Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Full Moon in Libra by Carol,

Full Moon in Libra (Sun in Aries)
March 29, 2010 @ 10:25pm EDT

The Aries-Libra axis is about balancing self and other. Aries is ME and Libra is ME AND YOU. In Aries, we fight for our cause with the ferocity of the mother bear. In Libra we wrestle with the great balancing act between OUR needs and the needs of our partner. Libra is not so much about Aries action, as it is about diplomacy and evenhandedness. Aries is the warrior and Libra is the peacemaker.

Libra shows us every duality that exists on this planet: self/other, masculine/feminine, war/peace, dark/light, good/evil, and on and on and on. You know the drill. Our job is to find the midpoint - that alchemical sweet spot between the two extremes - and stop the darn pendulum from swinging so wide and low.

The answers don't seem easy or even accessible to us these days. One thing is certain, however: as mentioned above, compassion (going into the heart NOT the mind and its need to be right) is a big part of the answer. Another part is the ability to pull back and see the big picture, and to observe what is going on without getting sucked into one side or the other. But, above all, conscious awareness of our Oneness - our inter-connectedness - is essential in order to end the suffering created by unconscious duality.

Think about this on a personal level. If you are a liberal, how do you feel when the conservatives start hatin' on Obama? If you are a conservative, how do you feel when Obama passes legislation that goes against everything you hold dear with every fiber of your being? Do you instantly react with flaring anger and a desire to retaliate? I am playing with the idea of remaining NEUTRAL as much as possible. Think Switzerland.

Libra & The Weighing of the Heart
Compassion is the Philosopher's Stone

Can we create a container from the rubble of our polarized mis-creations? Can we build a sturdy structure that will hold both extremes as well as room to balance the scales?

Have you ever heard of the Scales of Maat, a goddess of the Egyptian pantheon? According to this archetypal myth, the solution to our polarity problem is as fragile as a feather and rests within the open, light heart. The scales are balanced through a high spiritual ritual where "the consciousness of your heart is weighed against a feather." (P.S. Maat's feather was an ostrich plume.)

"The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, you travelled to the Hall of the Dead. There Anubis (the Egyptian version of Pluto) weighed your heart against the feather of Ma'at. Ma'at, the goddess of justice sits on top of the scales to make sure that the weighing is carried out properly. Anubis steadies the scales to make the weighing fair. If your heart was lighter than the feather, you lived forever. We still talk of "a heart as light as a feather" to mean care-free, and "heavy-hearted" to mean sad. Thoth, god of wisom and writing, stands by to record what happens." http://tinyurl.com/cb33nl

That sweet spot of resolution between the extremes is as soft as a feather - the sensitive and wise heart that doesn't condemn either side, but instead feels compassion for suffering humanity in both corners of the ring:

"Genuine compassion is based on the recognition that others have the right to happiness just like yourself, and therefore even your enemy is a human being with the same wish for happiness as you, and the same right to happiness as you. A sense of concern developed on this basis is what we call compassion; it extends to everyone, irrespective of whether the person's attitude toward you is hostile or friendly." - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Ok, so it seems easier said than done. Under this full moon we might begin to see some options that perhaps we hadn't seen before.

Oh and btw: the whole ostrich feather thing indicates that the midpoint/solution also involves taking our collective head out of the sand. *ahem*

Libra is the expert at finding a compromise. Libra is the compassionate peacemaking judge. Think of Solomon and the mothers arguing over the baby. Solomon knew that the answer was in the heart. Libras - lead the way.

P.S. while doing the Libra dance, let's not forget that self is a part of the package. I.e. self-compassion is just as vital as compassion for others.

How Might an Astronology Consult Help You?
Some thoughts from those who have had one

You might be asking: How might an Astronology Consult help me? An Astronology Consult contains at its core the use of Shamanic Astrology. Shamanic Astrology is a powerful system based in ancient wisdom through which we use the blueprint of the moment of birth to gaze into the Soul's Intent for this lifetime.

If you are feeling disoriented lately with all the upheavals going on, an Astronology Consult can offer guidance and can even be an initiation of sorts into a more conscious living of Your True Life. What are you REALLY here to do? What will give your life meaning, purpose and joy? Can you do what you love and actually be prosperous? An Astronology Consult can inform this process and can also help to accelerate your leading edge of evolution.

Here are some thoughts from those who have had an Astronology Consult:

I don't have words to describe the clarity, depth, wisdom, healing, inspiration, fun, freedom, and joy I am experiencing from the space you provided. Your energy comes through and it's not only a session of words, but one of profound energetic healing. I could feel the cells of my body celebrating. - L.F.

Fabulous! So helpful and right-on. Just what i needed to move forward. (The info about) the Yod was very informative; and you helped me to see how my Venus-Mars conjunction works in a better way than ever before. Will listen again and again to set my plans moving forward. - M.B.S.

Carol - MANY thanks for the wonderful (session) yesterday! I feel as though it was the beginning of the most important time of my life on this planet - the memories jiggled loose will continue to blaze. - T.S.

I really do believe that what you do is catalyzing the much needed boost to help all of us really go for it and live as divine souls. I can only imagine what this world would be like if each of us had the opportunity to live our evolutionary edge! (Doing healing work with (the clients I referred to you) has really allowed me to go for it with them ... almost like you unplugged some junk so they can easier embrace this thing we call evolution! Many of the people I spoke with experienced the same clearing, cleansing feeling as I did. A couple of people in particular told me that they broke through some stuff with you and then were able to go (very) deep on the table.- L.F.

(The consult) was very inspirational to me! You are very good at the interpretation of the alignments. - K.F.

Your work is totally ACTIVATING! I was buzzing for hours after I got off the phone with you and it felt to me that some vital pieces came back like a soul retrieval. I am so grateful that it is almost hard to express in written language. Thank you again for all that you are and all that you offer! This planet is a much better place for it! - L.F.

It's the best kick-ass reading I've ever had. - V.L.

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