Monday, March 22, 2010

Into all as it all!Never going to fall cause im Gods Wall!


Into it all as it all!Never going to fall cause Im Gods Wall!

As it all never more never less always blessed!

This Rent my life no more Pent my Art was spent,

On lesser woes of concerns Past but oh now its all so fast,

Fast to start fast to end the river rages as I float carelessly to the Great Sea,

The Infinite Ocean where we all meet and merge as One,

In the Ocean of Great Bliss,The Sea of Endless Love we all float together towards,

So here we go down the River together,Down the Path together,

Expanding In Love under Jupiters Bountiful Oppulence,

In the Sun its always Fun!In the One where always one.

So no sings just the Eternal wine on which we dine!

Blessed Best this is and will be what it is as we create it so.

On and On back and Back up Heal and Heal Deal and deal Meals and Meals.

Seal the Deal it's a Steal forever Real the Real day!

This is the Peace the Meace the Speace of Life.

Oh my Son go take a wife and stay out off strife its all so rife!

Finish go Finish get Minish,

Spin this is it on the Top of your Own Mountain,

Keep Climbing Keep Winding up the Great Mountain high,

Say Good bye to all the Pies stay so wise to see the prize!

No Demise for the Wise,but eternal Prize for the Wise,

The Eyes that see,The Hearts that be,The Minds that Concieve!

The He that's me that's every we,every you ever me always he!

Forever free always we always free!

Always all Days All Ways!All Days!Always!


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