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The Temples of Sirius

The Temples of Sirius

These are located in different dimensions and locations. They are many things and so you could see them as initiations, services, types of
consciousness or as Temples. Here are a few and there are others which
I will write about later :

The Sirius Temple of Ascension

It is a place of healing, initiation and contemplation. The Temple is very real and has many parts that exist on many dimensions. It is where
the Sirian Masters work within higher dimensions. You could call it the
Temples of ascension and yet there is one key Temple that we agree on
for initiation and ceremonies. I facilitate the externalisation of the
Temple in this dimension. I act as a portal for others to enter the
Temple which shows how it can operate on different dimensions at once.

The Temple is essentially there to help individuals with ascension. An
individual understanding of what ascension is, will be very much based
on the current consciousness of that individual. You can say that is
the growth and refinement of consciousness in an individual. You can
say that it is the perfect grounding of spirit into our four -body
system. You could say that it is the passing of spiritual tests and the
receiving of initiations. It is all of these things and more and so the
scope of the activities of the Temple is vast.

The Temple is also a state of being and a state of mind whereby a soul has arrived at
a point where they are ready to evolve more, accept more and expand
more. The consciousness of a soul is initially attracted to a part of
the activities of the Temple and then can move around within the Temple
according to its requirements and consciousness. There are many groups
that work within the Temple and there is definitely a core place where
ceremonies and initiations are taken and this is the holiest of places
at the centre. It is set in the hills and beautiful lakes and forests
surround it. It is a place where people in their deepest moment of self
-realisation and gratitude are initiated into the next level of
learning and opportunity for their lives. This is not limited to
Sirians as this is a spiritual centre to those souls in this part of
the Universe. There is a council attached to the Temple and yet it is
that initiations are given by three Guardians of the Temple. These
three are the holy keepers of the Temple. They are known by many by
their beauty and importance. Their work is collectively known by many
for they remember their initiations at this level.

Arriving at the Temple

Those in other dimensions who are ready to travel in mediation to the
Temple may come to a meeting place where new arrivals are greeted. It
is from here that it is decided how best to meet their requirements.
There is a guide assigned to them to take them through the many levels
of healing, enlightenment and education. The Temple is not a "conveyer
belt" process as different aspects of the journey within the Temple can
be taking place at once. There are guides that can assist with healing,
spiritual education and initiation all at once. The Temple acts as a
meeting point of service to others in the larger Galactic and Universal


There comes a time within the life of a soul that the stirrings and
motivations to spiritually evolve are felt strongly. It is an important
time when much needs to be integrated and a clear understanding is
sought of what comes next. A period of contemplation is entered into
within the Temple. Here we examine the motives in our lives to make
sure that they are clear, pure and focused. It is a time to align to
the will of God and understand this at all levels. It is a place to
bring about a single focus across all lives, time and space. There is a
review process and the chance to understand the consequences of our

Experiencing Divine Energies

It is also an energetic experience. Through the absorption of Divine
energies, a remembrance comes about of our original blueprint. We are
re-united with our reason for being created. The opportunity to reunite
with such high level energies whilst having existence in this dimension
is rare and is felt as a release from all that is negative and a
re-birth of our pure, unique and original God / Goddess self within our
present consciousness.

Who uses the Temple?

There are many reasons why an individual soul may approach the Temple. There are certain individuals from the earth plane that have used the
Temple and will continue to do so and this is in no way a comparison
with the similar facilities offered by the wonderful masters of the
spiritual hierarchy of earth. It is complementary to the activities of
the masters of Shamballa. There are those whose spiritual evolution
will be rapid and far reaching and so for them the Sirius Temple of
Ascension would be a natural route to take. There are those who require
the specialist services that the Temple can offer.

The benefits of receiving the attunements and the use of the Temple are
different. The approach to the Temple comes about when there is a
recognition that an individual soul is ready to embrace a new and
higher level of spiritual awareness and being. Whereas to receive an
attunement is to receive help with what an individual is working with
now which ultimately may very well lead to a visit to the Temple. There
is much more information and clarification to come through regarding
the Temple and how to use it. I will be working on specific meditations
to help those who are ready to go there in meditation. Please re-visit
this site for further information regarding these meditations and for
further general information.

The Temple of Purity

At the soul level you are taken to the highest level that we can
experience the beauty, power and profundity of God / Goddess. It is
registered on a soul level and takes place in a deep trance / sleep. It
is a promise made by God to allow the soul once in its existence to
"remember" where it had come from. This results in a deep awakening on
many levels.

The Sirian Temple

This initiation is an initiation in consciousness. This gives you the ability to be
more aware on the galactic and universal levels. Here there is an activation made in your third eye centre and linked to the
corresponding centers in your other bodies. The keys and codes that
initiate this activation can be given during a Sirian Attunement.

Paul McCarthy

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