Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3rd Ray Way Day,

The 3rd Ray Day,today,(Wednesday)Deals with and directs the Planetary energies of active Intelligence and gives the ability to think clearly freely and independently,to think with the Christ Mind and be clear in ones thinking.The theme of this day is to think clear and continuously with ones Christ Mind,with the Mind of Unity,the Mind of Unconditional Love,with the Mind of Forgiveness,Understaning and Peace.The Key is to think with this mind no matter what the outer circumstances are,no matter what the negative ego thought system is telling you,no matter how attacking and judgemental other people are being,the key is to "Let this Mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus" This is the challenge and test for this 3rd Ray Day,This is the challenge of Consciosuness and Initation of Mind that you are being called to pass today.This is the Test of the 3rd Sphere,to remain in the Mind of oneness,no matter what is happening.If you can do this today and remain totally open in your Mind and Heart to all things,you will enter then that sphere of all things,yet be uneffected by all things.You will enter that place where all things are known and revea;ed before the eye that sees,the all seeing Eye,that knows all and watches as the Witness,In the World but not of it.You will experience then all things in the temporary world of duality but truely be effected by none of them.This then is the first step to developing the mind and heart of an INtegrated Ascended Master on Earth and to Enter the Sphere of Mind,the Mind of Shambala.To Enter the Secret Place where all is known,to walk the ground where all is revealed,The place where you see all yet are invisible to the Illusionary Mind and the Eye of Evil.For you shall walk in the path of Perfect peace.Let us then stay ever open to the Positive Christed Ideal in our Mind and hence our Feelings actions and experience!Let us then pass today the 3rd Initiation in our Consciosness and Spiritual Body and lets help our beloved Brothers and Sisters in doing this,by helping in all ways big and small.Let us focus and dedicate ourselves totally to service of our BrotherMan and let the great work be done through us.Let us enter the Sphere of perfect mind today and enter the Higher 3rd Ray Day Way!

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