 2015
Uranus and Pluto will make their 90° synodic square on November 30, 2013; with their lengthy geocentric square occurring from June 24, 2012 through March 16, 2015. this is a 90° square (external stimulus to action) in the ~138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 11, 1966. This synod coincided with the mid-point of the Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle that began on August 22, 1947--creating a compounded synodic alignment (Saturn-Sun-Uranus-Pluto).
The January 1966 compounded synod (Uranus-Pluto and the Saturn-Pluto mid-point) occurred at the peak of the Vietnam War; with Uranus and Pluto nesting in the hind of the Loin, between toxic Zosma and Denebola, the tail of the Lion, and conjoining fiery Mizar of Ursa Major. More about this can be found in the article: The Saturn-Pluto Synods: A Historical Exploration 1915-2020.
I will write a separate article about the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto square as we approach it; as the cycles occurin in this 2008-2011 timeline feed into the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto square.
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