Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to the 7th House dear friends!

Interesting title for a blog post you might well think,but today's post is a valuable lesson for those wishing to progress Into transpersonal level of development beyond the 7th house life school.It society culture,to function within ethical constructs one must have some personal sense of Justice Equality Balance and fairness,this then allows one to function within systems that require social balance and equality of give and take,other wise one remains in the first 6 Houses of life where one is still learning the lessons of selfhood and self Mastery.To go through to the Upper Quadrant of the Solar School we must pass through the portal of the 7th House of relationship!This means not only a primary romantic relationship or life partner or mission mate,but relationships to systems of culture,to people within society.We must be able to perceive all people as equal extensions of God/Godess building an creating an ethical system that provides opportunities for all people.This way we naturally develop a sense of equality with all people we come Into contact with and are able then naturally to express a sense of fairness justice and focus on developing a understanding of the 7th House Libra an the Solar School of relationships ethics culture and higher Art!Welcome to the 7th House dear Friends!

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