Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rockin' in the Cosmic Cradle by Simeon Chiron

Rockin' in the Cosmic Cradle
by Simeon Chiron
We just entered into the initial harmonic activation of the 13th Galactic Heaven on 11/3/10. On 11/6/10 we have a New Moon, a cycle of new beginnings. In less than a week we go through the 11:11 harmonic time gate and star gate. On 12/21/2010 we go through the Solar Galactic Gate of Winter Solstice. On March 9th, 2011 we enter into the 1st Heaven of the ninth and final Universal Wave of consciousness evolution.
We are currently within a "Cosmic Cradle." This cradle is formed by the "time-space" existing between the newly activated harmonics of the 13th Galactic Heaven and the initial activation of the 1st Universal Heaven next year.
The current New Moon, the 11:11 time gate and stargate, and Winter Solstice 2010 are celestial dynamics that will set our cradle to gently rocking to nurture and comfort our Cosmic Spirits as they naturally transform our older paradigm human elements in order to complete a solid foundational basis for our reality emerging more fully within a new universal consciousness next year.
We can make this transition more smoothly by simply being aware of some of the celestial and cosmic influences playing out in our experience. With our awareness holding the more expanded perspective, we have a platform to better understand what we are experiencing, and why, at a human level. That alone is a significantly helpful factor because it empowers us with a perspective that is much more resonant with our Divine Self and therefore facilitates an alignment between all dimensional aspects of our being.
The primary cosmic evolutionary harmonics set the overall parameters that everything else operates within. The 13th Galactic Heaven and the 1st Universal Heaven are the primary harmonics. The lunar and solar cycles and even 11:11 are operating within the primary harmonics identified by the ancient Mayans.
For the dynamics we are currently dealing with it thus looks like this: we are going through a major balancing of polarity, a de-polarization if you will, which seeks to perfect the Cosmic Dance of God/Goddess within us and our world. This is in preparation for entering the 1st Universal Heaven next year.
Within this overall context, we also have the New Moon, influences from Chiron and Neptune, and the 11:11 energetics now coming online to facilitate the larger evolutionary processes defined by the 13th Galactic Heaven. So let's have a look at what is happening to understand better how the perfected Cosmic Dance of God/Goddess is being facilitated astrologically over the next week or so:
From Lynn Hayes' Skywatch Newsletter:
The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on November 6th. Scorpio is the sign of passion and intensity and the Truth that exists where life and death meet. This New Moon offers us an opportunity to face the darkness and discover our own Truth - to strip ourselves of any falseness and pledge to live in Truth. New Moons begin a new cycle, and in Scorpio the challenge is to confront our emotional fears without becoming enmeshed in the story. Mercury is very active during the New Moon, suggesting the need to remain objective without becoming detached.
From Cayelin Castell's Celestial Timings Newsletter:
November begins with Chiron and Neptune getting ready for their direct station on November 5 and 6... Neptune initiates from the Celestial World in ways that are designed to increase our intuition or inner knowing. Chiron initiates from the Underworld where we encounter shadow elements such as any unresolved woundings and fears as well as our greatest talents and gifts for the purpose of transforming them into the medicine we carry.
Chiron's nearly 5 year journey through Aquarius has had the intent to transform past wounds that have limited our experience of our true divine nature. Neptune provides access to the field of all possibilities or the field of dreams.
The perceptual and experiential polarities being facilitated into greater balance in the current astrology are thus: truth/falsity, life/death, emotionality/objectivity, intuition/logic or right/left brain, wounds/talents or gifts, human/divine nature, mundane reality/dreams.
By correlating our current experience to these dynamics we can greatly expand our awareness into the Cosmic Plane of Awareness so that our cradle continues being gently rocked by our Cosmic Spirit. If we lose sight of the bigger picture, the state of chaos in our world could rock our cradle wildly and that would not feel so nurturing, comforting and beneficial for the seeds of universal consciousness growing within us.
If that happens, do not judge yourself or blame or judge anything or anyone else. Simply adjust your perceptual awareness back into the bigger picture and by focusing on being gently rocked in the Cosmic Cradle by your Cosmic Spirit. You are that Cosmic Spirit...
Using the Heart Breathing technique I teach in my e-Book entitled "Heart Breathing: Breathing for Balance, Higher Awareness, Higher Consciousness and Ascension" is also very helpful for both maintaining balance and for reaching it whenever we may find ourselves caught up in the little picture of duality where all the chaos resides.

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