Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The First Labour of Life!"

The First Labour of Life is to overcome all Physical Obstacles to Life and Ones Ideal Spiritual Earthly and Psychological Ideal!Todays Heroic Labour is to overcome and go through all Limitations of the Physical Body.To go beyond and add value and serve even though one might feel tired and overwhelmed.To rest the Body and eat a balanced and whole Raw Food Diet is the Ideal.Todays Challenge is to use all Physical Energy towards serving Ones Mission on Earth and doing the Work that needs to be done!To getting behind your Personal Ashram and running your Show in a Masterful way following the example of the Great Leaders of the Race the Ascended Masters.In using all your Energies to serve to create the Ideal to be Disciplined to be Powerful and Focused in Ones Actions.Going Beyond what one thinks is possible or not and going into the Unlimited.Pushing through all limitations of the Physical Body while also remaining balanced and in the Tao in the Physcial Body.Taking time to rest Integrate and Meditate are also part of this.Grounding through being in nature.Taking time to rest get fresh air.Get in nature.Nurture the Body give massages recieve massages.Give Love and Share Love.Be Love!Ground the Body and spirit into the Earth.Bring heaven to Earth by Living your Ideal Earthly Life and organizing the Ideal Earthly Routine and Program today is the challenge and test you are given by your Monad God and the Masters!Pass the Lesson and test today to your Highest Degree and master all your Physical Energies in service of God and the Balance in the Tao!

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