Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1st Ray Day Way

Esoteric understanding dictated Monday is Ruled by the First Ray,El Moyras Ashram in Darjeeling,The 1st Chakra Muladara,The First Solar School and House,Mars in Aries,The Roman God of War.These are our spiritual attunements for Monday.
On a psychological level we choose to claim our 100%Personal Power Self Mastery Leadership And good governance over our Psychology and Consciousness.We make a decisive decision to never give our personal power away to anyone anything any thought any feeling any being or anything in this Infinite Omniverse!We claim our 100%Personal power at all times and us it only in service of the supreme self,God/Godess the Masters and our brothers and sisters on earth in all the 4 lower kingdoms!This way we claim our full personal power on a psychological level!
On a physical level we may choose to wear red clothing and or jewlery,We may choose to eat Root Vegatables fresh from the Earth,We may choose to take a walk barefoot along the beach or in nature..His among other things will allow us to ground our physical reality deeply and thus allow a deeper penetration of the spiritual energy into our Physical and psychological bodies.

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