Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The 3rd Ray The 3rd Kingdom and the 3rd Initiation.

The 3rd Day of Our Current Week Wednesday Deals with Mastering and Developing the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence and Business Acumen.On this day we focus on developing our Mental capacity and ability.We focus on Mastering the Mind and all its Functions.We work on demonstrating the Christ Mind and Transcending the Negative Ego Mind.I think you will all get a sense and have an inner knowing as to what is the Christ Mind and what is the negative Ego!
This Day also rules the 3rd Kingdom which is of course the Beloved Animal Kingdom.The Animals bring us all so much Unconditional Love(Domesticated Animals) where the Wild animals teach us about the importance of Instincts and Freedom within the natural world.We are considered as Elder Brothers and Sisters to the Animal Kingdom and as such we are the guardians and protectors of these most beutiful Creatures and Incarnations of the Eternal I am the Oneself of all.On this day we make a decisive decision to develop a right relationship to the Animal Kingdom,taking time perhaps to learn and commune with the animals that we might have in our company.
The 3rd Initiation of course deals with Mental Mastery.Are we the Cause of all our thoughts at all times or do we allow other people outside energy and situations to change and direct our Mind?If we don’t own the 100% power of our Mind we give it away and loose our mental mastery!We must at all times think with our own Christ Mind and be the absolute Master over the SPhere of the Mind that we can be a Master of the Sphere of the Emotions and the Body,the 2 Bodies directly bellow the Mental Body.Next we move into Mastery of the Spiritual Body!Namaste!

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