Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Path to God Realization,

Easy Path to God-Realisation
By Swami Sivananda

The ancient Dharma whose proud progenitors we ever
call ourselves to be has lost its past glory and
sanctity on account of our contact with alien cultures
these thousand and odd years. Changing our customs at
every age, our manners at every stage of life, we have
forgotten completely the steps of a well-regulated
life which the Law-givers of yore chiselled for our
spiritual advancement. The four Ashrams or stages in
every man's career have thus fallen into misuse and in
these days one looks upon them with disrespect if not
in scorn.

The revered author's object in the succeeding pages of
the present work is to give every stage of life its
true values and take the reader by hand from one
labyrinth to another through its numerous intricate
winding passages till he reaches the final stage and
enjoys within himself the summum bonum of such a
precious existence. The life to be lived at every
stage, its objects and results on the evolving soul
are clearly explained and thus the "Easy Path" has
been again made free from pitfalls and snares that
sprang through misuse of countless years and made
smooth for all the true seekers to tread the same in
their onward march to "God-realisation".

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A DEVOTEE'S OFFERING: Among those who had come to the
Ashram in 1948 for the Diamond Jubilee, was one
Liliane Shamash of California. One fine morning, with
a stroke of the pen, she donated Rs. 40,000 to the

He joyously flourished the cheque before her and said,
"You have saved all my manuscripts. I will have all of
them printed at once."

And immediately he arranged to despatch the precious
manuscripts to printing presses in Allahabad,
Bangalore and Madras.


"There are many who want wealth in return for their
services. Some do not want wealth, but they cannot
resist name and fame. Others do not want any of these,
but they want approbation. Still others want nothing,
but they boast of their deeds. Hanuman was above all
these. That is why he is recognised as an ideal Karma
Yogi and an unsurpassed adept in Bhakti. His life is
full of object lessons. Everyone should try his best
to follow the noble example of Hanuman." - Swami

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