Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3rd Ray Ideal,

The 3rd Ray of God at a planetary level deals with Clear Christed Thinking,(Active Intelligence)and directs the energies of Business,Finance and Banking.The key with this ray on a more universal and ecclectic level is the ability and skill to think with ones Christ/Buddha/Krishna/God/Godess mind at all times and to choose to transcend and renounce the Negative Ego consciousness in ones mind at all times.When ever a negative Thought or piece of energy enters your mind choose to deny its access completely from your Mind and Golden Bubble,(Which you place around yourself religously 3 times a day) and continue to attune your thoughts and therefor feelings and action with Christed Ideals.This Ray also deals with and directs the energies of the 3rd Chakra which deals with and governs activity,creativity and action.Therefor this day is an excellent day to develop our capacity and ability to take action towards the attainment of our Physical Earthly Goals,as well as our Psychological Consciousness ideals and our SPiritual Ascension activation Meditation and Invocations.We will find on this day after calling forth to and attuneing to the energies of the 3rd Ray and Master Serepris Bey,that our abilities and skills in this regard are much increased.With this Ray we find a greater capacity for thinking and acting and we will find a much greater attunement to the sphere of the Mind.It is important then as always yo br vigillent for God and Gods kingdom and to always choose Christ Mind above the Ego Mind.To always return to full Personal Power,Unconditional Love,Wise Discernment,Non Judgemental,Forgiveness,With Total Humility,Gratitude,Exellence,Service orientation and total commitment to Group Consciousness through supporting and serving ones brothers and sisters in Realizing God and Self and in passing thier tests and lessons,they(We) collectively face together as realizing Sons and daughters of God,incarnate on Planet Earth.We must then totally focus again on service.The min question is are our thoughts sesrving group consciousness or are our thoughts serving seperation,selfishness,competition,Illusion and Fear?If so we simply choose to change thought systems back to the Christed/Selfless/Loving/Wise/Understaning/Calm/Centered/Peaceful mind.Our Feelings and actions will then naturally create in a like manner.It is our thoughts that create our feelings and our actions.Therefor this day especially we pay close attention to our thoughts and make sure we continually attune and align them to the Highest Christed ideal that we manifest only that at all times.If we can at all times and in all situations think with our Christ Mind,we will have surely passed and integrated the 3rd Ray Ideal!

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