Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Venus in the 2nd House,By Blair Gorman,

There are all kinds of markers in an astrology chart that can
indicate wealth or fame but perhaps one of the most significant
placements that means that you will be living your entire life on
easy street is indicated by the planet Venus in the second house of
a natal chart. Venus in the second house indicates a person who
has great artistic qualities and who will spend his or her life
pursuing health, personal possessions and social status. These
lucky individuals also often marry rich. Individuals with Venus in
the second house can be a little shallow as material security is
very important. It is usually a mark of celebrity as talent for
business is indicated, especially business related to music or the

Venus if you will recall is the love planet responsible for
bringing benevolence, grace and gratification and the second house
in an astrological chart rules possessions, wealth and attitudes
towards money. If Venus is in Taurus, which is an exalted position
in a natal chart for Venus to be in, then the person is blessed
with a double whammy of luck in his or her lifetime.

A really good example of a Venus in the Second House type person is
Brad Pitt. Who was born December 12th, 1963. His second house is
actually ruled by Capricorn which can create a person who is wise
with wealth as Capricorn is a very "slow and steady wins the race"
type sign. He is good at making investments and has shown himself
to be a great art collector as well as a film producer. Brad
actually has a stellium in his second house accompanying the Venus
including Mercury, Mars and the Moon. In the second house Mercury
would mean making money from media (like film or art), Mars would
indicate success in general (especially for a male) and the moon
would indicate an overall good gut instinct.

Leonardo Di Caprio is also a great example of a Venus in the second
house type and his chart is also supported by a stellium of planets
including his Sun, which is in Scorpio. (Di Caprio was born
November 11, 1974) He also has Mercury, Mars, Lilith and Uranus in
his second house. Giving him an even bigger boost in income is
Jupiter in the tenth house, which can guarantee a lifetime of
success. This moon is in Capricorn, which further exalts this fine
actor's ability to be successful in life.

Yet another rich and powerful person with a second house Venus is
Oprah Winfrey. This nicely placed Venus conjuncts her Sun, sextiles
her Moon, trines Jupiter, squares Saturn, quincunxes her Ascendant,
and trines her Midheaven. Her Sun, Venus, and Mercury occupy her
second house, and the second house ruler (Uranus) trines Mars and
squares Neptune. When you look at her chart it is evident that she
is meant to be successful from almost every angle.

Paris Hilton, the very iconic symbol of the rich heiress in this
century, also has that all-providing Venus in the second house in
her chart. Supporting this is also her sun and her Mars, which
means she could acquire even more wealth by marriage. Mars however
tells us a little secret about Paris Hilton. She is not as
spoon-fed as she appears and is a very hard worker. Lucky Paris
also has Jupiter in the tenth house which is symbolic of being fed
with a silver spoon all of one's life as well.

People whose legacies keep on making money long after they have
died often have this Venus in the second house as well. A great
example is Elvis Presley who had a Sun in Capricorn in the second
house which brought him great stability and wealth. Mars and Venus
were also nicely united in his second house meaning that his wife
and children (Lisa Marie Presley) would profit nicely for a long
time after his death. Just as an aside he also had Mercury in the
tenth house of career which rules films and recordings, which may
also explain the long shadow of his cinematic and musical legacy.
It is a pity he passed away as he was a very faithful and durable
partner to his wife and a great parent.

This Venus in the second house configuration has also created some
very flashy and extravagant people. Elton John who might as well be
the male version of Paris Hilton has Venus in the second house, and
like her, it is also in foppish Aquarius, which probably explains
why both celebrities spend so much money on glittering accessories
and clothing. Yet another example of the Venus in the second house
that is in Aquarius type of eccentric is the actor Nicholas Cage
who is always splurging his money on strange things like vintage
motorcycles and Elvis Presley collectibles.

It seems only appropriate that the man who wrote, "Take care of the
luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves" also had
Venus in the second house. I am of course talking about famed
playwright and writer Oscar Wilde who was born October 16, 1864.
It was joined there by his Sun in Libra. Supporting his great fame
as a writer was his Jupiter in Gemini, which made him the center of
attention no matter what he did.

Second house Venus types can be extravagant although luckily for
them, their gambles almost always pay off in spades. A good example
is Francis Ford Coppola who made one of the most expensive films of
his time "Apocalypse Now." As risky as this venture looked at time
there was never any doubt that it would be a blockbuster, at least
according to the cosmos as Coppola also has wealth making Jupiter
joining Venus in his second house. Also supporting Venus in the
second house is the wealth and prosperity bringing asteroid, Juno,
giving Coppola a three-planet stellium guaranteeing him great good
fortune always.

In the next newsletter we will be starting a series where we look
at the compatibility of one sign with all of the other signs
romantically starting with the first sign of the Zodiac - Aries.

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