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Carol Annes Astro Insights,

March 20, 2010: The Magnetic Equinox Effect
Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. - Og Mandino
This Months Happenings by Carol,

Carol Ann Ciocco

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox occured at 1:32 pm on Saturday March 20, 2010 (today). The Vernal Equinox is the true New Beginning of any year.

Let's explore what the Equinox means in terms of the eternal dance between earth and our central star, the Sun (known as Helios to those looking in on us from other constellations. You know, the little green men with telescopes).

The two Equinoxes we experience on earth in the span of a solar year create an opening of the magnetic field of Earth:

"The Equinoxes are the seasonal time of balance and harmony when the days and nights are equal in length. During the Equinoxes, the Earth's auric or magnetic field is affected by the Sun's alignment with the Earth's equator. Twice each year, at the Equinoxes, the Sun rises and sets exactly over the equator, tracking exactly due East and due West, no matter where you are on the Planet.

The Equinox Solar Effect produces a reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth, providing easier access to other dimensions, beginning around 24 hours before and ending around 24 hours after, the exact Equinox point. Doorways or thresholds into the mysteries are more easily accessed during Equinoxes, especially when we consciously engage this Timing. Equinoxes are a powerful time for doing ceremonial activations at sacred sites or anywhere you happen to be." - Cayelin Castell

Sacred sites such as Chaco Canyon in the American Southwest and the Mayan temple complex at Chichen Itza are examples of ancient sites that were built specifically to capture the light at the time of the Equinox. The ancients had clear knowing of the importance of this bi-annual PAUSE in the magnetic field of earth. A time to for we humans to pause ourselves. To listen for messages and/or send messages of our own through the opening.

This collapse of earthly laws/boundaries has a window of three days: the day before, the day of, and the day after the Equinox.

In this moment of wide-openness, free of everyday restrictions, plant the seeds of your intention. As the creator you are, open your eyes and breathe new things into existence. Magnetize to yourself what you need for your journey. What you plant now you will harvest in the fall.

~ ~ ~ ~

By the end of May we will be hurtling forward with a powerful in-rush of (perhaps TOO MUCH) active, forceful energy due to something called a Cardinal Cross - which will soon be clicking into place. P.S. some astrologers have dubbed it the Cardinal Crisis. Oh boy, that doesn't sound good.

We also will be jumping through the hoop of a Total Solar Eclipse in July. Eclipses are earth changing, both literally and figuratively. Have no fear, we will have an eclipse boot-camp in this newsletter in the months ahead, to get ourselves ready.

And so, if you have been complaining about slow-moving progress since January, after May 15 be prepared to complain about the opposite. You might hear a loud wooshing sound; and if you do, it will be the sound of the rest of the year flying past you at warp speed. We are about to enter a vortex of potential. We will leap through the hoops of change and have a chance to take on more light (en-light-enment) with each moment in time.

March 11, 2010: Mars Goes Direct!
Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. - Elvis Presley

Mars, the planet of action and initiative, went direct on March 11, 2010.

Mars moving in backward motion since December 26th created an opportunity for strategic planning for the next 2.5 years. It was a good time to plan all of the projects and goals and actions and energies you want to create/achieve/embody. Many of us (I hope) have been using this time well. The Mars Retro period can be frustrating, but it does have its rewards: we are given an opportunity to review our accomplishments and make a new direction - with a celestial wind at our back - if we so choose.

If you haven't done this strategic planning process yet, have no fear! You still have time: up through May 15th we are still gel-ing our intentions. You're right on time. Just ask yourself: what projects will fulfill my heart's desire? Where do I want to go? How do I want to be seen? Where do I want to be in 2.5 years (yes, that's in 2012, and no you can't cheat because you think the world is going to end - AS IF! :)

So your car has been buried under a 4-foot pile of snow. You had to take the bus for a while, a laborious process in the winter. In the month of January you may have gotten about 3 (or 2.5) things completely done. The rest was swept away by time, weather, back-pedaling and road-blocks.

Now, the snow has thawed. Get your car on the road. You may need to warm it up a bit, run it through the car-wash, get the oil-changed (all between now and May 15th); but in no time at all you will be tooling down the highway. Because of your forced hiatus you have devised a plan and you have your map in hand. You know where you want to go. Gas in the car and a fully operational engine - off you go!

March 15, 2010: New Moon in Pisces
April 14, 2010: New Moon in Aries
Three experiences are common to every human being: birth, death and Enlightenment. - @DrumsofDharma

The Pisces New Moon occured on March 15, 2010. So we are currently swimming in the non-goal-oriented sea of Pisces even in the midst of our burgeoning New Beginning. While the Sun is in Pisces, we are more impressionable to the stimuli around us. Pisces has an oceanic, nebulus, ameoba-like feel to it. Our boundaries can dissolve and we might have a tendency to merge with everything around us.

So, during this month, keep an eye on everything you are 'taking in' - everything from the talk (gossip?) between you and your friends, to negative news, to violent movies and dvd's. Remind yourself that you are more absorbent during this time (kind of like Bounty... er, I guess:) Allow only what supports you to seep into you. Don't float in poisoned waters.

And on the flip side, you can use this state of Oneness to exude and ooze love, compassion and care for all of Humanity. Keep in mind that we ALL are swimming in that ocean with you, and so you can pulse positive energy to us as our individual boundaries blur.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Aries New Moon will occur on April 14, 2010 at 8:29am EDT. Aries and Pisces couldn't BE more different. Where Pisces is the boundary-less NO-SELF, Aries is the quintessential self in it's most potent form. It is the great I AM energy of our journey around the 12 archetypes of the zodiac mandala.

And so we emerge from the sea of Pisces and burst onto land with a vengeance, on fire to explore what lies on shore. In the long journey of the soul, before we can let go and merge in with Oneness, we must have a self (a piece of the Divine incarnate in an earthly body). Once you have a fully conscious self, it then becomes a choice to surrender to the Bliss of God and the Oneness of Humanity. The Great Experment is: will we make that choice? This is the crux of evolution.

Aries is the energy that, like the Spring Equinox, represents a furious powerful new beginning. Imagine the force that the tiny burgeoning seed must exert during this time of year to break through the still frozen ground and become a bud. This is the energy we can use now to forge a new path.

~ ~ ~ ~

A great image for the transition from Pisces into Aries and which informs the energetic zeitgeist of these times, is the Sabian Symbol for Aries 1: A WOMAN JUST RISEN FROM THE SEA. A SEAL IS EMBRACING HER. Rudhyar describes this symbol as the "emergence of new forms and the potentiality of consciousness." The Feminine begins the journey, pure Creative potency rising up from the sea of collective consciousness.

"The seal is a mammal which once had experienced a biological, evolutionary but relatively unconscious emergence, yet which retraced its steps and 'returned to the womb' of the sea .... This process is surrounded by the memory, the ghosts of past failures during previous cycles. The impulse upward is held back by regressive fear or insecurity; the issue of the conflict depends on the relative strength of the future-ward and the past-ward forces." - Dane Rudhyar, "An Astrological Mandala"

What we are doing now, as a species, is returning to the Divine (on-earth or off- earth, depends on your school of thought) and we are doing it in a FULLY CONSCIOUS state. A fully conscious individual blissfully embracing all others in compassion. This is the penultimate conclusion of evolution. And it is a choice.

~ ~ ~ ~

It all boils down to our level of consciousness. Raising the consciousness to higher altitudes of thought and learning to emobdy more and more light (en-light-enment) is the key to Humanity's survival. Politicians, bankers, those pursuing war would not do so if their consciousness embraced the Oneness of Humanity. Why kill or swindle someone else if they, indeed, are YOU. As Wayne Dyer said (and entitled one of his books): Every problem has a spiritual solution.

Your job is simple: continue to raise your consciousness to higher and higher levels; continue to take on more and more Light and Love as you move forward on the journey bursting forth right now. Enlightenment is contagious. What you do will ripple out into the sea of Humanity and eventually all will absorb your Light.

You know how to take on higher levels of consciousness (through meditation) and more and more light (through compassion, love and service). Let's face it, you've been studying and pursuing enlightenment for, like, decades now. If you hadn't been doing that, you wouldn't be reading this newsletter. Carry on.

Consciousness does not need physical form. But physical form needs Consciousness. And Consciousness enjoys physical form, because physical form is the leading edge of thought. So, Consciousness expands through the physical form. It's not one or the other. - Abraham/Hicks

Carol Ann Ciocco


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