Sunday, January 20, 2013

Receptivity to the Divine Principal.

In our Cultivation of the Elements Source Energies Yin and Yang forces as we as the Mysterius Magnum we must take time to gain the etheric power through the practice of Passive awareness.This is a loose form of Active meditation where we allow our senses to receive all sense impressions equally while keeping our inner focus on the divine principal/Co scions Reason/Mental attention.We allow our senses to enter the domain of space,we receive Akasha through this diligent practice and there by more easily access the 5th Sun,The 5th Dimension and the Sacred Sphere of Mental activity whereby we can attain all knowledge direct perception and omniscience and omnipotent perception.Limiting our food intact and our sleep time also helps quicken the astral light in the 4Bodies and 3 Minds.This way our contact with the outer powers and cosmic forces will be more easily attained.Unification with the Atma and the eternal principal of life is more accessible when light austerity is practiced along with regulation of the life/psychosexual/transformational energies.With this in mind we should take to our cultivation a to our earthly service work/daily activities as well as our spiritual ascension program with a constant mental attunement and receptivity to Space Akasha and the pure elements and their incarnated personalities.In this way we gain receptivity to the divine principal in an unbroken manner.

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