Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday and the 5th Ray

Today Friday the 5th Ray Day we ask and request to be Bi Located to Hillarions 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ.We ask to be attuned in our spiritual bodies to the higher octave aspect of the 5th Ray in our Throat chakra first then In all our 7-14-22 Chakra systems.We ask Spirit God and the Masters to reveal Glamour maya and Illusion covering the higher octave expression of the 5th Ray in our own consciousness and the consciousness of others.We then choose to demonstrate the higher example via demonstration of the ideal.We resolve to use the full potential of our Minds towards serving our brothers and sisters and evolving Conscious evolution on earth and through out the Cosmos.We ask to be attuned to the greater potential of the 11th House the Age of Aquarius/Pegasus.We ask to gain. Higher association with the higher planes and the beneficent beings upon those higher dimensional worlds.We ask to be protected from Negative Retrogressive forces.We thanks thee And accept this as done,and now open our Crowns and all our Chakras to receive this great Deluge of Spiritual blessings Benefaction and Benediction!Let the Rain of Blessing has Fall!

So just a few brief points on the 5th Ray and 5th Chakra,New Age groups and New World servers,for your edification and sanctification beloved friends!The 5th Chakra is he dispenser of the 5th Ray energy,there to gain full access and expression of the 5th Ray we need to activate and actively express the 5th Chakra.Practices for this are chanting Bhajans,Talking,Communication,Channrling,Or even signing along to our favourite music!This is actually a key practice since we are collectively working on developing the Throat Chakra.Previously we developed the Heart Chakra in the Piscean Age now we must liberate the creative forces through Uranus/Aquarius.Integrating these practices into your daily life will be Key in developing Spiritually on the 5th Plane.
The New Age World Servers are implementing the Plane of the Masters on earth,through active service.This takes manifestation through out the Earth and her Various systems.It is an extension of the 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ,Hillarions,and is built upon the precious works of 1st Ray Politics,3rd Ray Business and Economics,and adds the Aquarian/Uranian Frequencies, it's added the dimension of the Galactic Federation,(Higher Order Government)Higher Dimensional Space Family and there ways(Higher Octave Systems of living,which we call "Business") and adds the future revelation of technology advancement of the Government and Business through Blessings and Benediction of the 11th House at solar/Galactic level,and beyond.)
This manifests through Cafes Restaurants which provide food for the people and a place to converse and Interact,share ideas,and also gives a livelihood to the people who work there,giving a double blessing of Growth.And extends through Business which provide and required service and also advances Evolutionary systems Above,through the Star of Sirius and the Greater Worlds above,Via the Higher Star systems(Greater Suns)and there related systems of evolutions.
The Greater effect and purpose of the 5th Ray is to give the Human line of evolution a system of advancement and evolution,that can function in synchrony and harmony with other lines of evolution also developing,Devic,Angelic,Extraterrestrial,Elhoim Ascended Master line,and the Mineral Animal and Plant Kingdoms.Ideally any systems set up serves and honours these systems and includes them via prayer and invocation daily.This is why we see such a split between Man and nature and the World Soul She contains.The Rational Flatland Materialistic philosophy has denied anything beyond the domain of the 5 senses,and hence reduced itself to a level of reality which is unbelievably ignorant of The greater Cosmos and its Evolutions taking many systems in Government Politics Business and Economy as well as Science because I there lack of spiritual attunement miss he greater purpose of life.They developed destructive systems which are wreaking havoc upon Gaia and her systems and worlds as well as removing themselves from the Higher Dimensions and only evoking there negative illusionary maleific effects.this can and will be alleviated through the reinstitution of a Spiritual World Government and Spiritual World Economics and a Spiritual World Science!
So there we have it beloved friends,a sneak preview into the 5th Ray,5th Chakra and the 5th Ray Ashram.We hope this has been of service to your and your is our prayer that you may use this to advance your own understanding and consciousness!

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