Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Different Levels of Power in this Infinite Omnivese!

The Following Chapter wil guide you to own your Power at all times in and on all levels in a Balncved Integrated and Synthisized Level.The First Level is COnscious Mind Masterym,incharge of Mind Sub SOncsious Mind Negative Ego Past events Not give power to other people outside situations or even God Masters or anything anywhere ever at any time!Next we need to give our sub conscious power diretions with affirmation visualization and Christed thoughts we enter the 2nd level of Power.Next we must call on the Super COnscious Mind and Oversoul the greater higher intelligence that gives direction guidance at all times.call on in this enormous power when ever you remember!Next then call on your own Individualized Mighty I am Presence and God Flame your Personal Mondad.This will take place after the 4th Intiation so after taking this iniation then be sure to make all your prayers to tis level.Next the 6th Level is calling on the Christ within,The God Without and the Spirit of Holiness.Next Level is of course to call on God the Godheads Power which is truely omnipotent Omnipresence and Omniscient!This enormous power can be requested at all times!Be sure to pray only with prayer preferences remianing happy if you get the prayer or not.Also key is to not pray from the negative ego but surrender to Gods Will,Also be sure never to focus negatively on what you want for the mind creates and attracts what it wants focuses on.Next key is to call on the Inner Plane Ascended Master of the 7 Rays.They will be an unending source of Power and Manifestionat in ways you can not even imagine!Next call on the Help of the Angels and Archangels.They are most wonderful beings and live literally to serve!There are angels on every ray and area of endevour and you should call on them constantly for they will amaze you with thier abilities skills love and willingness to serve you.Next level is the Council of Elhoim and Elhoim Creator Gods who are absolute Masters of Manifestation!The 3 Lines of Evolution in this Universe are the Ascended Masters Lineage,the Angelic Lineage and the Elhoim Lineage.These 3 exist and we will be all ascending on one of these Lineages.The next level is to call on the Christed Extraterrestials for our help and our support.The amazing thing about this is tht they have amazing technology on thier ships and home planets!Be sure to call on commander ashtar and the ashtar command as well as the Arcturians!They will amaze you with thier technology!The next key is to call on the Earth Mother Pan and the Nature Spirits.Pan the great Elhoim Master who is not a Devil as some religions have portaryed him but a loving powerful and amazingly skillfull master!Call on the Earth mother and nature spirits for all your harmonious needs!They can empower our mindds hearts and souls in so many ways!Gods Infinite Universe is truly so full and amzaing and we are just to call on align with and integrate all these levels of the greater self!We must then own all levels of our Power,remaining vigilent against the Ego,keep our motives pure there is nothing that can stop us!God has given as all and we have all these amazing levels of support!We must though help ourselves and do our part.Follow your guidance and attune to each level and you will be totally unstopable in your manifestation of your personal Business Ideal Financial Mastery.

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