Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Aries is a time to be free of whatever is holding you back, both as an individual and in relationships with others. This makes the coming month an especially good time to take the essential teachings of Kabbalah to heart and to go beyond the boundaries of your own identity in order to share with other people.

The Zohar teaches that the most valuable lesson a teacher can give a student is the importance of helping those who are in difficulty and darkness. As my mother and teacher Karen Berg often says, “If you have a problem in your life and want a solution, go out of yourself and solve somebody else’s problem.”

A key lesson of this month is making a commitment to do more than you have done in the past. If you have helped one person last month, then now help ten. If you’ve helped ten, then now help a hundred.

This connects to a very important reason for thousands of students coming together around the world as large groups to connect to the holiday of Pesach. The connection we can make either individually or in small groups is much more limited than what we can accomplish when we’re all together in a large group.

Commenting on this phenomenon, Rav Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, said that there was only one reason why it was possible to reveal the great Light of The Zohar: He and the other sages were in complete unity, and it was that unity that allowed the revelation.

Kabbalists teach that the Final Redemption will come about when complete unity can be achieved in even a single place. When this unity happens, the Light we can ignite will be beyond what any of us has even imagined. We ourselves have the ability to bring about the Final Redemption—but only when we do everything we can to make that Redemption our unified purpose.

This is an amazing lesson. For us to awaken the Light and to manifest our true potential, we must make sure that our lives are aligned with the Light of the Creator, with the purpose of sharing. If we have certainty but our lives are not aligned in sharing, we will not be able to manifest the Light. Only if we meet both these requirements, certainty and pushing ourselves beyond what is comfortable will we be able to manifest the infinite freedom and fulfillment available to us.

Have a wonderful holiday month! Remember, stretch yourself farther than you normally go.

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