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Guitar Tricks News - March 19th, 2010
Table of Contents
1. New Lessons, New Licks and New Music!
2. Free Video Lesson: Improv For Beginners
3. Taking Up A New Style 4. On The Channel: Prashant Aswani
5. Apocalyptica
6. Birth of the blues: 'Bukka' White
New Lessons, New Licks and New Music!
ello Guitar Players!
We love music! And our instructors do too! Most of them are very active as session players, recording artists, touring guitarists and the like. We'll keep you posted of any interesting news from our instructors right here in the newsletter.

You may have seen instructor Hanspeter Kruesi's tutorial on touch technique. Now you can hear this and other techniques in action on his new CD, Soloistic, coming out in a few weeks. You can preview his beautiful playing right now, just click here.

JD Jarrell's got a new tutorial on applying the pre-bend technique to a lick. He'll teach you some tasty licks in the country style. Click here to watch Prebending Techniques: Using This Trick In Licks. "Holy Cow" it's Batman! Gotham's theme song is now posted in our songs section:
Click here to add this song to your utility belt.
Jon Broderick
Bonus Free Video Lesson: Improvisation For Beginners
Free Guitar Lesson!
These questions gets asked a lot: "how do I start playing leads?!" "how do I know what notes to play over a chord progression?". At Guitar Tricks they don't go unanswered. This week our prolific instructor Christopher Schlegel begins to show you how to answer these questions and put them into practice. This is the knowledge needed to dive into the world of improvisation. The first lesson of this tutorial is our free lesson of the week.
Click here to check it out.

Taking Up A New Style

When you're just getting started, the more time you can spend jamming and working with the concepts and techniques you've learned, the better. Of course, there's not always someone available to jam with you 24/7.

That is, unless you've got access to the Jam Station at Guitar Tricks. We've got a constantly growing library of songs for you to play along with at any hour of the day or night. It's like having a personal backing band whenever you need one.

The Jam Station comes with full access membership. Click here and let the jam begin.

On The Channel: Prashant Aswani Interview at NAMM 2010

Live from NAMM! There are some amazing guitar players at the NAMM show every year and this year we caught up with one of them on the Guitar Tricks Channel. This week Neal interviews Prashant Aswani on his new ESP guitars, new album and his favorite gear. Prashant is a smokin' player and a really cool guy with a genuine passion for his craft. He's got a new tutorial coming to Guitar Tricks too. So stay tuned for some playing secrets from him. We'll let you know as soon as it comes out right here in the newsletter.

By Wildwoman1313

The cello, long a staple of classical music, is not an instrument typically associated with rock ‘n’ roll. Although numerous bands over the years have incorporated its warm, rich timbre in their music—from The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" and "Strawberry Fields Forever," to Pink Floyd's cello solo on the 1970s epic instrumental Atom Heart Mother, to Nirvana including it on their In Utero album—the cello is rarely part of a rock band's lineup.

Birth of the blues: 'Bukka' White
By Hunter60
"I play so rough - I stomp 'em - I don't peddle 'em"
White explaining how he played his National Steel guitar

Although he is often times now remembered more for being the older first cousin of blues legend B.B. King, Booker "Bukka" White was a powerful country blues guitar player and singer who helped make the resonator guitar a genuine staple of the country blues genre. His style was rough and unvarnished with a raw power that exemplified a stinging style of guitar playing that influenced and continues to influence music.
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