Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2nd Ray Day Way

Tuesday relates esoterically to the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom,Which is run and governed by Lord Maitreya,Kuthumi and Dwahl Khul respectively.The 2nd Ray ashram is about Synthizing All Other Rays into an Integrated Whole and dispensing spiritual education through all the other Ray Systems in externalisation.On an Exoteric Level,the 2nd Ray Ashram is over seeing the Spiritualization of all Education systems both Gross & Subtle,External and internal.You can intuit therefor what a vast work this is!Maitreya Kuthumi Dwahl Khul Dr Stone and the 2nd Ray Personalities Souls and Monads certainly have a lot of work to do and certainly they are caring that out with utmost love and wisdom!
On a psychological level the 2nd Ray Ashram relates to learning ones own lessons instead of focusing on anothers lessons.To Learn to live from love to e humble and turn the other cheek also however stand up for oneself when appropriate.Actually there are thousands of lessons involved in the spiritual path all of which are described In greater detail in the halls of wisdom of the Walls of the IAMUniversity.Joining will give greater conscious mind recall of these lessons ad tests as they come up in daily life.Giving you greater access to Mastery of your life lessons!Joining IAMYA will also give great understanding of these lessons.So on Tuesday we make a desisive decision to Learn all the lessons that the universe is calling us to Learn and face and we choose to learn these lessons to our 100% capacity and potential!
On a physical level we may choose to wear orange to increase our energetic attunement to the 2nd Chakra.We may choose to do physical asanas that increase our energy flow to the 2nd Chakra,We may meditate with Water element either next to or in a body of water there by increasing our attunement to the 2nd Chakra and 2nd element of Water.This way we will be strengthening our attunement and Mastery of the 2nd Ray,2nd Chakra and 2nd School of life!

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