Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"The 3rd Great Labour of Life!"

The 3rd Great Labour of Life is to Master the Mental Body in service of God and the Christ Consciousness.The Work of the 3rd Ray Day is to Master ones Mental Energy towards and around the sphere of Finances that one is secure and stable on a 3rd Dimensional level.To organize ones Life and Finances so that one might use the Mind appropriately in all regards and in all ways.
The Appropriate use of ones Mental Energies is the Key lesson of today.
Properly Using the Mental Body to think correctly also allows one the ability and gives the Gift of Proper action,One takes right action that is in the Tao and Flow of Life and never at odds with Harmony and the Universal Law,for to Transgress this Law is to move outside of the Tao.For to go against the Law is to be Under the Law and there for restricted by Time Space and the Effects of Planetary Karma.Once one establishes oneself in the ground of the Way,in the Tao in life,in living in routine and no routine,In Mind and No Mind,In action and In action,In Activity and Passivity and once one is balanced in all the Multidunious Polarities present in Earth Life,one Enters the sphere of the Great Tao and Union of the Tao on Earth.One Enters the Heavenly Realms through the Gate and and open doors of Earth.One can be said to Be a completed Hu Man,(God Man)
This is realized fully when one takes ones 6th and 7th Initiation.For now today we work on taking Integrating and Demonstrating the 3rd Initiation,Mastering all the Energies of Mind and Action, and the Proper use and Function of the Mind and Higher Mind in all its abilities.Focus on this today and Master the 3rd Sphere of Life!Achieve the 3rd Great Labour today!Namaste Dear Master in Training!We bow to the IAM in you,We bow and Honour the Integrated Ascended Master you are becoming!We offer you all our Power Love Wisdom support on any and all levels!We see the Fullness of who you are becoming!We guide you lovingly to that Great Planetary Completion that you might move on to greater Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Evolution,within and upon the Cosmic Ascension Process.Good luck in achieving your 3rd Great Labour of Life!”

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