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The Birth of a New Earth!Universal Completion!

Birth of the New World

The new world of 2012 is not something that simply will drop down on us ready-made from the sky. It is something that is created step by step through the various phases, so called days and nights, of the Mayan calendar that we are living through also at the current time and requires our active and conscious participation in the process as co-creators of this new world.

In stark contrast to the media focus on a singular date and the end of the world that this purportedly will bring, the only existing inscription about the end of the calendar from ancient Mayan times speaks of the simultaneous manifestation of 9 different cosmic forces.

The Mayan calendar is a description of the exact rhythm with which these cosmic forces are manifesting and so the study of this is critical for anyone seriously wanting to use it for understanding the cosmic plan and how the birth of a new world will take place.

—Carl Johan Calleman, author: The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, Stockholm, 11 Ahau (March 7, 2010).

Why Your Participation is Vital

"Cruise into 2012—Surfing the 9th Wave" is for all those who are ready to authentically say: "I intend to manifest Unity Consciousness on this planet." Without such intention, it is doubtful whether there will ever be such a shift on this planet either individually or collectively.

That is why your presence on this cruise is so vital, for, as the Hopis say, "We are the ones that we have been waiting for."

Hope for the future lies exactly in learning to surf on this 9th wave and so transcending, rather than getting caught up in all the dualities and conflicts of lower Underworlds.

This is the last chance that human beings will have to truly align themselves with the cosmic plan. It is now or never. The final descent of Bolon Yookte, the 9 Waves (9 Lords of Time or 9 Underworlds, or whatever name you prefer) is upon us and it is not without reason that the number 9 is sacred in so many spiritual traditions. 9 is the destiny number of humanity and so it will be your own choice whether you want to be part of co-creating this destiny.

What Is the 9th Wave?
Sean David Morton

The 9th Wave is the capstone of the energy that all started with the first Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. According to the Mayan calendar, and the time code of the Great Pyramid of Giza, on November 30, 1985 (all set in motion the same day Haley's Comet was visible from earth in its 76-year trek) that "Powerful spiritual influence would begin to irradiate the enlightened, bringing them closer to spiritual and material perfection."

The Great Pyramid also says that the energy from 1985 was the capstone of the last energy pulse that was begun in 1933. That was when the spiritual power of the Christ Force would begin to physically manifest, literally "coming in the clouds" into Earth's atmosphere and begin to fundamentally change the DNA of humanity. And, of course, the bad guys, the Dark Lords the Children of Light have warred with down through time, knowing this date had decided, "Oh well, let's just put Hitler, Hirohito, Churchill and Roosevelt in charge and see how much chaos they can create to stop the Children of Light from moving upwards."

But it's okay. It was all part of the plan. If you truly believe that we are all part of God and were there at the beginning of time, and will be there at its end, and that we are all unbreakable, unkillable, immortal beings of light and that there is truly no death, than all these tyrants of the 20th Century can be looked upon as just particularly harsh teachers with lessons that we needed to learn as we continue our evolution from the eternal down through our sojourn in what we call Time and Space.

So beginning November 30, 1985, the Christ-Force began to come from the clouds and physically incarnate as the next generation. This is where people talk about where the Blue kids starting coming in, like what Edgar Cayce spoke of, as opposed to the Indigo Children that started coming in around 2000. Now with the 2010 Conscious Convergence this is truly when the children of the "Violet Ray" will start to be born.

In 1987, on August 17, 18, and 19, it was a functional DNA activation of the Quetzalcoatl energy of which hundreds of thousands of people around the world, millions actually, started gathering to activate this energy.

Jose Arguelles (who wrote The Mayan Factor), said that if they could just get 144,000 people together on those days in August 1987, which is 12 times 12,000--that if these people could come together in peace and love and harmony for just these three days, that you could pull all the dire prophecies (of what was about to become the sixth world) down by a factor of 10.

We now have the opportunity to pull down the dire predictions of 2012. You'll see all the worst-case scenarios of coming disasters in movies coming from a magnetic shift or a polar flip and all this other stuff. But we have an opportunity now…right now… with a very small group of people, to stop all that from happening. We can pull all the rest of the dire prophecies down by a factor of 100, which is why this time of Universal Hyperactivation and this particular date in time and space is so powerful. The Universal Activation barrels towards the end of the Galactic week, coming into the Universal week, a 234-day period, which is the final culmination of 16.4 billion years of human spiritual evolution, according to the Mayan calendar. So everything is coming together right now.

So that's why the 234 Days Hyperactivation is so important. This is why it's the next big thing. It's really the last crux point we have to really make a difference because from there on out the roller coaster starts to go down the hill, so to speak.

There are a few more dates coming up in 2012. There's the total solar eclipse on May 20th, with the penumbra directly over Mount Shasta, which oddly enough was where on of the biggest gatherings was for the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. There was fantastic phenomenon everywhere around the mountain at that time. Everything from UFOS and apparitions of angelic beings, to a bizarre violet tube of light coming from one woman's television set. These events made news all around the world.

The Venus Transit is 16 days later on June 4, 2012, which the Mayans thought was a more important date than the end of time on December 21st. That final Venus transit, where Venus has its face towards us, is going to be the final activation of the feminine strand in the Quetzalcoatl DNA change. There was one in 2004 and the next set of transits will not happen again for another 171 years.

What Does This All Mean?
Sean David Morton

The Mayans' 25,000 works on medicine, on astronomy, on astrology, on the future, basically had all the knowledge we could ever want on the Universe. Then the Catholics and the Spanish came in and said, "No one should have access to this," and they burned it. One priest saved four calendars, thinking there was no way a simple calendar could be a threat. These became known as the Dresden Codex eclipse table and Venus table, the Paris Codex zodiac, the Grolier Codex and the Madrid Codex. They have the names of the libraries in which they are stored.

If you combine what Carl Johan Calleman and Jose Arguelles did--and Jose did the Yeomen's work on this because he really broke down the Dresden Codex. Then, if you take the latter 20th century dates, and you combine the time code of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and you take Tiotiwakan, and then take Chichen Itza, Tikal, and Palenque, and put them all together, it's a litany of the Apocalypse.

I guess you could say with the Apocalypse, we're moving out of the age of the Occult--things being hidden, now coming to light and being brought out. So the Occult Age is over and we are now moving back to the age of being co-creators with God.

We started out being co-creators with God. We then created the physical world around us, and got so entertained by it, that we started worshipping form, and it's like "Oh this is the lord God-coffee cup." Then the priests realized that if we went back to Universal co-creation, there's no money in that; there's no profit in it. No real power over others. They surrounded the ability to co-create reality and hid the true power from the people which then entered us into the Occult Age where things, specifically all the true power, is hidden. Then the Apocalypse comes and all that is hidden is revealed. The word "apocalypse" means, "That which is hidden is revealed." Just as "abracadabra" means "As I speak it so shall it be" in Arabic.

"Apocalypse!" An age in which the hidden is revealed. Which does mean the end of the world for some people. Those who keep true power from the people.

Here's how the dates play out:

November 30, 1985--the same date Haley's comet was visible from Earth, the Great Pyramid says, "Powerful spiritual influences will begin to irradiate the enlightened bringing them closer to spiritual and material perfection."

It goes back to another prophecy about November 1933, in which the Christ would begin to come in the clouds. That the Christos would begin to change the atmosphere and change the DNA of the planet itself, and from 1933 the Christ would become a denser and denser form of Christ consciousness. I think Hitler was a subversion of that Christ consciousness, "Okay, you want to have Christ consciousness? Let's see how you're doing while we're killing everyone on the planet. Putting them in camps and doing all kinds of horrible things to the world."

In 1985, the implication was that the Christ consciousness would become physical, and people born after 1985 would actually be the first race Edgar Casey called the Blue Kids. The Blue Vibration, then the Indigo vibration, then the Violet vibration. The Blue Kids would start coming in at 1985, the Indigos in 2000, and the Violets would probably come in 2012 or so.

Then you jump forward to 1987, so for two years this energy, the physical manifestation of people becoming more perfected, more spiritual beings, begins to percolate. Jose Arguelles writes his book The Mayan Factor. So August 17, 18 and 19 of 1987 is now the beginning of the return of Quetzalquatl, the sacred twins of male and female. But what they miss, and I think probably why the Catholics burned all the Mayan stuff, is because they had a whole series of very specific predictions about the return of Quetzalquatl, the bearded white man, now being a woman, and that it was the feminine aspect of Quetzalquatl that would return.

But the key to this is the Venus Transit, because the Venus Transits of 2004 and again in 2012 represents once again the reactivation of the feminine strand of the twin serpent of Quetzalquatl. Jose Arguelles said if they could get only 144,000 people to greet the dawn on the 17th, 18th and 19th of August in 1987 that you would pull down all the coming dire Mayan prophecies by a factor of 10.

The idea is that if we can get the same kind of Activation again, during the 234-day Activation period, we would be able to pull down coming destruction of Earth, by either fire or water, by a factor of 100.

The next date in the Mayan calendar was January 21, 1999, which begins the 13 year cycle of the final Galactic week of 7 days and 6 nights which begins in 1999 and ends, depending on who you listen to, either October 28, 2011, the end of the Aztec Sun disk, which I think is the sperm hitting the egg, the conceptual moment of whatever's going to come, with the later birth date on Dec. 21, 2012.

Then December 21, 22, 23, 2012, when the sun hits 27ยบ Sagittarius and begins its journey along the cosmic rift--begins it--when the sun aligns with the ball court at Palenque, and when the sun aligns with the ball court it looks like a child's head crowning as it comes down the birth canal. The October 28, 2011 date is the conceiving point, the December 21 date is the birth.

If we go back to the timeline of the Pyramid of Giza, February 21, 1999 is the beginning of the Exodus generation, the last days, so to speak, and the coming of a 40-year cycle going from 1999 to 2039--to October 31, 2039, to be precise.

But it's also interesting to note where the building material of the Great Pyramid changes. The outer pyramid is made of sandstone. The inner pyramid is made out of polished base grey granite, and the inner core, the Kings chamber (which represents ascension, conquest of death, and the Messianic Age) is red granite, which is where the Holy of Holies always is in every temple in all of Egypt. You always have those three materials representing the masses, the lay people, and the High Priests. Those three are always found in all the Egyptian temples because red granite has a massively high quartz content and carries sound especially well.

The theory is the Egyptians would take obelisks of red granite and lay them on certain plates and strike them with large mallets and sound would create an anti-gravitic vibration that would allow them to put these massive things up.

February 21, 1999 begins the Great Exodus. From that point on, everything we do becomes sacred; everything we do becomes the holy preparation of the coming of the next Messiah.

Then we move into the days and nights of the various calendars. Now we are in the Galactic week, whereas the days and nights of the Planetary Week took about 20 years apiece, these are taking exactly a year apiece, and between March 9, 2011 and October 28, 2011, we are going to hit the final Universal Hyperactivation, which takes us to the temple at the top of Tikal, which is the Universal Underworld, in which we achieve the culmination of 16.4 billion years of Evolution.

The Hopi glyph on the Second Mesa says, "This is your last chance before the chaos, to drop down to the lower path, the path of God, the path closer to the earth and to your true spirit." To reconnect your head to your body. We are right at that point right now.

And you have all the other astronomical alignments. When you get into 2012 things start to get really hairy, because you have the May 20th alignment, the eclipse over Mount Shasta, the partial eclipse over Chitzen Itza--the first alignment in 26,000 years of the Pleiades, the Sun, and the Moon in a straight line. Then 16 days later you have the Venus Transit. You have the crop circle that shows that in that 16-day period, some massive shift or change is going to happen in the world. The Venus Transit happens June 4, 2012. Venus always has one face to the Earth when it transits across the sun, meaning that all the power of the feminine is going to be amplified with all the power of the sun, which is a massive force of reintegration with the quantum right side of the brain.

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