Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Assuming the Interested Witness Perspective

In life there are 3 basic Postures we can take physically emotionally and Mentally.These lead to results on the spiritual plane,the dimension we are collectively working towards merging with.First we must Master the mental body and mental powers.(This being the case as we are in the Ayran Age,the age of mental development.)As we focus on Mastering the mental process basically we can either be in resistance interest or the pure witness.Ideally we stabilise our experience as the witness via our meditation practice,which we institute and demonstrate daily at the appointed hours,(Sunrise mid day Sunset and the dark of night,this way we receive the powers of the 4 Cardinal directions)but in terms of relating to the world,and learning the most we can about Maya and the infinite changing world,our attitude should be one of Intregue of active Intrest.We watch the content of consciousness and the outer world as an Interested observer,learning to adjust the inner input to attune the outer world with the inner world.Ultimatley through meditation these subjective boundaries will be broken down and merge into the paraatma,but initially we experience subjective identification with personal sense data.Again we receive his as a witness and we can Learn the most mentally from this posture and mental asana if you will.This way we will utilise the full mental powers in relation to the daily sensory data.Namaste friends!

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