Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Commitment to Excellence

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A Commitment to Excellence
If we want Heathenism to thrive for future generations, we need a commitment to excellence. We also need to instill that commitment in the second and third and future generations. While those of use “over 40” can continue setting a good example for the young folks, we need to pass on our enthusiasm and our faith in them. Given the right impetus, they can excel and take us all into a new era of accomplishment.

Imagine the impact on us and on the communities in which we live, when we have a Heathen police chief, Heathen congressman, Heathen astronaut, Heathen surgeon and Heathen professor. Now imaging these people are more motivated and better prepared than others. Think of it: the Heathen police chief who reduces crime 25% , the Heathen congressman who passes landmark legislation, the Heathen astronaut who develops great innovations in space exploration, the Heathen surgeon who heads the surgical department for an entire system of hospitals, and the Heathen professor who is dean of a prestigious Ivy League university. Not only do the young people get their place, but they also transcend all expectations.

Think of the massive impact that such examples will have. They will influence both the Heathen community and the larger society in which they live. Consider the ramifications of having hundreds of such individuals actively working in society. All the outreach programs and public relations work in the world cannot match the appeal of hundreds of great achievers. People are drawn to success. When we show the world that Heathens are successful, we send a powerful message.

It can be done, but it will take time. Those of us over 40 have already made our place. The greater successes will come from the next two generations. Their success depends on our encouragement, guidance and the example we set. Now is the time that we need to think of Heathenism’s future in 25, 50, 100 and 200 years. We must instill in future generations the need to excel, and give them the means to do it.

Call it Heathenism, Thorism, Odinism, Asatru, Forn Sed, or whatever you want, but today we are a small movement composed of scattered individual sects. Being smaller, the key to our survival into the future is that we must be better, smarter, stronger and more determined. For us, good is not good enough. Through setting a standard of excellence, we assure Heathenism’s survival and its growth and future stability.

We are the smaller religion , so we have to be better

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