Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude's Full Frequency Spectrum by Simeon Chiron

We are multi-dimensional beings. Multi-dimensional in the sense that we have the complete set of frequencies which makes up our being spread out across a vast spectrum which spans many dimensions of reality, all of them actually.
The other day as I was meditating with the energy of gratitude in the spirit of the current Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.A (also celebrated in Canada, The Netherlands, Grenada and Liberia), I had this distinct sense of how the energy of gratitude was also spread out across the full spectrum of frequencies that comprised our beingness as well.
Being naturally curious I started exploring how the energy and consciousness of gratitude could be experienced at these different frequencies. An expanded awareness began to emerge regarding gratitude that helps to complete the hologram of awareness I am in when experiencing this energy now.
One of the things I noticed immediately was that the higher in frequency I explored, the more the energy of gratitude seemed to be most easily experienced for subtler and subtler things. In other words, when our consciousness is focused on the lower frequency spectrum of the physical plane then our gratitude is felt most profoundly and authentically in relationship to things of the physical plane.
When our consciousness becomes intently focused upon higher frequency aspects and dimensions of reality, then our gratitude will be most strongly experienced in regards to things that are germane to that plane of existence. However, it also became apparent as I continued my explorations that the things of the physical plane were not being excluded, they were being enveloped within the higher frequency states of gratitude and fully included, but with much more included as well.
Its easy to know what types of things we can be grateful for on the physical plane of reality. You may be wondering at this point, however, what kind of things we might feel gratitude for at higher planes of reality. What I experienced at the upper end of the frequency spectrum was sheer gratitude and appreciation for the very fact of my existence as a pure energy form. I felt the Great Love that gave me life as a being and there was such an immense flow of gratitude that opened up within me that it filled me to overflowing, and very easily.
There were many gradients of things to be grateful for between that most expanded state and the physical plane of reality as well. For example I found myself experiencing deep gratitude for the presence of other beings in the universe, for the amazing thing we call the universe, for the energy of love at so many different levels of reality, for the presence of other beings in this world even though they are not all awake to who they really are, and so on.
When I had completed this journey through the spectrum of gratitude's frequencies I had a deeper sense of fulfilment within this energy than I had ever experienced before. It made the gratitude I felt for things at the physical plane level so much more profound as well.
I now have the realization that our efforts towards truly feeling gratitude for the things we have in this world reality is greatly enhanced by taking a little time to consciously move through the higher frequency bands of our being so we can experience gratitude (and everything else) at those levels too. Engaging this brings more of your multi-dimensional self present in the now, and with that comes a greater power to be experienced in everything.
It was my deep desire to be able to find the time to share this with all of you so that if it had not occurred to you previously to open up to the full spectrum of frequencies gratitude has to offer, you might be inspired to do so now.
Therefore this is my Thanksgiving message and gift to you, and I hope you take a few moments to fully experience the energy of gratitude throughout the entire spectrum of your multi-dimensional being too! As you expand out into your higher aspects, you will come to the place where we are all one!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday,
Simeon Chiron

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