Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear members of the network,

On Saturday, March 20th, its time for the second interplanetary meditation with energy transmission, between the ascended civilization "The Invincible Ones" and the people of Earth. The meditation takes place between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm Swedish time zone (convert to your local time zone at During the transmission they will send us energies that helps us preparing for the transition into the New Spiritual Age. They will also send us visions of the New Spiritual Age that we can use to visualize it as a world of love, peace and harmony. There is no problem in participating even if you didn't participate in the first energy transmission. If one hour is too much for you, it's fine to just participate a part of the hour.
Those of you who will see visions or have experiences during the meditation, please send them to and we will make a compilation (like we did last time). Below follows instructions on how to participate (Note: it's not the same instructions as for the monthly healingsessions to Mother Earth).

We hope to "see" you on Saturday!

Light, Strenght and Love
Manne & Maria, The Mother Earth Network


Sit down to meditate. Visualize opening up your heart chakra and making yourself receptive to their healing energies. Visualize the New Spiritual Age as a world full of love, peace and harmony. Focus on being completely present in the moment during the whole session. Finish off by thanking them.


From channeling #1:

We would like to give you a gift. Our gift is of a very special kind. It is not of physical nature, you can't touch it, and you can't see it with your physical eyes in your threedimensional reality. We will make a collective healing session where all members of our civilisation simultaneously will send healing to humanity and your planet. It will be a gigantic energy transmission where we give you the energies that we have and that we think you will need as a part of your process towards this important leap you are about to take. We are inviting all of you that are reached by this message to participate by making yourselves more receptive to our energies, and to link your consciousness to ours for a moment. Additionally, we will send you inner images and visions to help you visualizing the new spiritual age that you are entering as an age of love, peace and harmony. We want to encourage you to take part in this visualization of a new world on Earth, since its a very powerful way to create a desired future.
The energy transmission and the meditative visualization will happen during one hour, Thursday the 7th of January between 8 pm and 9 pm [CET Time Zone, use to convert to your zone]. You are welcome to participate the full hour or just a part of it, in other words, if you only want to participate for 15 minutes, that's fine. This will be the first official collective healing session between two different civilizations in the modern history of mankind. Please spread this message to as many as possible!
We are hoping to create a cooperation between our civilizations to develop a lasting friendship between us, and an exchange of experiences and wisdom, as a way of gently introducing you into the cosmic communion.

From channeling #2:

The energy transmission on January 7th this year was a very loving and joyful experience for our people. We are so incredibly grateful for the enormous interest and engagement that you humans showed by taking part in the energy transmission and by your reception of our messages and our energies. We felt a fantastic feeling of unity and love with you during the whole healing session, and we were so incredibly happy to see all these open hearts on Earth today. All the willpower, all the wishes that you carry - to create change in your life, and to create change on Earth. We would like to take part in the work to develop this process, to help you open up to the divine energies and the love, and to inspire you to see new possibilities and new paths to travel. We would like to support you and give you the strength that we feel humanity in many respects is missing today.
We would like to invite you to another energy transmission for Earth's people during the spring, and our hope is that as many of you as possible will be able to participate. The energy transmission will take place during the vernal equinox, March 20th, between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm (Swedish time zone CET - use to translate to your time zone). We are inviting all the people of the Earth to take part in this energy transmission, and just like last time, to open up to what we have to give to you. The energies will help you activate the process to prepare you for the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and the entrance into the 5th dimension. The transmission is a continuation of the healing energy transmission that took place on January 7th. All of our civilization is waiting with excitement and joy to take part in this energy transmission, when all of us will send our healing energies simultaneously. We will send you inspiring images and messages this time too - to those of you who are open to receive them.
We will also give signs of our presence in other ways during the coming months. We will send humanity another message, in form and color. Exactly when it will happen will be dependent on how the energies are on Earth, but we plan to do the light and color exhibition some time during the coming months.

To read the full channelings, go to:

Channeling #1:

Channeling #2


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